DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Hanova HouseHanova House57 Pembridge Road
126-134 Baker Street126-134 Baker Street126-134 Baker Street
Kingston House NorthKingston House North7 Prince's GateJanuary 1938
LancasterLancasterLancaster Terrace
418-422 Chiswick High Road418-422 Chiswick High Road418-422 Chiswick High Road
402 Chiswick High Road402 Chiswick High Road402 Chiswick High Road
398-400 Chiswick High Road398-400 Chiswick High Road398-400 Chiswick High Road
384 Chiswick High Road384 Chiswick High Road384 Chiswick High Road
376 Chiswick High Road376 Chiswick High Road376 Chiswick High Road
286 Chiswick High Road286 Chiswick High Road286 Chiswick High Road
288 Chiswick High Road288 Chiswick High Road288 Chiswick High Road
53 Reckitt Road53 Reckitt Road53 Reckitt Road
Bolton HouseBolton House18 Duke Road
20 Duke Road20 Duke Road20 Duke Road
16 Duke Road16 Duke Road16 Duke Road
Ferndale HouseFerndale House14 Duke Road
St Mary's RC Primary SchoolSt Mary's RC Primary SchoolDuke Road
North LodgeNorth LodgeBurlington Lane
Chiswick House ConservatoryChiswick House ConservatoryChiswick House Grounds19th century
17-19 Chilworth Street17-19 Chilworth Street17-19 Chilworth Street
15 Chilworth Street15 Chilworth Street15 Chilworth Street
Grand RoyaleGrand Royale1-9 Inverness Terrace19th century
170-172 Sussex Gardens170-172 Sussex Gardens170-172 Sussex Gardens
188 Sussex Gardens188 Sussex Gardens188 Sussex Gardens
The BlandfordThe Blandford80 Chiltern Street
Portman MansionsPortman MansionsPorter Street19th century
Dorset HouseDorset HouseGloucester Place 1935
Alliance HouseAlliance House1 Dorset Square
3-5 Dorset Square3-5 Dorset Square3-5 Dorset Square
9 Dorset Square9 Dorset Square9 Dorset Square
15 Dorset Square15 Dorset Square15 Dorset Square
25 Dorset Square25 Dorset Square25 Dorset Square
129-137 Marylebone Road129-137 Marylebone Road129-137 Marylebone Road
206-216 Marylebone Road206-216 Marylebone Road206-216 Marylebone Road 1937
Melcombe CourtMelcombe CourtDorset Square
Western Eye HospitalWestern Eye Hospital153-173 Marylebone Road
Manor HouseManor HouseMarylebone Road
Edgware Road StationEdgware Road StationCabbell Street
Capital HouseCapital House25 Chapel Street
Hilton London MetropoleHilton London Metropole225 Edgware Road
7-11 Praed Street7-11 Praed Street7-11 Praed Street
Summit HouseSummit House27 Sale Place 2014
Waterline HouseWaterline House4 Merchant Square 2011
Dudley HouseDudley HouseNorth Wharf Road 2020
4-18 Bishop's Bridge Road4-18 Bishop's Bridge Road4-18 Bishop's Bridge RoadJanuary 1933
Prince of WalesPrince of Wales2 Cleveland Terrace
SavoySavoyStrand 1889Lots of interior photos!
Kensington Palace OrangeryKensington Palace OrangeryKensington Gardens18th century
Hilton London PaddingtonHilton London Paddington146 Praed Street 1853
20 Eastbourne Terrace20 Eastbourne Terrace20 Eastbourne Terrace 2016
Ropemaker PlaceRopemaker Place25 Ropemaker Street 2009
Broadgate TowerBroadgate Tower20 Primrose Street 2008
DebenhamsDebenhams334-348 Oxford Street
Tournament HouseTournament HousePaddington Station 1932
Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Wing, St Mary's HospitalQueen Elizabeth Queen Mother Wing, St Mary's HospitalSouth Wharf Road 1987
Geffrye MuseumGeffrye MuseumKingsland Road 1714
5 Merchant Square5 Merchant Square5 Merchant SquareJuly 2010
Waterside HouseWaterside House35 North Wharf Road 2003
Grand Junction ArmsGrand Junction Arms28 Praed Street
St Mary's Hospital Winston Churchill WingSt Mary's Hospital Winston Churchill WingPraed Street
St Mary's Hospital Clarence Memorial WingSt Mary's Hospital Clarence Memorial WingPraed Street
128-142 Praed Street128-142 Praed Street128-142 Praed Street
144 Praed Street144 Praed Street144 Praed Street19th century
170-172 Kensington Church Street170-172 Kensington Church Street170-172 Kensington Church Street
Royston CourtRoyston Court201-209 Kensington Church Street
Sussex HouseSussex House162-164 Kensington Church Street
23 Holland Street23 Holland Street23 Holland Street
21 Holland Street21 Holland Street21 Holland Street
1-2 Queen's Gardens1-2 Queen's Gardens1-2 Queen's Gardens19th century
65 Queen's Gardens65 Queen's Gardens65 Queen&'s Gardens
6 Queen's Gardens6 Queen's Gardens6 Queen's Gardens
5 Queen's Gardens5 Queen's Gardens5 Queen's Gardens
Crastock CourtCrastock Court7-9 Queen's Gardens
15 Queen's Gardens15 Queen's Gardens15 Queen's Gardens
22 Queen's Gardens22 Queen's Gardens22 Queen's Gardens19th century
23 Queen's Gardens23 Queen's Gardens23 Queen's Gardens19th century
48 Queen's Gardens48 Queen's Gardens48 Queen's Gardens
43 Queen's Gardens43 Queen's Gardens43 Queen's Gardens
35 Queen's Gardens35 Queen's Gardens35 Queen's Gardens
30 Leinster Gardens30 Leinster Gardens30 Leinster Gardens
24 Craven Hill Gardens24 Craven Hill Gardens24 Craven Hill Gardens
Commodore HotelCommodore Hotel50 Lancaster Gate19th century
31 Holland Street31 Holland Street31 Holland Street
95-99 Lancaster Gate95-99 Lancaster Gate95-99 Lancaster Gate19th century
Basketball ArenaBasketball ArenaQueen Elizabeth Olympic Park 2011
Shooting and Paralympic Archery venueShooting and Paralympic Archery venueArtillery Place
Aquatics CentreAquatics CentreQueen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Carpenter Road 2011
The Henry VIII HotelThe Henry VIII Hotel23 Leinster Gardens19th century
CorringhamCorringham13-16 Craven HillJanuary 1964
90-92 Lancaster Gate90-92 Lancaster Gate90-92 Lancaster Gate
Barrie HouseBarrie House93-94 Lancaster Gate
Carroll HouseCarroll HouseCraven Terrace
David Game HouseDavid Game House47-69 Notting Hill GateSummer 2019
Olaf CourtOlaf Court46-56 Kensington Church Street
West End QuayWest End Quay2 Praed Street 2003
15 Lancaster Gate15 Lancaster Gate15 Lancaster Gate
12 Lancaster Gate12 Lancaster Gate12 Lancaster Gate
255 Hammersmith Road255 Hammersmith Road255 Hammersmith Road
Elms HouseElms House43 Brook Green
Kensington WestKensington WestBlythe Road