London EC2 - Barbican, Broadgate, Shoreditch

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
18-30 Leonard Street18-30 Leonard Street18-30 Leonard StreetAutumn 2013
34 Worship Street34 Worship Street34 Worship Street
The Banking HallThe Banking Hall8-10 MoorgateSummer 2014
85 Gresham Street85 Gresham Street85 Gresham Street 2014
Guildhall Art GalleryGuildhall Art GalleryGuildhall Yard 1999
GuildhallGuildhallGresham Street15th century
125 Wood Street125 Wood Street125 Wood StreetSummer 2014
Moorgate ExchangeMoorgate Exchange72 Fore Street 2014
One Aldermanbury SquareOne Aldermanbury Square1 One Aldermanbury Square
1Fifty Cheapside1Fifty Cheapside150 Cheapside 2009
London Wall PlaceLondon Wall Place1-2 London Wall PlaceDecember 2017
Principal PlacePrincipal PlaceWorship Street 2016
35 King Street35 King Street35 King Street
10 Great Eastern Street10 Great Eastern Street10 Great Eastern Street
158-164 Bishopsgate158-164 Bishopsgate158-164 Bishopsgate
Blake TowerBlake TowerFann Street 2017
Principal TowerPrincipal TowerWorship StreetJanuary 2019
8 Finsbury Circus8 Finsbury Circus8 Finsbury Circus 2016
55 Gresham Street55 Gresham Street51-55 Gresham Street 2018
1 Princes Street1 Princes Street1 Princes Street
The NedThe Ned27-35 Poultry 2017
One PoultryOne Poultry1 Poultry 1997
Bank of EnglandBank of EnglandThreadneedle Street 1939
Gibson HallGibson Hall13 Bishopsgate 1865
38 Threadneedle Street38 Threadneedle Street38 Threadneedle Street
20 Finsbury Circus20 Finsbury Circus20 Finsbury Circus
Finsbury HouseFinsbury House23 Finsbury Circus
Park HousePark House16-18 Finsbury Circus
City TowerCity Tower40 Basinghall Street
Barbican CentreBarbican CentreSilk Street
55 Old Broad Street55 Old Broad Street55 Old Broad Street
120 Old Broad Street120 Old Broad Street120 Old Broad Street
Uncommon Liverpool StreetUncommon Liverpool Street117-121 BishopsgateSpring 2017
Seventy WilsonSeventy Wilson70 Wilson Street 2016
ARNOLDARNOLD21-33 Great Eastern Street 2017
Ben Jonson HouseBen Jonson HouseBarbican 1973
15 Bishopsgate15 Bishopsgate15 Bishopsgate 2017
The HudsonThe Hudson115 Curtain RoadJuly 2017
55 Holywell Lane55 Holywell Lane55 Holywell Lane
The FramesThe Frames1 Phipp Street 2018
30 Moorgate30 Moorgate30-34 MoorgateAutumn 2017
62 Paul Street62 Paul Street62 Paul StreetNovember 2017
99 Bishopsgate99 Bishopsgate99 Bishopsgate 1995
45 Old Broad Street45 Old Broad Street45 Old Broad Street
Winchester HouseWinchester House1 Great Winchester Street
33 Old Broad Street33 Old Broad Street33 Old Broad Street
Carpenters' HallCarpenters' Hall1 Throgmorton Avenue
2 Throgmorton Avenue2 Throgmorton Avenue2 Throgmorton Avenue
64-65 London Wall64-65 London Wall64-65 London Wall
88 Wood Street88 Wood Street88 Wood Street 2000
Museum of LondonMuseum of London150 London Wall
2 Gresham Street2 Gresham Street2 Gresham Street
120 Cheapside120 CheapsideCheapside
107 Cheapside107 Cheapside107 Cheapside
Andrewes HouseAndrewes HouseFore Street 1969
The PosternThe PosternWood Street
Salters HallSalters Hall4 London Wall Place 1976
52 Wilson Street52 Wilson Street52 Wilson Street 1812
18-20 Appold Street18-20 Appold Street18-20 Appold Street
Exchange HouseExchange House12 Primrose Street 1990
175 Bishopsgate175 Bishopsgate175 Bishopsgate 1988
St. Botolph BishopsgateSt. Botolph BishopsgateBishopsgate 1729
40 Liverpool Street40 Liverpool Street40 Liverpool Street
Spice BuildingSpice Building8 Devonshire Square 2017
Forum St. Paul'sForum St. Paul's33 Gutter LaneAutumn 2017
NineteenNineteen19 Great Winchester StreetMay 2018
Old Blue LastOld Blue Last38 Great Eastern Street
Bryer CourtBryer CourtBarbican 1973
Shakespeare TowerShakespeare TowerBarbican 1976
10 Gresham Street10 Gresham Street 2000
25 Gresham Street25 Gresham Street 2002
CityPointCityPoint1 Ropemaker Place 2000
Telephone House69-77 Paul Street
Holderness HouseHolderness House51-61 Clifton Street
60 Worship Street60 Worship Street60 Worship Street
22-25 Finsbury Square22-25 Finsbury Square22-25 Finsbury Square
4 Christopher Street4 Christopher Street4 Christopher Street
Tower HouseTower House67-73 Worship Street
Clifton HouseClifton House75-77 Worship Street
Nine AppoldNine Appold9 Appold Street
No.1 Curtain RoadNo.1 Curtain Road1 Curtain Road
Car ParkCar ParkGreat Eastern Street
The CurtainThe Curtain45 Curtain Road
20 Great Eastern Street20 Great Eastern Street20 Great Eastern Street
6 Holywell Lane6 Holywell Lane6 Holywell Lane
19 Great Eastern Street19 Great Eastern Street19 Great Eastern Street
5 Lothbury5 Lothbury5 Lothbury
Girdlers HallGirdlers HallBasinghall Avenue 1961
280 Bishopsgate280 Bishopsgate280 Bishopsgate
Paul Street EastPaul Street East18 Paul Street 2015
Broadwalk HouseBroadgate
37 Wood Street37 Wood Street
TechHub LondonTechHub London1-15 Clere Street 2019
Nobu ShoreditchNobu Shoreditch10-50 Willow Street 2017
25 Luke Street25 Luke Street25 Luke Street
Old King's HeadOld King's Head28 Holywell Row
18 Phipp Street18 Phipp Street18 Phipp Street
1 Mark Square1 Mark Square1 Mark Square
2-4 Great Eastern Street2-4 Great Eastern Street2-4 Great Eastern Street
64 Great Eastern Street64 Great Eastern Street64 Great Eastern Street