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Candy London is an interior design and development management company, recognized internationally as a pioneer of bespoke and innovative design, creating sumptuous homes in some of the world’s most coveted locations, as well as designing yachts, jets, luxury cars and a wide range of commercial environments. All characterized by an unrivalled combination of detailing, dynamic design, cutting-edge technology and the profound exclusivity synonymous with individually tailored projects. Formerly known as Candy Property/Candy & Candy.

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20/02/2014 15:46

Global luxury real estate designer Candy & Candy has announced plans to license its brand name across the world as part of the company’s global business expansion.

Candy & Candy will enter luxury real estate markets in major new cities through brand licensing agreements with strategic developer and hotelier partners to create landmark residential developments and luxury branded residences in new locations such as Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Moscow, St Petersburg, Saudi Arabia and Melbourne.

The move will further strengthen the brand’s position as the leader in luxury residential development and design, now celebrated globally following the remarkable achievement of One Hyde Park; the company’s most high profile design and development management project to date and arguably the most talked about residential development in the world.

The company will continue to design single and multiple unit developments in established areas including London, Paris, Monaco, New York, Los Angeles, Qatar and Dubai where it has a strong track record. However for countries and resorts where language is a barrier and local expertise is imperative, the company will utilise the superior knowledge of local real estate developers whilst ensuring the brand’s signature world-class design, exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship is retained.

“The Candy & Candy brand has long been associated with the world’s most luxurious real estate and after 15 years in design we are now ready to take the brand global and deliver the Candy & Candy standard of luxury living in other major cities around the world,” said Nick Candy, CEO of Candy & Candy. “We will work with carefully selected partners on specific projects from multiple unit developments to resorts and residences, which will deliver on our core values of the best location, quality and design, and most importantly that allow us to ensure product quality and the highest operating standards.

The company is currently undertaking extensive research into specific opportunities and is recruiting a specialist team to identify and secure licensing opportunities for the brand in target markets. Initial discussions are underway with potential partners in New York, San Francisco, Dubai and Shanghai.

Source: Candy & Candy 7. February 2014

27/10/2011 15:00

Candy & Candy – the brand that has become synonymous with the world’s most luxurious interiors – has launched a new book which, for the first time ever, offers a glimpse into the innovative designs, intricate attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship which have defined this globally celebrated brand over the past decade.

‘Candy & Candy: The Art of Design’ demonstrates the depth and breadth of design talent behind Candy & Candy, showcasing over 200 pages of the company’s design projects from sumptuous homes across the world - including the highly acclaimed One Hyde Park development – to private jets, yachts and commercial environments – highlighting the varied and diverse design styles of the Candy & Candy portfolio.

Lighting, furniture and conceptual architecture, through to the finer finishing touches such as embroidery and pattern, also feature throughout, illustrating the ground-breaking originality and limitless design skills of the team.

The book also unveils the meticulous behind-the-scenes design process behind these creations and seeks to clarify why Candy & Candy has been such an influential force in luxury interior design and how it remains at the forefront of the industry.

‘Candy & Candy: The Art of Design’ is available to purchase from priced at £75 + p&p.