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St Margaret Street, London SW1P 3JX


St Margaret’s was built in the latter part of the 11th century, although we do not have a precise date. From then until the dissolution of the monastery by Henry VIII in 1540, ministry to the ever-growing population of Westminster was undertaken by the monks of the Abbey. This arrangement was the basis for the close relationship between St Margaret's and Westminster Abbey which has existed ever since.

The first church was Romanesque in style and survived until the reign of Edward III (1327-77). Its nave was then replaced with one in the Perpendicular style, the chancel still being in good repair at that time. Towards the end of the 15th century, however, the whole church had fallen into such a state of dilapidation that it needed almost total reconstruction. Robert Stowell started to rebuild the church in 1482. The work continued over many years and the church was consecrated on 9 April 1523. Despite restorations in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, the structure is still substantially the same.

St Margaret's Unique Status
In July 1189, the Abbot and Convent of Westminster received a grant from Pope Clement III which confirmed that St Margaret's Church was outside the jurisdiction of the Bishop of London. In 1222, the Abbey and its property was declared not only to be outside the diocese of London but also exempt from the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

When Elizabeth I re-founded the Abbey as a collegiate church in 1560 she maintained its exemption from episcopal authority and made her new foundation a ‘royal peculiar’, subject to the authority of the Sovereign as Visitor. St Margaret’s church and parish were part of this peculiar jurisdiction until 1840 when they were placed within the diocese of London. By the 1970s the resident population of St Margaret’s parish had dwindled to a few hundred and in 1972 the Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret Westminster Act redefined the church’s status. Its parish was re-allocated to neighbouring parishes while the church and its churchyard were placed once more under the governance of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, with one of the Canons of Westminster serving as Rector of St Margaret’s.


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Westminster Underground StationCircle, District, Jubilee
Parliament Square / Westminster Abbey - 1 min. walking / 23 metres148, 211, 24, N53




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