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 London EC1 - Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Finsbury, Hatton Garden

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
213 City Road213 City Road213 City Road
Eagle HouseEagle House179-189 City Road
Lindsey HouseLindsey House40-42 Charterhouse Street
Saint Bartholomew the GreatSaint Bartholomew the GreatCloth Fair
120 St John Street120 St John Street120 St John Street
82-84 Clerkenwell Road82-84 Clerkenwell Road82-84 Clerkenwell Road
122-124 St John Street122-124 St John Street122-124 St John Street
116-118 St John Street116-118 St John Street116-118 St John Street
61-67 Old Street61-67 Old Street61-67 Old StreetSpring 2018
Paramount HouseParamount House206-212 St John Street
188-192 St John Street188-192 St John Street188-192 St John Street
182 St John Street182 St John Street182 St John Street
20 Farringdon Road20 Farringdon Road20 Farringdon Road
Zinc HouseZinc House19-25 Cowcross Street
The Farmiloe BuildingThe Farmiloe Building34-36 St John Street
37-41 St John Street37-41 St John Street37-41 St John Street
12 Jerusalem Passage12 Jerusalem Passage12 Jerusalem Passage
House of DetentionHouse of Detention2 Sans Walk
70 Clerkenwell Road70 Clerkenwell Road70 Clerkenwell Road
Saunderson HouseSaunderson House1 Long Lane
19 Charterhouse Street19 Charterhouse Street19 Charterhouse Street
Coller HouseColler House175-179 St John Street
Bowater HouseBowater HouseFann Street
Devonshire HouseDevonshire House60 Goswell Road
Minerva HouseMinerva House26-27 Hatton Garden
81 Leather Lane81 Leather Lane81 Leather Lane
85 Clerkenwell Road85 Clerkenwell Road85 Clerkenwell Road
150-152 Clerkenwell Road150-152 Clerkenwell Road150-152 Clerkenwell Road
One Aylesbury StreetOne Aylesbury Street1 Aylesbury Street 2016
Challoner HouseChalloner HouseClerkenwell Close
40 Holborn Viaduct40 Holborn Viaduct40 Holborn Viaduct 2008
St Bartholomew HouseSt Bartholomew House58-59 West Smithfield
61 West Smithfield61 West Smithfield61 West Smithfield
41-42 Cloth Fair41-42 Cloth Fair41-42 Cloth Fair 1614
39-40 Cloth Fair39-40 Cloth Fair39-40 Cloth Fair
38 Cloth Fair38 Cloth Fair38 Cloth Fair 1616
99 Charterhouse Street99 Charterhouse Street99 Charterhouse Street
38 Charterhouse Street38 Charterhouse Street38 Charterhouse Street
5 St John Street5 St John Street5 St John Street 1897
Atlantic HouseAtlantic House46-50 Holborn Viaduct
28 St John's Lane28 St John's Lane28 St John's Lane
St John's GateSt John's Gate26 St John's Lane 1504
The HorseshoeThe HorseshoeClerkenwell Close
36-41 Clerkenwell Close36-41 Clerkenwell Close36-41 Clerkenwell Close
Clerkenwell EstateClerkenwell EstateFarringdon Lane 1884
31a Clerkenwell Close31a Clerkenwell Close31a Clerkenwell Close
Kingsway PlaceKingsway PlaceSans Walk 1893
27-31 Clerkenwell Close27-31 Clerkenwell Close27-31 Clerkenwell Close
50-54 Clerkenwell Road50-54 Clerkenwell Road50-54 Clerkenwell Road
34 Clerkenwell Close34 Clerkenwell Close34 Clerkenwell Close 1901
11 Jerusalem Passage11 Jerusalem Passage11 Jerusalem Passage
140-142 St John Street140-142 St John Street140-142 St John Street
Crusader HouseCrusader House147-157 St John Street
55 St John Street55 St John Street55 St John Street
57 St John Street57 St John Street57 St John Street
47-53 St John Street47-53 St John Street47-53 St John Street
1 Charterhouse Street1 Charterhouse Street1 Charterhouse Street
24-25 Britton Street24-25 Britton Street24-25 Britton Street
Dunstan House14a St Cross Street
12 Cock Lane12 Cock Lane12 Cock Lane
21 Farringdon Road21 Farringdon Road21 Farringdon Road
151-157 City Road151-157 City Road151-157 City RoadJuly 2015
Wesley's ChapelWesley's Chapel49 City Road 1778
Seraph CourtSeraph Court5 Moreland Street
Ability TowersAbility Towers1 Macclesfield Road
Peregrine HousePeregrine HouseHall Street
255 Goswell Road255 Goswell Road255 Goswell Road
1 Owen Street1 Owen Street1 Owen Street
Angel SquareAngel Square397 City Road
The Red HouseThe Red House49-53 Clerkenwell Road

 London EC2 - Barbican, Broadgate, Shoreditch

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Salesforce TowerSalesforce Tower110 BishopsgateMarch 2011
The HeronThe Heron5 Moor LaneSummer 2013
Tower 42Tower 4225 Old Broad Street 1980
One Coleman StreetOne Coleman Street1 Coleman Street 2007
DashwoodDashwood69 Old Broad Street 2008
5 Broadgate5 Broadgate5 BroadgateAutumn 2015
Davies HouseDavies House1-3 Sun Street
Scotia HouseScotia House33 Finsbury Square
30 Finsbury Square30 Finsbury Square30 Finsbury Square
1 Finsbury Square1 Finsbury Square1 Finsbury Square 2004
3 Finsbury Square3 Finsbury Square3 Finsbury Square
Alphabeta BuildingAlphabeta Building14-18 Finsbury Square
The AspectThe Aspect12 Finsbury Square
Rivington HouseRivington House82 Great Eastern Street
140 Tabernacle Street140 Tabernacle Street140 Tabernacle Street19th century
Travco HouseTravco House92-94 Paul Street
86-90 Paul Street86-90 Paul Street86-90 Paul Street
3 Broadgate3 Broadgate3 Broadgate
4 Broadgate4 Broadgate4 Broadgate
6 Broadgate6 Broadgate6 BroadgateJanuary 1988
90 Bishopsgate90 Bishopsgate90 Bishopsgate
105-107 Bishopsgate105-107 Bishopsgate105-107 Bishopsgate
Broadgate TowerBroadgate Tower20 Primrose Street 2008
Ropemaker PlaceRopemaker Place25 Ropemaker Street 2009
Angel CourtAngel Court30 Throgmorton StreetFebruary 2017
Warnford CourtWarnford Court29 Throgmorton StreetJanuary 1918
Drapers GardensDrapers Gardens12 Throgmorton Avenue 2011
Moor HouseMoor House120 London Wall 2005
125 Old Broad Street125 Old Broad Street125 Old Broad Street
288 Bishopsgate288 Bishopsgate288 Bishopsgate 1999

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