DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
London Wall PlaceLondon Wall Place1-2 London Wall PlaceDecember 2017
Victoria LibraryVictoria Library160 160 Buckingham Palace Road 1894
All Souls ChurchAll Souls Church2 All Souls Place19th century
The Liquor StationThe Liquor Station397A High Road
Tower Bridge Business CentreTower Bridge Business Centre46-48 46-48 East Smithfield
Abbeville PlaceAbbeville Place177 Abbeville Road 2019
Luke HouseLuke House3 Abbey Orchard Street
Prop HouseProp House1 Abbey Road
Abbey AreaAbbey AreaAbbey Road 2016
20 Abbey Road20 Abbey Road20 Abbey Road
D-Link HouseD-Link HouseAbbey Road
Lupin PointLupin PointAbbey Street
Attilburgh HouseAttilburgh House1 Abbey Street
Abbotsbury HouseAbbotsbury HouseAbbotsbury Road
Bellamy's CourtBellamy's CourtAbbotshade Road
Warner HouseWarner HouseAbercorn Place
Verity HouseVerity HouseAbercorn Place
Mulberry MewsMulberry MewsAberdeen LaneAutumn 2013
Poynter HousePoynter HouseAberdeen Place
Crocker's FollyCrocker's Folly24 Aberdeen Place
28 Aberdeen Place28 Aberdeen Place28 Aberdeen Place
Indie BuildingIndie Building26 Aberdour Street 2018
Birley LodgeBirley Lodge63 Acacia Road
St Paul's SquareSt Paul's SquareAckroyd Drive 2017
Acton LaneActon LaneActon Lane 2011
Dukes GateDukes GateActon Lane
Knightsbridge HouseKnightsbridge House229 Acton Lane 2018
Matlock ApartmentsMatlock ApartmentsAda Gardens 2017
BlashfordBlashfordAdelaide Road
DorneyDorneyAdelaide Road
Regency LodgeRegency Lodge NEW!Adelaide Road 1938
The UCL AcademyThe UCL AcademyAdelaide RoadAutumn 2012
TaplowTaplowAdelaide Road
Greenberry HouseGreenberry House78 Adelaide Road 2013
Prospect QuarterProspect QuarterAdenmore RoadSummer 2017
Catford GreenCatford GreenAdenmore Road 2017
Raleigh HouseRaleigh HouseAdmirals Way
Blake HouseBlake HouseAdmirals Way
Cochrane HouseCochrane HouseAdmirals Way
Beatty HouseBeatty HouseAdmirals Way
Agar HouseAgar House12 Agar Street
Charing Cross Police StationCharing Cross Police StationAgar Street 1834
7 Air Street7 Air Street7 Air Street 2015
Oval QuarterOval QuarterAkerman Road 2017
Chester CourtChester CourtAlbany Street
TroutbeckTroutbeckAlbany Street
Meliá White HouseMeliá White HouseAlbany Street
1 Albany Terrace1 Albany Terrace1-3 Albany Terrace
2 Albany Terrace2 Albany Terrace2 Albany Terrace
50 Albemarle Street50 Albemarle Street50 Albemarle Street
7 Albemarle Street7 Albemarle Street7 Albemarle Street 1732
38 Albemarle Street38 Albemarle Street38 Albemarle Street
37 Albemarle Street37 Albemarle Street37 Albemarle Street
13 Albemarle Street13 Albemarle Street13 Albemarle Street
18 Albemarle Street18 Albemarle Street18 Albemarle Street
19 Albemarle Street19 Albemarle Street19 Albemarle Street
Birkett HouseBirkett House27 Albemarle Street 1914
Brown's HotelBrown's Hotel30 Albemarle Street
Royal InstitutionRoyal Institution21 Albemarle Street 1799
23 Albemarle Street23 Albemarle Street23 Albemarle Street 1896
49 Albemarle Street49 Albemarle Street49 Albemarle Street
The MellierThe Mellier25-26 Albemarle Street 2013
Nine Albemarle StreetNine Albemarle Street9 Albemarle Street
3 Albemarle Street3 Albemarle Street3 Albemarle Street
2 Albemarle Street2 Albemarle Street2 Albemarle Street
36 Albemarle Street36 Albemarle Street36 Albemarle Street
Cardinal HouseCardinal House39-40 Albemarle Street
42  Albemarle Street42 Albemarle Street42 Albemarle Street
Albert Bridge HouseAlbert Bridge House127 Albert Bridge Road
Parliament ViewParliament View1 Albert Embankment 2001
The CornicheThe Corniche20-21 Albert Embankment 2017
18 Albert Embankment18 Albert Embankment18 Albert Embankment 2017
10-11 Albert Embankment10-11 Albert Embankment10-11 Albert Embankment 2017
9 Albert Embankment9 Albert Embankment9 Albert Embankment
Merano ResidencesMerano Residences30-34 Albert EmbankmentSummer 2017
Eighty9 Albert EmbankmentEighty9 Albert Embankment87-90 Albert Embankment
SIS BuildingSIS Building85 Albert Embankment 1994
Prince Consort HousePrince Consort House27-29 Albert EmbankmentSee 22-29 Albert Embankment development!
International Maritime OrganizationInternational Maritime Organization4 Albert Embankment
2 Albert Gate2 Albert Gate2 Albert Gate
Queen's Park PlaceQueen's Park Place1-5 Albert Road 2016
Albion GateAlbion GateAlbion Street 1935
24 Albion Street24 Albion Street24 Albion Street
St George's FieldsSt George's FieldsAlbion Street
200 Aldersgate200 Aldersgate200 Aldersgate 2011
Cathedral LodgeCathedral Lodge110-115 Aldersgate StreetJanuary 1995
160 Aldersgate Street160 Aldersgate Street160 Aldersgate Street 2017
One AldgateOne AldgateAldgate High Street
Dorsett City HotelDorsett City Hotel9-13 Aldgate High Street
Aldgate StationAldgate StationAldgate High Street
Aldgate HouseAldgate House33 Aldgate High Street
Clement HouseClement House99 Aldwych 1911
One AldwychOne Aldwych1 Aldwych
Bush HouseBush HouseAldwych 1923
Symons HouseSymons House22 Alie Street
21 Alie Street21 Alie Street21 Alie Street
24 Alie Street24 Alie Street24 Alie Street
26 Alie Street26 Alie Street26 Alie Street
Royal College of Pathologists HQRoyal College of Pathologists HQ6-8 Alie StreetAutumn 2018
The Town ApartmentsThe Town Apartments36 Allcroft Road 2016