Discover nearby existing buildings with Buildington's latest update
The Lea Lift next to Shoreline Folkestone scheme

Discover nearby existing buildings with Buildington's latest update

20/06/2024 by Buildington

Buildington's development profiles now include a section for nearby existing buildings, helping you better understand the neighbourhood. Previously, only new developments nearby were shown.

You can now see the six nearest existing buildings for each new development, listed in order from closest to farthest. This should help you get a better feel of the area.

For example, while the beachside Shoreline in Folkestone is a truly unique project, it is not nearly as powerful on its own as it is thanks to nearby landmarks such as the historic Folkestone Harbour Station and the Banksy on the old high street building nearby. These links show how vibrant and appealing the town is to potential purchasers.

Please note that we are currently checking and updating the coordinates for all buildings. Some locations may still be incorrect. If you notice any incorrect location information, please email us at or use the chat button at the bottom of the screen to talk to us.

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