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 London W11 - Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
36 Notting Hill Gate36 Notting Hill Gate36 Notting Hill Gate
Coronet CinemaCoronet Cinema103 Notting Hill Gate19th century
133-137 Westbourne Grove133-137 Westbourne Grove133-137 Westbourne Grove
201 Westbourne Grove201 Westbourne Grove201 Westbourne Grove
233-235 Westbourne Grove233-235 Westbourne Grove233-235 Westbourne Grove
Ledbury HouseLedbury HouseColville Road
239 Westbourne Grove239 Westbourne Grove239 Westbourne Grove
Museum of BrandsMuseum of Brands2 Colville Mews
29 Pembridge Road29 Pembridge Road29 Pembridge Road
30 Ledbury Road30 Ledbury Road30 Ledbury Road
10 Arundel Gardens10 Arundel Gardens10 Arundel Gardens
32 Arundel Gardens32 Arundel Gardens32 Arundel Gardens19th century
181 Westbourne Grove181 Westbourne Grove181 Westbourne Grove
170 Westbourne Grove170 Westbourne Grove170 Westbourne Grove
243 Westbourne Grove243 Westbourne Grove243 Westbourne Grove
42 Notting Hill Gate42 Notting Hill Gate42 Notting Hill Gate
62 Notting Hill Gate62 Notting Hill Gate62 Notting Hill Gate
70 Notting Hill Gate70 Notting Hill Gate70 Notting Hill Gate
St Peter's HallSt Peter's Hall59a Portobello Road
86 Portobello Road86 Portobello Road86 Portobello Road
180 Westbourne Grove180 Westbourne Grove180 Westbourne Grove
173 Westbourne Grove173 Westbourne Grove173 Westbourne Grove
173-175 Portobello Road173-175 Portobello Road173-175 Portobello Road
203 Westbourne Grove203 Westbourne Grove203 Westbourne Grove
101 Portobello Road101 Portobello Road101 Portobello Road
69 Portobello Road69 Portobello Road69 Portobello Road
Abbey HouseAbbey House9 Pembridge Villas
205 Holland Park Avenue205 Holland Park Avenue205 Holland Park Avenue 2015
Kensington New ChurchKensington New Church5 Pembridge Villas 1928
13 Blenheim Crescent13 Blenheim Crescent13 Blenheim Crescent
96-98 Blenheim Crescent96-98 Blenheim Crescent96-98 Blenheim Crescent
58 Blenheim Crescent58 Blenheim Crescent58 Blenheim Crescent
Grenfell TowerGrenfell TowerGrenfell Road 1974
Garden CourtGarden Court66 Clarendon Road
Crosfield HouseCrosfield HouseMary Place
72 Clarendon Road72 Clarendon Road72 Clarendon Road
Laurence CourtLaurence Court36-40 Lansdowne Road
22a Lansdowne Road22a Lansdowne Road22a Lansdowne Road
58 Holland Park Avenue58 Holland Park Avenue58 Holland Park Avenue
60 Holland Park60 Holland Park
Estella HouseEstella HouseSt Ann's Road 1953
42 Lansdowne Road42 Lansdowne Road42 Lansdowne Road
22 Lansdowne Road22 Lansdowne Road22 Lansdowne Road
105 Portobello Road105 Portobello Road105 Portobello Road
79 Portobello Road79 Portobello Road79 Portobello Road
77 Portobello Road77 Portobello Road77 Portobello Road
50 Portobello Road50 Portobello Road50 Portobello Road
48 Portobello Road48 Portobello Road48 Portobello Road
30 Portobello Road30 Portobello Road30 Portobello Road
28 Portobello Road28 Portobello Road28 Portobello Road
26 Portobello Road26 Portobello Road26 Portobello Road
13 Portobello Road13 Portobello Road13 Portobello Road
85 Portobello Road85 Portobello Road85 Portobello Road
205 Westbourne Grove205 Westbourne Grove205 Westbourne Grove
178 Westbourne Grove178 Westbourne Grove178 Westbourne Grove
West VillageWest Village20 Victoria Gardens 2016
185 Westbourne Grove185 Westbourne Grove185 Westbourne Grove
197 Portobello Road197 Portobello Road197 Portobello Road
2 Blenheim Crescent2 Blenheim Crescent2 Blenheim Crescent
8 Blenheim Crescent8 Blenheim Crescent8 Blenheim Crescent
22 Ladbroke Grove22 Ladbroke Grove22 Ladbroke Grove
54 Blenheim Crescent54 Blenheim Crescent54 Blenheim Crescent
95-97 Portobello Road95-97 Portobello Road95-97 Portobello Road
282-286 Westbourne Grove282-286 Westbourne Grove282-286 Westbourne Grove
120 Kensington Park Road120 Kensington Park Road120 Kensington Park Road
108 Ladbroke Grove108 Ladbroke Grove108 Ladbroke Grove 1891
269A Portobello Road269A Portobello Road269A Portobello Road
36 Holland Park Avenue36 Holland Park Avenue36 Holland Park Avenue
St Clement ChurchSt Clement Church95 Sirdar Road
Barandon WalkBarandon WalkGrenfell Road
Treadgold HouseTreadgold House25 Bomore Road
59 Blenheim Crescent59 Blenheim Crescent59 Blenheim Crescent
Giles HouseGiles House158-160 Westbourne Grove
Edward Woods Community CentreEdward Woods Community Centre60-70 Norland Road
Swanscombe HouseSwanscombe House1 St Ann's Road
32 St Ann's Villas32 St Ann's Villas32 St Ann's Villas
Boundary HouseBoundary HouseQueensdale Crescent
Dorrit HouseDorrit HouseSt Ann's Road
27 St Ann's Road27 St Ann's Road27 St Ann's Road 2014
Mortimer HouseMortimer HouseQueensdale Crescent
Carlton HouseCarlton HouseSt Ann's Road
Florence HouseFlorence HouseSt Ann's Road
Stoneleigh PlaceStoneleigh PlaceStoneleigh Place 1987
81 Sirdar Road81 Sirdar Road81 Sirdar Road
128 Westbourne Grove128 Westbourne Grove128 Westbourne Grove
122 Westbourne Grove122 Westbourne Grove122 Westbourne Grove
144b Westbourne Grove144b Westbourne Grove144b Westbourne Grove
144-146 Westbourne Grove144-146 Westbourne Grove144-146 Westbourne Grove
189 Westbourne Grove189 Westbourne Grove189 Westbourne Grove
179 Westbourne Grove179 Westbourne Grove179 Westbourne Grove
183 Westbourne Grove183 Westbourne Grove183 Westbourne Grove
187 Westbourne Grove187 Westbourne Grove187 Westbourne Grove
172 Westbourne Grove172 Westbourne Grove172 Westbourne Grove
174 Westbourne Grove174 Westbourne Grove174 Westbourne Grove
193 Westbourne Grove193 Westbourne Grove193 Westbourne Grove
191 Westbourne Grove191 Westbourne Grove191 Westbourne Grove
195 Westbourne Grove195 Westbourne Grove195 Westbourne Grove
207 Westbourne Grove207 Westbourne Grove207 Westbourne Grove
7 Lonsdale Road7 Lonsdale Road7 Lonsdale Road
16 Lonsdale Road16 Lonsdale Road16 Lonsdale Road

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