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14-21 Rushworth Street, London SE1 0RB
June 2021
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Southworks at 14-21 Rushworth Street is an office development with Platinum Smart Building Certification in Southwark, London SE1.

The building will offer Grade A space upon completion in 2021.

The 70,000 sq ft office scheme was the first in the UK to achieve the Platinum Smart Building Certification for Core & Shell.

The building's technology-first approach creates a responsive and productive environment that enhances users’ wellbeing.

Features include:
- A single ‘digital backbone’ – created through applied bGrid technology – links a series of sensors to the Internet of Things, which connect, measure and deliver feedback to building users. The sensors are plugged into the HVAC system and lighting controls and measure other environmental variables such as density, occupancy and noise levels. The data is fed into the building management system, optimising the environment and ensuring it becomes completely demand-driven.
- OfficeApp - Occupiers can control heating and lighting to their own preferences and book meeting rooms, creating the optimum working environment.
- Facilitation of more effective communication between building managers and occupiers, with messages and notifications being able to be shared in both directions through the OfficeApp.
- Technology optimised for risk management in the support of longer-term social distancing by monitoring the flow of people throughout the building together with real-time information about indoor and outdoor air quality.

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The world's smartest building
The world's smartest building
Southworks office development has been named the world’s smartest building. The office scheme competed at the 2021 Futureproof Awards (People’s Choice category) with schemes such as EDGE...
01/06/2021 by Buildington


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