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Founded in 1960, Sekisui House, Ltd. is, with cumulative sales of over 2 Million homes(*1). Based in Osaka, Sekisui House has over four-hundred sales offices and exhibition houses (*2), over twenty-thousand employees (*3) and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Nagoya Stock Exchange. Sekisui House aims to create homes and communities that improve with time and last for generations. With “Love of Humanity” as its Corporate Philosophy, Sekisui House believes that homes should offer comfort, security and peace of mind for residents, while maintaining harmony with the environment and its surroundings. Sekisui House has sustainability as a core corporate target and is now the global leader in the construction of net-zero-energy homes with more than 44,000 of them built since the product was launched in 2013. In 2009, Sekisui House expanded into several new international markets and now operates in China, Singapore, Australia and the United States. In 2017, Sekisui House acquired Woodside Homes to expand its business into homebuilding in the United States. 2,4025,372 homes delivered: *2 ; 485 sales offices and exhibition houses *3 ; 24,775 employees All above figures as of January 31, 2019

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