Chippenham Gardens

Kilburn NW6

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4-26 Stuart Road, London NW6 5LH


Chippenham Gardens is a residential development in Kilburn, London NW6.

The existing buildings at 5-9 Chippenham Gardens, Kilburn Park Post Office and 4-26 Stuart Road are demolished to make way for the construction of part-four, five and six storey building comprising 52 self contained flats with associated highway works, hard and soft landscaping, cycle and refuse provision and alterations to Chippenham Gardens.

The Planning approved scheme comprises:
- 52 new homes (22 homes for existing secure tenants of South Kilburn for affordable social rent);
- New enhanced Public Square (adopted highway) adjacent to the site;
- Wider landscape and highway improvements (Brent Highways intend to adopt Stuart Road and the pathway from Kilburn Park Road to Chippenham Gardens);
- The scheme is a car-free development;
- CPZ Parking intends to be implemented along Stuart Road.

As part of the South Kilburn Regeneration Decant Strategy some of the existing secure tenants from 1-8 Neville House, 1-64 Winterleys Court, 113-128 Carlton House and 1-71 Blake Court are expected to be rehoused within the new development.

Brent Council's Delivery Partner in this project is Higgins Group Plc, which will partner with Octavia Housing as a housing provider.

2021 November - Expected launch.


2020 October - Higgins starts work on site.

2020 - The demolition of 4-26 Stuart Road and 5-9 Chippenham Gardens was completed in August 2020. The ground on site starts in Autumn/Winter 2020.

Phase 3a - Land North of Chippenham Gardens. The redevelopment site is often referred to as the ‘LNCG’ redevelopment site.

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Affordable Housing


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