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8 Walworth Road, London SE1 6TH


Designed by BFLS (formerly Hamiltons), Strata SE1 is the architectural icon soaring 43 storeys above SE1. There are 4 elevators in the building.

With its three integrated wind turbines, Strata has truly embraced sustainable design and renewable energy.

The building exceeds current UK building regulations on sustainability by 13%, and the turbines are expected to generate up to 8% of the building’s energy needs– an innovation that translates directly into electricity bill savings for every of the 408 apartments.

Such a visible demonstration of environmental design at work is creating a new standard for London’s architecture. It’s all part of the pioneering attitude that sets Strata apart.

It has 408 apartments offering a mixture of stunning studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments all with floor-to-ceiling windows and inspiring views of London.


Including two spectacular penthouses, the Sky Collection offers a perspective over London that has simply never been seen before.

Motion sensitive lights guide you to your door from the high speed lifts, beyond which you’ll find a generously spaced and fully comfort cooled apartment. Of course, the most striking feature of every room is its floor to ceiling windows, bringing an expansive vista of London into the heart of your home.


Strata SE1 is designed for contemporary urban living. It offers well-designed, spacious accommodation in an iconic building in central London. Built to exceptional standards all 408 apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows and extraordinary views.

Contemporary Finishes

Strata’s open plan living makes the most of the light and space afforded by floor to ceiling windows. Yet, full height ventilation panels and the apartments’ integrated ventilation system ensure rooms remain fresh even whilst cooking in the kitchen.

Despite the extraordinary sense of space, the apartments feel warm and luxurious, thanks to a terrific mix of handpicked finishes from hardwood floors and soft wool carpets to bespoke finishes.


The views from a Strata apartment are spectacular and without equal – from all levels. The immense floor to ceiling windows open out onto seemingly endless vistas of London – it’s a vast panorama that’s not for the faint-hearted.

All the sites of London are there on show – look west, for Big Ben and the London Eye and straight ahead for Tate Modern and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Look east, for the high-rises of the City of London and Canary Wharf and finally south, for the historic Crystal Palace.


Strata SE1’s modern entrance hall is the stunning gateway to all apartments. The helpful and friendly team will man the concierge desk twenty four hours a day so there will always be someone on hand
to provide help and advice.

You will be able to view arriving guests at the reception desk on your television via dedicated CCTV,
and then have them sent in the lift specifically and only to your floor.

A unique level of service

We have embraced technology to facilitate a unique level of service and access to information for residents.

Developed exclusively for Strata SE1 the “Inhabit” website provides direct access to property information, links to the concierge, travel updates, building announcements and local news.

Residents services will include dry cleaning, apartment cleaning, ironing, laundry and a lot more – all accessible through the Inhabit website.

Reception area & Concierge

Strata’s generous and contemporary reception area boasts a fully manned concierge desk 24 hours a day. Security is exceptional: you’ll be notified of any visitors and have the chance to view them from your apartment via CCTV before the concierge directs them to your floor.

Laundry, handyman and other services are available direct to residents and tenants. While in the neighbouring retail units, a range of stores and cafés are soon to set up shop.


Gordon & Co, who have 5 offices around London, have made a permanent commitment to the development in order to ensure all Landlords and Tenants receive the best possible attention. Visit: and register.


The ground floor at Strata SE1 accommodates over 8,000 square feet of new retail space. Gordon and Co, the developer’s recommended letting agents, will occupy the space currently now used as the marketing suite and the remaining units are currently being marketed.


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