London WC1 - Bloomsbury, St Pancras

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
334-336 Gray's Inn Road334-336 Gray's Inn Road334-336 Gray's Inn Road
The LincolnsThe Lincolns39-45 Gray's Inn RoadAutumn 2015
Fisher StreetFisher StreetFisher Street 2015
The AvenueThe Avenue1 Bedford AvenueMarch 2017
Tavistock CourtTavistock CourtTavistock Square 1935
Winston HouseWinston House7 Endsleigh Street
6 Endsleigh Street6 Endsleigh Street6 Endsleigh Street
1-2 Endsleigh Street1-2 Endsleigh Street1-2 Endsleigh Street
Leslie Forster HouseLeslie Forster House29 Endsleigh Gardens
Fairgate HouseFairgate House78 New Oxford Street
St Pancras PlaceSt Pancras PlaceGray's Inn Road 2017
The Post BuildingThe Post BuildingMuseum StreetSummer 2019
200 Gray's Inn Road200 Gray's Inn Road200 Gray's Inn Road
31 University Street31 University Street31 University Street
36 Torrington Place36 Torrington Place36 Torrington Place
55 New Oxford Street55 New Oxford Street55 New Oxford Street
Hazelwood HouseHazelwood House53 New Oxford Street
Victoria HouseVictoria HouseBloomsbury Square 1932
Trinity CourtTrinity Court254 Gray's Inn Road
Instrument HouseInstrument House207-215 Kings Cross RoadAutumn 2016
25 Gordon Street25 Gordon Street25 Gordon Street 1895
Weston HouseWeston House242-246 High Holborn 2016
One Smart's PlaceOne Smart's Place182-184 High HolbornSpring 2019
1 New Oxford Street1 New Oxford Street1 New Oxford StreetAugust 2017
7 Warwick Court7 Warwick Court7 Warwick CourtSpring 2017
16-22 Great Russell Street16-22 Great Russell Street16-22 Great Russell Street
35 Great Russell Street35 Great Russell Street35 Great Russell Street
39 Great Russell Street39 Great Russell Street39 Great Russell Street
43 Great Russell Street43 Great Russell Street43 Great Russell Street
Fox Court14-22 Gray's Inn Road
110 High Holborn110 High Holborn
MidCity PlaceMidCity Place71 High Holborn 2001
Princeton HousePrinceton House271-277 High Holborn
50-60 Southampton Row50-60 Southampton Row50-60 Southampton Row
Churchill HouseChurchill House35 Red Lion Square 2004
Mercury HouseMercury House124 Theobalds Road 1955
12-42 Southampton Row12-42 Southampton RowSouthampton Row
Unite HouseUnite House128 Theobalds Road
Warner HouseWarner House98 Theobalds Road
23 Bedford Row23 Bedford Row23 Bedford Row
20-22 Bedford Row20-22 Bedford Row20-22 Bedford Row
54 Theobalds Road54 Theobalds Road54 Theobalds Road
10 Lamb's Conduit Street10 Lamb's Conduit Street10 Lamb's Conduit Street
Kingsbourne HouseKingsbourne House229-231 High Holborn
Kingsgate HouseKingsgate House114-115 High Holborn 1904
Rosewood LondonRosewood London247-252 High Holborn
90 High Holborn90 High Holborn90 High Holborn 2002
268 - 270 High Holborn268 - 270 High Holborn268 - 270 High Holborn 1927
37 Gray's Inn Road37 Gray's Inn RoadGray's Inn Road
Dartmouth ChambersDartmouth ChambersTheobalds Road
12 Theobalds Road12 Theobalds Road12 Theobalds Road
20 Theobalds Road20 Theobalds Road20 Theobalds Road 1750
22 Theobalds Road22 Theobalds Road22 Theobalds Road 1750
Imex HouseImex House42 Theobalds Road
Lacon HouseLacon House84 Theobalds Road
One Hundred New Oxford StreetOne Hundred New Oxford Street100 New Oxford Street 1931
1 Duke's Road1 Duke's Road1 Duke's Road
The StandardThe StandardArgyle Street 2019
1b Belgrove Street1b Belgrove Street1b Belgrove Street
Halsey HouseHalsey House13 Red Lion SquareSpring 2018
12 Bedford Avenue12 Bedford Avenue12 Bedford Avenue
Cruciform BuildingCruciform BuildingGower Street 1906
7 Bayley Street7 Bayley Street7 Bayley Street
Holborn TowerHolborn Tower137-144 High Holborn
Avenue ChambersAvenue Chambers1-6 Vernon Place 1910
70 New Oxford Street70 New Oxford Street70 New Oxford Street 2015
Bloomsbury Central Baptist ChurchBloomsbury Central Baptist ChurchShaftesbury Avenue
322 High Holborn322 High Holborn
Frearson HouseFrearson HousePenton Rise
The King's Cross Baptist ChurchThe King's Cross Baptist ChurchVernon Square
100 King's Cross Road100 King's Cross Road100 King's Cross Road
Willings HouseWillings House356-364 Grays Inn Road
RodmellRodmellHarrison Street
StorringtonStorrington2 Regent Square
SelseySelseyTavistock Place
Mary Ward HouseMary Ward House5-7 Tavistock Place
Berkshire HouseBerkshire House168-173 High Holborn
10 Drury Lane10 Drury Lane10 Drury Lane
Foundling Court, O'Donnell Court and The Brunswick CentreFoundling Court, O'Donnell Court and The Brunswick CentreMarchmont Street 1972
Russell Square StationRussell Square StationBernard Street
The Horse HospitalThe Horse HospitalColonnade
Guilford CourtGuilford Court51 Guilford Street
Queen CourtQueen CourtQueen Square
Queen Square HouseQueen Square HouseQueen Anne's Walk
The Princess Royal Nurses HomeThe Princess Royal Nurses HomeGuilford Street
Morgan Stanley Clinical BuildingMorgan Stanley Clinical BuildingGuilford Street
67 Guilford Street67 Guilford Street67 Guilford Street 1799
Institute of Child HealthInstitute of Child Health30 Guilford Street
The Zayed CentreThe Zayed CentreGuilford Street 2019
3 Guilford Place3 Guilford Place3 Guilford Place 1793
85 Lamb's Conduit Street85 Lamb's Conduit Street85 Lambs Conduit Street
Rapier HouseRapier House40-46 Lamb's Conduit Street
BeaconsfieldBeaconsfield64 Red Lion Street
HyltonsHyltons55 Red Lion Street
5 Bloomsbury Street5 Bloomsbury Street5 Bloomsbury Street
Bloomsbury Street HotelBloomsbury Street Hotel9-13 Bloomsbury Street
21 Bloomsbury Street21 Bloomsbury Street21 Bloomsbury Street
12 Bedford Square12 Bedford Square12 Bedford Square
London School of Hygiene and Tropical DiseasesLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical DiseasesKeppel Street
Birkbeck University of LondonBirkbeck University of LondonMalet Street