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King's Cross Station was designed by Lewis Cubitt in 1852. No longer able to meet the needs of modern day travel, Network Rail appointed JMP to prepare and execute a masterplan for redevelopment. The Historic
Team has been central to the process throughout, preparing a Conservation Management Plan at the outset to ensure that all stakeholders understood the building's history, recognised its significance and appreciated its vulnerabilities. The Plan's proposed policies, subsequently adopted by all stakeholders, guided the subsequent redevelopment ensuring that
the significant elements of the station are being conserved and enhanced.

The Historic Team's role has been wide ranging advising on historic building techniques, developing strategies for repair, ensuring effective discharge of all Listed Building Conditions and working closely with specialist artisans to conserve the historic fabric. Our knowledge coupled with our understanding of conservation theory and practice has enabled the project team to develop a strikingly innovative
response to Network Rail's requirements.


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London King's Cross Rail StationFirst-hull-trains, Grand-central, Great-northern, London-north-eastern-railway
King's Cross Station / York Way17, 259, 390, 476, 63, 91, N63, N91




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