Eaton Square

Eaton Square

September 2009
Eaton Square

Eaton Square

September 2009

74 Eaton Square

74 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AW

Description of 74 Eaton Square

74 Eaton Square is a residential terraced house in London SW1.

Eaton Square buildings feature unique and iconic style with stucco facades, pillars, balconies, and black railings.

Eaton Square boasts an illustrious history. When King George IV decided to make Buckingham Palace his home, Kings Road, which runs through Eaton Square, connected Buckingham Palace to Hampton court.

The first block was laid out by Thomas Cubitt in 1827 and the houses of Eaton Square became the nearest to the King’s Court.


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Planning permission sought for:

Amalgamate two separate apartments into one. Single family dwelling, accessed from the main front entrance door to no. 74 Eaton Square.

Source: Westminster City Council Weekly Planning List
Ref. no.: 12/06663/LBC
Date received: 03.07.12

24/07/2012 13:56 by Buildington

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