London W9 - Maida Vale, Little Venice

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
31 Blomfield Road31 Blomfield Road31 Blomfield Road
The Grand UnionThe Grand Union45 Woodfield Road19th century
413-419 Harrow Road413-419 Harrow Road413-419 Harrow Road
419A Harrow Road419A Harrow Road419A Harrow Road
397 Harrow Road397 Harrow Road397 Harrow Road
399 Harrow Road399 Harrow Road399 Harrow Road
379 Harrow Road379 Harrow Road379 Harrow Road
377 Harrow Road377 Harrow Road377 Harrow Road
375 Harrow Road375 Harrow Road375 Harrow Road
32 Woodfield Road32 Woodfield Road32 Woodfield Road
Morshead MansionsMorshead MansionsMoreshead RoadJanuary 1904
380-384 Harrow Road380-384 Harrow Road380-384 Harrow Road
44 Blomfield Road44 Blomfield Road44 Blomfield Road
38-39 Blomfield Road38-39 Blomfield Road38-39 Blomfield Road
36-37 Blomfield Road36-37 Blomfield Road36-37 Blomfield Road
Canal HouseCanal House23 Blomfield Road
22 Blomfield Road22 Blomfield Road22 Blomfield Road
17 Blomfield Road17 Blomfield Road17 Blomfield Road
Sutherland HouseSutherland House132 Sutherland Avenue
Amberley WaterfrontAmberley WaterfrontAmberley RoadFebruary 2015
The Prince AlfredThe Prince Alfred5A Formosa Street19th century
Westbourne PlaceWestbourne Place325 Harrow Road 2017
51 Blomfield Road51 Blomfield Road51 Blomfield Road
53 Blomfield Road53 Blomfield Road53 Blomfield Road
55 Blomfield Road55 Blomfield Road55 Blomfield Road
22 Formosa Street22 Formosa Street22 Formosa Street
The VillasThe VillasNeeld Place 2016
The HarlandThe Harland30-34 Woodfield PlaceAutumn 2016
Clarendon CourtClarendon Court33 Maida Vale
Lanhill RoadLanhill RoadLanhill RoadOctober 2016
Lanark RoadLanark Road221-235 Lanark Road 2019
12 Elgin Avenue12 Elgin Avenue12 Elgin AvenueAugust 2017
Manor House CourtManor House CourtWarrington Gardens
Elgin CourtElgin Court164 Elgin Avenue
Elgin MansionsElgin MansionsElgin Avenue
Cumberland HouseCumberland HouseClifton Gardens
24 Warwick Avenue24 Warwick Avenue24 Warwick Avenue
22 Warwick Avenue22 Warwick Avenue22 Warwick Avenue
20 Warwick Avenue20 Warwick Avenue20 Warwick Avenue
42 Blomfield Road42 Blomfield Road42 Blomfield Road
43 Blomfield Road43 Blomfield Road43 Blomfield Road
38 Warwick Avenue38 Warwick Avenue39 Warwick Avenue
2 Clifton Gardens2 Clifton Gardens2 Clifton Gardens
Warwick Avenue StationWarwick Avenue StationWarwick Avenue 1915
25 Warwick Avenue25 Warwick Avenue25 Warwick Avenue
17 Warwick Avenue17 Warwick Avenue17 Warwick Avenue
15 Warwick Avenue15 Warwick Avenue15 Warwick Avenue
Pond Field HousePond Field HouseClifton Gardens
The White LodgeThe White Lodge19a Clifton Gardens
9 Clifton Gardens9 Clifton Gardens9 Clifton Gardens
11 Clifton Gardens11 Clifton Gardens11 Clifton Gardens
46 Blomfield Road46 Blomfield Road46 Blomfield Road

 London W10 - North Kensington, Kensal Town

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Orpheus HouseOrpheus House427-429 Harrow Road 2011
Trellick TowerTrellick Tower5 Goldborne Road 1972
83-133 St Ervans Road83-133 St Ervans Road83-133 St Ervans Road
88-100 Edenham Way88-100 Edenham Way88-100 Edenham Way
Number10Number1010 Golborne Road
Earl of PortobelloEarl of Portobello36 Goldborne Road
The Ladbroke GroveThe Ladbroke Grove330 Ladbroke GroveAutumn 2015
Argyll PlaceArgyll PlacePangbourne Avenue 2014
More WestMore WestFreston Road
Kensington Leisure CentreKensington Leisure CentreSilchester Road 2015
The KellsThe KellsBard Road 2015
Kensal RiseKensal RiseChamberlayne Road 2018
338 Ladbroke Grove338 Ladbroke Grove
Kensal HouseLadbroke Grove 1937
Prime Place Maida HillPrime Place Maida HillCaird StreetSummer 2017
150 Ladbroke Grove150 Ladbroke Grove150 Ladbroke Grove
Canal BuildingCanal Building344 Ladbroke GroveJuly 2008
591-595 Harrow Road591-595 Harrow Road591-595 Harrow Road
126 Ladbroke Grove126 Ladbroke Grove126 Ladbroke Grove
Kensington Academy ResidentialKensington Academy ResidentialWalmer Road 2019
297 Portobello Road297 Portobello Road297 Portobello Road
King's Holt TerraceKing's Holt TerraceKilburn Lane 2018
Kensington Aldridge AcademyKensington Aldridge Academy1 Silchester Road

 London W11 - Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
22 Arundel Gardens22 Arundel Gardens22 Arundel Gardens
Powis CourtPowis Court29-30 Powis Square
Stanley HouseStanley House13-14 Stanley Crescent
1 Stanley Crescent1 Stanley Crescent1 Stanley Crescent
47 Kensington Park Gardens47 Kensington Park Gardens47 Kensington Park Gardens
52 Chepstow Villas52 Chepstow Villas52 Chepstow Villas 1851
61-63 Portobello Road61-63 Portobello Road61-63 Portobello Road
58 Portobello Road58 Portobello Road58 Portobello Road
22 Portobello Road22 Portobello Road22 Portobello Road
121-123 Lansdowne Road121-123 Lansdowne Road121-123 Lansdowne Road
Archer HouseArcher HouseWestbourne Grove
26 Notting Hill Gate26 Notting Hill Gate26 Notting Hill Gate
The LodgeThe LodgeKensington Park Gardens
78 Notting Hill Gate78 Notting Hill Gate78 Notting Hill Gate
Astley HouseAstley House15-35 Notting Hill Gate
Estonian HouseEstonian House18 Chepstow Villas 1850
16 Chepstow Villas16 Chepstow Villas16 Chepstow Villas
12 Chepstow Villas12 Chepstow Villas12 Chepstow Villas
6 Chepstow Villas6 Chepstow Villas6 Chepstow Villas
4 Chepstow Villas4 Chepstow Villas4 Chepstow Villas
Ashdown LodgeAshdown Lodge1C Chepstow Villas
117 Elgin Crescent117 Elgin Crescent117 Elgin Crescent
105 Elgin Crescent105 Elgin Crescent105 Elgin Crescent
59 Pembridge Road59 Pembridge Road59 Pembridge Road
33 Pembridge Road33 Pembridge Road33 Pembridge Road