The Peel Project CGI on Penoyre & Prasad website; screen capture.

The Peel Project CGI on Penoyre & Prasad website; screen capture.


The Peel Project

Canterbury Road, London NW6 5SW
Mixed use

Description of The Peel Project

The Peel Project development in South Kilburn, London NW6.

The development comprises a new health centre, pharmacy, cafe and retail space, and 184 new homes.

Phase 1 - would require the vacation and demolition of the South Kilburn Studios (2A Canterbury Road), as well as 16-33 Peel Precinct. This would allow the first 38 affordable units to be constructed in Block E, housing all secure tenants currently remaining on the Peel site.
Phase 1: April 2018 – September 2019

Phase 2 - would require 1-7 & 15 Peel Precinct and 8-14 Neville Close to be vacated. Once vacant possession has been secured blocks A, B and C can be constructed. This will contain 64 private sale units, the health centre and the commercial units (Blocks, A, B and C).
Phase 2: September 2019 – July 2021

Phase 3 - would require the demolition of 34-57 Peel Precinct and 97-112 Carlton House. This would allow for the construction of blocks D, F and G (submitted in outline), which will contain up to 120 private sale units and 4 affordable units.


2016 - Planning Application submitted for:
The Hybrid Application for the proposed redevelopment of the Peel site comprising Peel Precinct, 97-112 Carlton House, 8-14 Neville Close, 2 Canterbury Road & Peel site garages:
Full planning application for the demolition of 2A Canterbury Road, 1-7 and 15-33 Peel Precinct and 8-14 Neville Close, and erection of four buildings (A, B, C and E) ranging between four to 16 storeys, plus part basement comprising of 38 replacement affordable homes for existing South Kilburn secure tenants, 64 private sale units (38 x 1-bed, 47 x 2-bed, 13 x 3-bed and 4 x 4-bed units) new health centre (Use Class D1) with flexible first floor space (Classes A1/D1/D2), 3no A-class retail units at ground floor, associated landscaping, highways and public realm improvements (including new public space), private open space, associated car parking, cycle parking and servicing provision.
Outline planning application with reserved matters (around Appearance, Landscaping, and Scale) for the demolition of 97-112 Carlton House, 34-57 Peel Precinct and Peel site garages, and erection of three buildings (D, F and G) ranging in height between up to 4 and up to 8 storeys provide up to 124 residential units comprising of 4 Affordable Housing units, and up to 120 private units, with associated landscaping, private open space, and cycle parking.
London Borough of Brent ref no 16/4174

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The nearest tube, train and bus stations.
Kilburn Park Underground Station
Pentland Road
316, 6

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Planning permission for the mixed-use redevelopment of the Peel Precinct and surrounding area has been determined positively and unanimously by the London Borough of Brent’s Planning Committee.

Across seven new buildings, including a landmark sixteen storey tower, 184 private residential apartments are innovatively layered with a combination of retail, healthcare and affordable homes to absolutely maximise the regeneration of this estate.

Mark Rowe, Partner at Penoyre & Prasad commented: “We are extremely pleased not only to have secured the permission for this ambitious high-density scheme, but to do so with such strong support for the proposals from both officers and the GLA. This has been achieved through a high degree of engagement from day one, working closely with the South Kilburn Regeneration team; building upon the fantastic work they have been doing in the area over recent years including their demonstrable commitment to high quality architecture.”

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