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 London EC2 - Barbican, Broadgate, Shoreditch

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Forum St. Paul'sForum St. Paul's33 Gutter LaneAutumn 2017
NineteenNineteen19 Great Winchester StreetMay 2018
Old Blue LastOld Blue Last38 Great Eastern Street
Bryer CourtBryer CourtBarbican 1973
Shakespeare TowerShakespeare TowerBarbican 1976
10 Gresham Street10 Gresham Street 2000
25 Gresham Street25 Gresham Street 2002
CityPointCityPoint1 Ropemaker Place 2000
Telephone House69-77 Paul Street
Holderness HouseHolderness House51-61 Clifton Street
60 Worship Street60 Worship Street60 Worship Street
22-25 Finsbury Square22-25 Finsbury Square22-25 Finsbury Square
4 Christopher Street4 Christopher Street4 Christopher Street
Tower HouseTower House67-73 Worship Street
Clifton HouseClifton House75-77 Worship Street
Nine AppoldNine Appold9 Appold Street
No.1 Curtain RoadNo.1 Curtain Road1 Curtain Road
Car ParkCar ParkGreat Eastern Street
The CurtainThe Curtain45 Curtain Road
20 Great Eastern Street20 Great Eastern Street20 Great Eastern Street
6 Holywell Lane6 Holywell Lane6 Holywell Lane
19 Great Eastern Street19 Great Eastern Street19 Great Eastern Street
201 Bishopsgate201 Bishopsgate201 Bishopsgate
5 Lothbury5 Lothbury5 Lothbury
Girdlers HallGirdlers HallBasinghall Avenue 1961
280 Bishopsgate280 Bishopsgate280 Bishopsgate
Paul Street EastPaul Street East18 Paul Street 2015

 London EC3 - Billingsgate, Cornhill, Monument, Tower Hill

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
20 Fenchurch Street20 Fenchurch Street20 Fenchurch Street 2014
30 St Mary Axe30 St Mary Axe30 St Mary Axe 2004
Leadenhall BuildingLeadenhall Building122 Leadenhall StreetSummer 2014
20 Bury Street20 Bury Street20 Bury Street
63 Mark Lane63 Mark Lane63 Mark Lane
28 Great Tower Street28 Great Tower Street28 Great Tower Street
Sugar QuaySugar QuayLower Thames Street89824
Ten Trinity SquareTen Trinity Square10 Trinity Square 2017
Trinity HouseTrinity HouseTrinity Square18th century
Two America SquareTwo America Square2 America Square
Sceptre CourtSceptre Court40 Tower Hill
The Baltic ExchangeThe Baltic Exchange38 St Mary Axe 1923
Holland HouseHolland House1-4 Bury Street 1916
Bury HouseBury House31 Bury Street
52-54 Leadenhall Street52-54 Leadenhall Street52-54 Leadenhall Street
40 Lime Street40 Lime Street40 Lime Street
Lloyds BuildingLloyds Building1 Lime Street 1986
Leadenhall MarketLeadenhall MarketGracechurch Street 1881
Willis BuildingWillis Building51 Lime Street 2008
7-10 Leadenhall Street7-10 Leadenhall Street7-10 Leadenhall Street
11 Leadenhall Street11 Leadenhall Street11 Leadenhall Street
11 Talbot Court11 Talbot Court11 Talbot Court
70 Mark Lane70 Mark Lane64-74 Mark Lane 2014
1 Cornhill1 Cornhill1 Cornhill
1-6 Royal Exchange Buildings1-6 Royal Exchange Buildings82 Cornhill
3 Minster Court3 Minster CourtMincing Lane 2018
1 Seething Lane1 Seething Lane1 Seething Lane
Tower of LondonTower of LondonTower Hill 1097
Three QuaysThree Quays50 Lower Thames Street 2014
Northern & Shell BuildingNorthern & Shell Building10 Lower Thames Street 1985
Peek HousePeek House20 Eastcheap
61 St. Mary Axe61 St. Mary Axe61 St. Mary Axe89222
Plantation Place SouthPlantation Place South60 Great Tower Street 2002
21 Lime Street21 Lime Street21 Lime Street 2017
23-25 Eastcheap23-25 Eastcheap23 Eastcheap 1862
6 Bevis Marks6 Bevis Marks6 Bevis MarksAutumn 2013
10 Fenchurch Street10 Fenchurch Street6-12 Fenchurch Street
24 Lime Street24 Lime Street24 Lime Street
25 Lime Street25 Lime Street25-26 Lime Street
Forum HouseForum House15-18 Lime Street
14 Lime Street14 Lime Street14 Lime Street
St Botolph BuildingSt Botolph Building138 Houndsditch 2011
Monument PlaceMonument Place24 Monument StreetSummer 2013
Monument BuildingMonument Building11-19 Monument StreetMay 2016
Royal ExchangeRoyal Exchange2 Royal Exchange Steps 1844
117-119 Houndsditch117-119 Houndsditch117-119 Houndsditch
21-22 Lovat Lane21-22 Lovat Lane 2014
Asia HouseAsia House31-33 Lime Street 2014
One Creechurch PlaceOne Creechurch PlaceCreechurch PlaceOctober 2016
St Mary at HillSt Mary at HillSt Mary at Hill 2015
Camomile CourtCamomile Court23 Camomile Street
Fen CourtFen Court10 Fenchurch AvenueSpring 2019
Friary CourtFriary Court65 Crutched Friars
Dixon HouseDixon HouseFenchurch Street 2017
Beaufort HouseBeaufort House15 St Botolph Street
NMB HouseNMB House17 Bevis Marks
Eastgate HouseEastgate House40 Duke's Place
Dukes HouseDukes House32-38 Duke's Place
90 Fenchurch Street90 Fenchurch Street90 Fenchurch Street
78-79 Leadenhall Street78-79 Leadenhall Street78-79 Leadenhall Street
Landmark HouseLandmark House69 Leadenhall Street
100 Fenchurch Street100 Fenchurch Street100 Fenchurch Street
Furness HouseFurness House105 Fenchurch Street
107 Fenchurch Street107 Fenchurch Street107 Fenchurch Street
108 Fenchurch Street108 Fenchurch Street108 Fenchurch Street
110 Fenchurch Street110 Fenchurch Street110 Fenchurch Street
St Helen's BishopsgateSt Helen's BishopsgateGreat St Helen's
1 Great St Helen's1 Great St Helen's1 Great St Helen's
Seventy St Mary AxeSeventy St Mary Axe60-70 St Mary AxeDecember 2018
Cree HouseCree House18-20 Creechurch Lane
Fenchurch Street StationFenchurch Street StationFenchurch Street 1841
Peninsular HousePeninsular House28-36 Monument Street
King William HouseKing William House2a Eastcheap

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