DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Millman PlaceMillman PlaceGreat James Street
19 Great James Street19 Great James Street19 Great James Street
23-24 Great James Street23-24 Great James Street23-24 Great James Street
23 Johns Mews23 Johns Mews23 John's Mews
29 John Street29 John Street29 John Street
28 John Street28 John Street28 John Street
Bedford HouseBedford House21a John Street
Haines HouseHaines House21 John Street
Charles Darwin HouseCharles Darwin House12 Roger Street
38 Gray's Inn Road38 Gray's Inn Road38 Gray's Inn Road
222 Gray's Inn Road222 Gray's Inn Road222 Gray's Inn Road 1976
85 Gray's Inn Road85 Gray's Inn Road85 Gray's Inn Road
73 Gray's Inn Road73 Gray's Inn Road73 Gray's Inn Road
127 Clerkenwell Road127 Clerkenwell Road127 Clerkenwell Road
125 Clerkenwell Road125 Clerkenwell Road125 Clerkenwell Road
Cavendish MansionsCavendish MansionsClerkenwell Road
Radcliff BuildingsRadcliff Buildings87 Leather Lane
The Albion BuildingsThe Albion Buildings1 Black Hill
The Griffin BuildingThe Griffin Building83 Clerkenwell Road
79 Clerkenwell Road79 Clerkenwell Road79 Clerkenwell Road
10 Herbal Hill10 Herbal Hill10 Herbal Hill
Griffen HouseGriffen House79 Saffron Hill
Clerkenwell HouseClerkenwell House67 Clerkenwell Road
Priory CourtPriory CourtPilgrim Street
Elan HouseElan House5-11 Fetter Lane
113-117 Farringdon Road113-117 Farringdon Road113-117 Farringdon Road
54 Farringdon Road54 Farringdon Road54 Farringdon Road
Minerva CourtMinerva Court21 Bowling Green Lane
159 Farringdon Road159 Farringdon Road159 Farringdon Road
Scriptor CourtScriptor Court155-157 Farringdon Road
167-169 Farringdon Road167-169 Farringdon Road167-169 Farringdon Road
161-165 Farringdon Road161-165 Farringdon Road161-165 Farringdon Road
171 Farringdon Road171 Farringdon Road171 Farringdon Road
Exmouth ArmsExmouth Arms23 Exmouth Market 1915
Wilmington ArmsWilmington Arms69 Rosebery Avenue
56-60 Rosebery Place56-60 Rosebery Place56-60 Rosebery Place
Gensurco HouseGensurco House52-54 Rosebery Avenue
12 Wilmington Square12 Wilmington Square12 Wilmington Square
Charles Rowan HouseCharles Rowan House30 Margery Street
Hydra BuildingHydra Building10 Hardwick Street
Turnbridge HouseTurnbridge HouseSt John Street 1949
Wells HouseWells HouseRosebery Avenue 1949
Southwood CourtSouthwood CourtWynyatt Street
Centenary BuildingCentenary BuildingNorthampton Square
Myddleton PlaceMyddleton Place1 Loyds Row 2011
Patrick Coman HousePatrick Coman HouseSkinner Street
Parkes BuildingParkes Building16-19 Sebastian Street
Liberty HouseLiberty House1 Sebastian Street
Myddelton BuildingMyddelton Building167-173 Goswell Road
Turnpike HouseTurnpike HouseGoswell Road
Rahere HouseRahere HouseCentral Street
Central HouseCentral House142 Central Street
Macclesfield HouseMacclesfield HouseCentral Street
York HouseYork House74-82 Queen Victoria Street
DashwoodDashwood69 Old Broad Street 2008
One Coleman StreetOne Coleman Street1 Coleman Street 2007
64-76 Ironmonger Row64-76 Ironmonger Row64-76 Ironmonger Row 2003
Tower 42Tower 4225 Old Broad Street 1980
8 Canada Square8 Canada Square 2002
The OrangeryThe OrangeryHolland Park
Ice HouseIce HouseHolland Park
Spirella HouseSpirella House266-270 Regent Street
Crabtree PlaceCrabtree Place11 Whitfield Street
President HousePresident HouseKing Square
Lagonier HouseLagonier HouseIronmonger Row
Matisse CourtMatisse Court18 Featherstone Street
Defoe CourtDefoe Court44 Featherstone Street
86-90 Paul Street86-90 Paul Street86-90 Paul Street
Travco HouseTravco House92-94 Paul Street
140 Tabernacle Street140 Tabernacle Street140 Tabernacle Street19th century
Rivington HouseRivington House82 Great Eastern Street
24 Chart Street24 Chart Street24 Chart Street
The Courtyard TheatreThe Courtyard Theatre40 Pitfield Street19th century
Satellite HouseSatellite House17 Corsham Street 2017
New Roman HouseNew Roman House10 East Road 2013
The EagleThe Eagle159 City RoadDecember 2015
Trans World HouseTrans World House100 City Road
99 City Road99 City Road99 City Road
Epworth HouseEpworth House25 City Road 1934
Alphabeta BuildingAlphabeta Building14-18 Finsbury Square
3 Finsbury Square3 Finsbury Square3 Finsbury Square
1 Finsbury Square1 Finsbury Square1 Finsbury Square 2004
30 Finsbury Square30 Finsbury Square30 Finsbury Square
Scotia HouseScotia House33 Finsbury Square
Davies HouseDavies House1-3 Sun Street
1FA1FA1 Finsbury Avenue 2019
Windsor HouseWindsor House42-50 Victoria Street 1973
Westminster Palace GardensWestminster Palace GardensArtillery Row
Kingsgate HouseKingsgate House66 Victoria Street
Victoria Palace TheatreVictoria Palace Theatre126 Victoria Street 1910
Trevor HouseTrevor House20 Belgrave Place
1 Pembridge Place1 Pembridge Place1 Pembridge Place
Ashdown LodgeAshdown Lodge1C Chepstow Villas
4 Chepstow Villas4 Chepstow Villas4 Chepstow Villas
6 Chepstow Villas6 Chepstow Villas6 Chepstow Villas
12 Chepstow Villas12 Chepstow Villas12 Chepstow Villas
16 Chepstow Villas16 Chepstow Villas16 Chepstow Villas
Estonian HouseEstonian House18 Chepstow Villas 1850
10 Belgrave Square10 Belgrave Square10 Belgrave Square 1940
Marland HouseMarland House28 Sloane Street