DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
8-9 Long Acre8-9 Long Acre
8-9 Long Acre8-9 Long Acre
St Mark's ChurchSt Mark's Church Square
St Paul's Cathedral School 2 New Change
8 Perrins Lane8 Perrins Lane8 Perrins Lane
3 Palace Court3 Palace Court3 Palace Court
16-17 Pall Mall16-17 Pall Mall16-17 Pall Mall 1913
The LancastersThe Lancasters75-89 Lancaster GateAutumn 2011
51 Cadogan Place51 Cadogan Place51 Cadogan Place
Rutland CourtRutland Court64 Upper Berkeley Street
St. George WharfSt. George WharfWandsworth Road
19 South Audley Street19 South Audley Street19 South Audley Street19th century
20 South End20 South End20 South End
Albion GateAlbion GateAlbion Street 1935
The TowerThe Tower1 St George Wharf 2014
Wycombe SquareWycombe SquareAubrey Walk 2004
26 Aubrey Walk26 Aubrey Walk26 Aubrey Walk
30 Aubrey Walk30 Aubrey Walk30 Aubrey Walk
32 Aubrey Walk32 Aubrey Walk32 Aubrey Walk
34 Aubrey Walk34 Aubrey Walk34 Aubrey Walk
36 Aubrey Walk36 Aubrey Walk36 Aubrey Walk
5 Church Row5 Church Row5 Church Row
12 Church Row12 Church Row12 Church Row18th century
9a Church Row9a Church Row9a Church Row18th century
16 Church Row16 Church Row16 Church Row
27 Church Row27 Church Row27 Church Row
2 Perrins Lane2 Perrins Lane2 Perrins Lane
10 Perrins Lane10 Perrins Lane10 Perrins Lane
42 Aubrey Walk42 Aubrey Walk42 Aubrey Walk
18 Church Row18 Church Row18 Church Row18th century
Derwent HouseDerwent House57a Cromwell Road
Wilde HouseWilde House10 Gloucester Terrace
1 Lowndes Square1 Lowndes Square1 Lowndes Square
11 Lowndes Square11 Lowndes Square11 Lowndes Square
16 Egerton Gardens16 Egerton Gardens16 Egerton Gardens
23 Cadogan Square23 Cadogan Square23 Cadogan Square
33 Lowndes Square33 Lowndes Square33 Lowndes Square
41-42 Lowndes Square41-42 Lowndes Square41-42 Lowndes Square
42 Ovington Square42 Ovington Square42 Ovington Square19th century
52 Cadogan Square52 Cadogan Square52 Cadogan Square19th century
60 Cadogan Square60 Cadogan Square60 Cadogan Square
204 Walton Street204 Walton Street204 Walton Street
The Park Tower KnightsbridgeThe Park Tower Knightsbridge101 Knightsbridge
HarrodsHarrods87-135 Brompton Road 1849
1 Craven Hill1 Craven Hill1 Craven Hill
27 Cadogan Place27 Cadogan Place27 Cadogan Place
25 Cadogan Place25 Cadogan Place25 Cadogan Square
50 Cadogan Place50 Cadogan Place50 Cadogan Place19th century
57 Cadogan Place57 Cadogan Place57 Cadogan Place
36 Cadogan Place36 Cadogan Place36 Cadogan Place19th century
39 Cadogan Place39 Cadogan Place39 Cadogan Place19th century
55 Cadogan Place55 Cadogan Place55 Cadogan Place19th century
43 Cadogan Place43 Cadogan Place43 Cadogan Place19th century
Queens CourtQueens CourtQueensway
Morland HouseMorland HouseMarsham Street
2 Upper Brook Street2 Upper Brook Street2 Upper Brook Street
3 Upper Brook Street3 Upper Brook Street3 Upper Brook Street
4 Upper Brook Street4 Upper Brook Street4 Upper Brook Street
5 Upper Brook Street5 Upper Brook Street5 Upper Brook Street
6 Upper Brook Street6 Upper Brook Street6 Upper Brook StreetAugust 2019
7 Upper Brook Street7 Upper Brook Street7 Upper Brook Street
9 Upper Brook Street9 Upper Brook Street9 Upper Brook Street
50 Upper Brook Street50 Upper Brook Street50 Upper Brook Street 1908
6 Greek Street6 Greek Street6 Greek Street
7 Greek Street7 Greek Street7 Greek Street
18 Greek Street18 Greek Street18 Greek Street
51 Upper Brook Street51 Upper Brook Street51 Upper Brook Street
52 Upper Brook Street52 Upper Brook Street52 Upper Brook Street
53 Upper Brook Street53 Upper Brook Street53 Upper Brook Street
7 Grosvenor Square7 Grosvenor Square7 Grosvenor Square
33 Grosvenor Street33 Grosvenor Street33 Grosvenor Street
48 Grosvenor Square48 Grosvenor Square48 Grosvenor Square
35 Grosvenor Street35 Grosvenor Street35 Grosvenor Street
46 Grosvenor Street46 Grosvenor Street46 Grosvenor Street 1910
Citigroup TowerCitigroup Tower25 Canada Square 2001
200 Walton Street200 Walton Street200 Walton Street
22 Arundel Gardens22 Arundel Gardens22 Arundel Gardens
100 Lancaster Gate100 Lancaster Gate100 Lancaster Gate
19 Cottesmore Gardens19 Cottesmore Gardens19 Cottesmore Gardens
Cottesmore CourtCottesmore CourtStanford Road 1936
Winchester CourtWinchester CourtVicarage Gate 1935
Burnham CourtBurnham CourtMoscow Road
Spire HouseSpire HouseLancaster Gate 1983
Powis CourtPowis Court29-30 Powis Square
Octavia HouseOctavia House213 Townmead Road 2012
7 Allsop Place7 Allsop Place7 Allsop Place
Fitzrovia ApartmentsFitzrovia Apartments50 Bolsover Street 2012
10 Weymouth Street10 Weymouth Street10 Weymouth StreetJune 2009
4-8 Maple Street4-8 Maple Street4-8 Maple Street 1999
Bridford Mews HouseBridford Mews House8 Bridford Mews
55 Newman Street55 Newman Street55 Newman Street
64-76 Ironmonger Row64-76 Ironmonger Row64-76 Ironmonger Row 2003
Chelsea ApartmentsChelsea ApartmentsHortensia RoadDecember 2010
Marconi HouseMarconi House336-337 Strand 2012
One Hyde ParkOne Hyde Park68-114 Knightsbridge 2010
Salesforce TowerSalesforce Tower110 BishopsgateMarch 2011
The HeronThe Heron5 Moor LaneSummer 2013
The PeakThe Peak5 Wilton Road 2009
16 St. James's Street16 St. James's Street16 St. James's Street
105 Wigmore Street105 Wigmore Street105 Wigmore Street 2001