Pod lifts on top of The Tulip - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

Pod lifts on top of The Tulip - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

2018 thetulip.com
Birdseye view of The Tulip next to The Gherkin - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

Birdseye view of The Tulip next to The Gherkin - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

2018 thetulip.com
The Tulip - The upper part consists of 12 floors; screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

The Tulip - The upper part consists of 12 floors; screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

2018 thetulip.com
Looking up at The Tulip - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

Looking up at The Tulip - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

2018 thetulip.com
The Tulip - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

The Tulip - screen capture of the 3D film of the proposed development.

2018 thetulip.com
CGI of The Tulip development designed by Foster + Partners.

CGI of The Tulip development designed by Foster + Partners.

November 2018 thetulip.com

The Tulip

Bury Street, London EC3A 5AX

Description of The Tulip

The Tulip is a planned development of a 305.3-metre tall visitor attraction next to The Gherkin on the land adjacent to 20 Bury Street in the City of London EC3.

Subject to the planning approval process, construction on The Tulip could begin in 2020 with completion projected for 2025.

Foster + Partners have been commissioned by Bury Street Properties (Luxembourg) S.A.R.L to design a purpose-built, visitor attraction/viewing gallery, incorporating a state of the art educational facility, that will complement and enhance the Gherkin and give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a curated entertainment experience in a unique setting.

The proposed development consists of the Tulip, the pavilion building and basement levels connecting both. The Tulip base extends above ground with a concrete core, the “stem”, which will extend up surpassing the height of the Gherkin. The upper part of the Tulip’s massing, the “top”, consists of 12 floors.

Floors 1 to 12 of the top include:
- Sky bar;
- Restaurant space;
- A free Education facility;
- Sky bridge / viewing gallery; and
- Plant room / back of house.


Plans for The Tulip were exhibited 6.-8. December 2018 for local residents, businesses and the general public.

2018 November - Planning application submitted for:
Demolition of existing building and structures and construction of a building to a height of 305.3m AOD for a mixed-use visitor attraction, including viewing areas [2,597sq.m GEA], an education facility [567sq.m GEA] (Sui Generis) and restaurant / bar use (Class A3/A4) [1,535sq.m GEA]; together with a retail unit at ground floor (Class A1); a new two-storey pavilion building [1,093sq.m GEA] (Sui Generis) comprising the principal visitor attraction entrance with retail at ground floor level (Class A1 / A3) [11sq.m GEA] and a public roof garden; provision of ancillary cycle parking, servicing and plant and alterations to the public realm. [Total Scheme Area: 17,441sq.m GEA]. Planning Consultant: DP9. Construction Consultant: Skanska. City of London ref. no. 18/01213/FULEIA

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The Tulip Project team has announced that it has submitted a planning appeal against the decision in July 2019 by the Mayor of London to direct refusal of planning permission for the development of The Tulip, which would be sited next to 30 St Mary Axe, also known as The Gherkin.

A Public Inquiry will take place in the middle of 2020, and subsequently the final planning decision will be taken by Central Government.

Jacob J. Safra commented: “We are confident in London’s role as a global city and in the expertise and dynamism of the people of the UK, and are delighted to offer schoolchildren state-of-the-art classrooms in the sky to appreciate London’s history and career opportunities. Our investment in The Tulip offers significant public benefits to residents, workers and visitors, and will generate considerable economic benefits for the country.”

Enhancing public space and unique classrooms in the sky, The Tulip would be a new public, cultural, and tourist attraction, creating a range of public-focused indoor and outdoor spaces in the City of London. At the top of the building, there will be the dynamic and innovative education and community facility, free for use by at least 40,000 of London state school children a year and with interactive classroom space to study subjects in line with the national curriculum. Further public space will be provided by way of viewing areas, a sky bridge, and restaurant and bar. At ground floor level of The Tulip, there will be an array of improvements to the public realm that deliver accessibility for all.

Promoting inclusiveness and vibrancy in the City of London In the heart of the financial district, The Tulip would allow 1.2 million people each year to experience the history and culture of London from a unique setting. It will provide inclusive opportunities for school children, families, community groups, workers and visitors to enjoy education, culture, history, and leisure. The City of London Corporation has been encouraging proposals to enliven the Square Mile by creating a Culture Mile with world-class tourist facilities. The Tulip will support these proposals to transform the City into a 24/7 district by diversifying its night-time and weekend offer to residents and visitors, expanding beyond its workday populations.

Investing in growth across London and UK, The Tulip would deliver economic benefits to the City, Greater London, and the UK, worth £1.6 billion to the whole country. It represents a substantial direct investment in London and is a long-term vote of confidence, reinforcing its position as a leading World City. Over 1,000 new jobs and opportunities will be created directly and as part of a wider ripple across London and the country.New iconic building by world leading architectural practice, The Tulip represents a great architectural statement as anew, world-class and iconic landmark tall building, adding to London’s already globally recognised and much-loved skyline.

31/01/2020 12:39 by Buildington

The Mayor directed the City of London to refuse an application for Land adjacent to 20 Bury Street (The Tulip) on 15 July 2019 (see the report).

Statement from The Tulip team in response to The Mayor of London’s letter on 15 July 2019 announcing his decision regarding planning permission: “The Tulip Project team are disappointed by The Mayor of London’s decision to direct refusal of planning permission, particularly as The Tulip will generate immediate and longer-term socio-economic benefits to London and the UK as a whole. We will now take time to consider potential next steps for The Tulip Project.”

16/07/2019 12:27 by Buildington

City of London Planning and Transportation Committee
has decided to grant planning permission for The Tulip.

The positive decision follows the recommendation of the City planning officer’s report which noted the significant public socio-economic and cultural benefits for the City, London, and the U.K.

The Economic Impact Assessment by Deloitte estimated that The Tulip would offer economic benefits to London of nearly £1 billion in total monetized value by 2045 and 600 additional permanent full-time jobs during 20 years of operations.

According to an independent representative poll of Londoners, conducted by ComRes, two-thirds of London adults (65%) think that The Tulip would be an attractive addition to the
London skyline, while 69% believe that the proposed development would have a positive impact on ‘the City’s attractiveness as a visitor and cultural destination’.

During the planning application process, The Tulip Project team engaged with a significant number of local stakeholders including heritage bodies, schools, businesses and residents in the City and neighbouring boroughs. These discussions, together with the views of the planning officers helped the developer to tailor the proposal to meet their needs and concerns, for example regarding the public realm and the expanded educational facility for free use by 40,000 London state school children per year and by community groups.

The proposal will now be subject to review by the Mayor of London.

03/04/2019 07:58 by Buildington

City of London planning officers’ report recommends the Planning and Transportation Committee resolve to grant planning permission for The Tulip.

"The Tulip provides a new and significant visitor attraction in London, and would help to boost London's tourist offer and economy and would draw people into the City who would not otherwise be drawn to it and thereby benefits the wider UK economy," says the report.

The decision will be made on the 2nd of April 2019.

Find out more at cityoflondon.gov.uk.

27/03/2019 11:55 by Buildington

Extended Public Exhibition dates for The Tulip in 2019.

Following submission of the planning application to the City of London Corporation in November 2018, a public exhibition was held over three days in December 2018. Due to the significant interest in the proposals for The Tulip and all of the benefits that it would bring, the consultant team would welcome the opportunity to share our plans again with residents and businesses interested in the proposal and any feedback you may have.

The plans will be on display at 20 Bury Street, London, EC3A 5AX on the following dates in January and February 2019.

Friday 18th January 12pm-3pm
Saturday 19th January 10am-2pm
Friday 8th February 12pm-3pm
Saturday 9th February 10am-2pm
Friday 22nd February 12pm-3pm
Saturday 23rd February 10am-2pm
Friday 8th March 12pm-3pm
Saturday 9th March 10am-2pm

Members of the consultant team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have on the day.

Visit thetulip.com for more details.

15/01/2019 17:32 by Buildington

Public Exhibition for The Tulip will take place on three days this week.

Opening Times at 20 Bury Street, London, EC3A 5AX:

Thursday 6th December, 2018 14.00 – 20.00
Friday 7th December, 2018 12.00 – 15.00
Saturday 8th December, 2018 10.00 – 13.00

04/12/2018 18:32 by Buildington

A planning application was submitted to the City of London Corporation on 13 November 2018 for The Tulip, a new public cultural attraction which would be sited next to 30 St Mary Axe, also known as The Gherkin.

This project is proposed by J. Safra Group and Foster + Partners, owners and architects respectively of 30 St Mary Axe.

Deriving its name from its nature-inspired form, The Tulip would enhance The Gherkin, one of London’s most cherished and recognisable buildings and offer a new state-of-the-art cultural and educational resource for Londoners and tourists.

Contributing to the City’s Culture Mile Since the turn of the Millennium, London’s skyline has matured with new high-rise buildings that reflect its growth as a global financial hub. In addition, the City of London Corporation has been driving proposals to enliven the Square Mile by creating a Culture Mile with world-class tourist facilities.

The proposal for a unique 305.3-metre-high visitor attraction reflects a desire to build public engagement within the City and enhance The Gherkin’s public offering. The Tulip promises wide cultural and economic benefits with a diverse programme of events.

A classroom in the sky A key feature will be the education facility within the top of The Tulip, offering 20,000 free places per year for London’s state school children. This educational resource, provided by the J. Safra Group, will deliver national curriculum topics using innovative tools to bring to life the city’s history and dynamism, inspiring the creative young minds of tomorrow.

The Tulip seeks to provide an unparalleled vantage point to view London from a height of around 300 metres. The viewing galleries will offer visitors an engaging experience with sky bridges, internal glass slides and gondola pod rides on the building’s façade that will appeal to people across all age
groups. Visitors will benefit from interactive materials and briefings from expert guides about the history of London. Complementing the experience will be a sky bar and restaurants with 360-degree views of the city.

Completed in 2004, 30 St Mary Axe, now popularly known as The Gherkin, made a positive contribution at ground level by breathing life into its surroundings. The Tulip seeks to extend the site’s public realm further. A new pocket park is proposed alongside a two-storey pavilion offering a publicly accessible rooftop garden. Together with green walls this increases the site’s green surface area by 8.5 times, supporting the Mayor’s goal for London to be the world’s first National Park City.

Public access will also be considerably improved with the removal of over half of the existing perimeter walls around The Gherkin.

The Tulip’s soft bud-like form and minimal building footprint reflects its reduced resource use, with high performance glass and optimised building systems reducing its energy consumption. Heating and cooling is provided by zero combustion technology while integrated photovoltaic cells generate energy on site.

The Tulip and The Gherkin will bring life to the City of London at all times of the day and evening, seven days a week. This creates opportunities for a diverse range of businesses to operate out-of office hours, bringing real economic and social benefits for the local community and for London. The Tulip will offer an outstanding venue to host cultural, educational, business and technology events.

Norman Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners commented: “Continuing the pioneering design of 30 St Mary Axe, the Tulip is in the spirit of London as a progressive, forward-thinking city. It offers significant benefits to Londoners and visitors as a cultural and social landmark
with unmatched educational resources for future generations.”

Jacob J. Safra added: “We are delighted to benefit from the exceptional talent of Foster + Partners in bringing to London this world-class visitor attraction. The Tulip’s elegance and soft strength complements the iconic Gherkin. We are confident in London’s role as a global city and are proud to
offer its schoolchildren a state-of-the-art classroom in the sky to appreciate London’s history and dynamism.”

19/11/2018 18:01 by Buildington

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