DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
96 Palace Gardens Terrace96 Palace Gardens Terrace96 Palace Gardens Terrace
Verity HouseVerity HouseAbercorn Place
25 Cadogan Place25 Cadogan Place25 Cadogan Square
Joclar CourtJoclar Court65 Upper Berkeley Street
9 Sussex Square9 Sussex Square9 Sussex Square
Second Church of Christ ScientistSecond Church of Christ Scientist104 Palace Gardens Terrace
116 Hamilton Terrace116 Hamilton Terrace116 Hamilton Terrace19th century
50 Cadogan Place50 Cadogan Place50 Cadogan Place19th century
66 Upper Berkeley Street66 Upper Berkeley Street66 Upper Berkeley Street
1-34 Clifton Place1-34 Clifton Place1-34 Clifton Place
61 Palace Gardens Terrace61 Palace Gardens Terrace61 Palace Gardens Terrace
57 Cadogan Place57 Cadogan Place57 Cadogan Place
69 Upper Berkeley Street69 Upper Berkeley Street69 Upper Berkeley Street
Radnor HouseRadnor HouseRadnor Place
67 Palace Gardens Terrace67 Palace Gardens Terrace67 Palace Gardens Terrace
The GablesThe Gables115 Hamilton Terrace19th century
36 Cadogan Place36 Cadogan Place36 Cadogan Place19th century
71-73 Upper Berkeley Street71-73 Upper Berkeley Street71-73 Upper Berkeley Street
22 Radnor Mews22 Radnor Mews22 Radnor Mews
The Mall TavernThe Mall Tavern71 Palace Gardens Terrace19th century
120 Hamilton Terrace120 Hamilton Terrace120 Hamilton Terrace19th century
39 Cadogan Place39 Cadogan Place39 Cadogan Place19th century
Home HouseHome House20-21 Portman Square18th century
23 Radnor Mews23 Radnor Mews23 Radnor Mews
Essex Unitarian ChurchEssex Unitarian Church112 Palace Gardens Terrace 1977
117 Hamilton Terrace117 Hamilton Terrace117 Hamilton Terrace
55 Cadogan Place55 Cadogan Place55 Cadogan Place19th century
18 Fitzhardinge Street18 Fitzhardinge Street18 Fitzhardinge Street
17 Radnor Mews17 Radnor Mews17 Radnor Mews
Mall ChambersMall ChambersKensington Mall19th century
122 Hamilton Terrace122 Hamilton Terrace122 Hamilton Terrace
43 Cadogan Place43 Cadogan Place43 Cadogan Place19th century
17 Fitzhardinge Street17 Fitzhardinge Street17 Fitzhardinge Street
16 Radnor Mews16 Radnor Mews16 Radnor Mews
Broadwalk CourtBroadwalk CourtPalace Gardens Terrace
124 Hamilton Terrace124 Hamilton Terrace124 Hamilton Terrace19th century
Queens CourtQueens CourtQueensway
15 Radnor Mews15 Radnor Mews15 Radnor Mews
Czech EmbassyCzech Embassy26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens
Hamilton HallHamilton Hall119 Hamilton Terrace
20 Manchester Square20 Manchester Square20 Manchester Square
14 Radnor Mews14 Radnor Mews14 Radnor Mews
150 Bayswater Road150 Bayswater Road150 Bayswater Road
121 Hamilton Terrace121 Hamilton Terrace121 Hamilton Terrace
Morland HouseMorland HouseMarsham Street
3 Manchester Square3 Manchester Square3 Manchester Square
12 Radnor Mews12 Radnor Mews12 Radnor Mews
129 Bayswater Road129 Bayswater Road129 Bayswater Road 1907
123 Hamilton Terrace123 Hamilton Terrace123 Hamilton Terrace
2 Manchester Square2 Manchester Square2 Manchester Square
9 Radnor Mews9 Radnor Mews9 Radnor Mews
123 Bayswater Road123 Bayswater Road123 Bayswater Road
140 Hamilton Terrace140 Hamilton Terrace140 Hamilton Terrace
2 Upper Brook Street2 Upper Brook Street2 Upper Brook Street
Chelwood HouseChelwood HouseGloucester Square
122 Bayswater Road122 Bayswater Road122 Bayswater Road
135 Hamilton Terrace135 Hamilton Terrace135 Hamilton Terrace
3 Upper Brook Street3 Upper Brook Street3 Upper Brook Street
43 Grosvenor Street43 Grosvenor Street43 Grosvenor Street
Edna HouseEdna HouseNorfolk SquareJanuary 1964
3-8 Porchester Gate3-8 Porchester Gate3-8 Porchester Gate
150-152 Hamilton Terrace150-152 Hamilton Terrace150-152 Hamilton Terrace
4 Upper Brook Street4 Upper Brook Street4 Upper Brook Street
48 Grosvenor Street48 Grosvenor Street48 Grosvenor Street
53 Shaftesbury Avenue53 Shaftesbury Avenue53 Shaftesbury Avenue
One Porchester GateOne Porchester Gate1 Porchester Gate
88 Carlton Hill88 Carlton Hill88 Carlton Hill
5 Upper Brook Street5 Upper Brook Street5 Upper Brook Street
49 Grosvenor Street49 Grosvenor Street49 Grosvenor Street
Gielgud TheatreGielgud TheatreShaftesbury Avenue
104 Bayswater Road104 Bayswater Road104 Bayswater Road
94 Carlton Hill94 Carlton Hill94 Carlton Hill
6 Upper Brook Street6 Upper Brook Street6 Upper Brook StreetAugust 2019
Railton HouseRailton House10 Craven Hill
Craven LodgeCraven Lodge15-17 Craven Hill
96 Carlton Hill96 Carlton Hill96 Carlton Hill
7 Upper Brook Street7 Upper Brook Street7 Upper Brook Street
50 Grosvenor Street50 Grosvenor Street50 Grosvenor Street
Battleship BuildingBattleship Building179 Harrow Road 1969The nearest tube station is Paddington Suburban Station!
13 Craven Hill13 Craven Hill13 Craven Hill
74 Maida Vale74 Maida Vale74 Maida Vale
9 Upper Brook Street9 Upper Brook Street9 Upper Brook Street
52 Grosvenor Street52 Grosvenor Street52 Grosvenor Street
Queens HouseQueens HouseLeicester Square19th century
7 Craven Hill7 Craven Hill7 Craven Hill
32 Maida Vale32 Maida Vale32 Maida Vale
50 Upper Brook Street50 Upper Brook Street50 Upper Brook Street 1908
34 Grosvenor Street34 Grosvenor Street34 Grosvenor Street
Stuart TowerStuart Tower105 Maida Vale 1964
6 Greek Street6 Greek Street6 Greek Street
32 Grosvenor Street32 Grosvenor Street32 Grosvenor Street
Lancaster Hall HotelLancaster Hall Hotel36-38 Craven Terrace
237 Elgin Avenue237 Elgin Avenue237 Elgin Avenue
7 Greek Street7 Greek Street7 Greek Street
55 Grosvenor Street55 Grosvenor Street55 Grosvenor Street
46 Craven Road46 Craven Road46 Craven Road
122 Randolph Avenue122 Randolph Avenue122 Randolph Avenue
58 Grosvenor Street58 Grosvenor Street58 Grosvenor Street
Paddington Court HotelPaddington Court Hotel27 Devonshire Terrace
The WarringtonThe Warrington93 Warrington Crescent 1857