Front elevation of 46 Fitzroy Street in London W1

Front elevation of 46 Fitzroy Street in London W1


46 Fitzroy Street

46 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5BR
Mixed use

Description of 46 Fitzroy Street

46 Fitzroy Street is a Grade II listed terraced house in Fitzrovia, London W1.

The 4-storey building with a basement was built in the late 18th-century.

Wrought-iron balconies on the first-floor windows.

The nearest tube station is Warren Street.

Listed building ref no NGR: TQ2915582176

1. Historic England

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The nearest tube, train and bus stations.
Warren Street Underground Station
Northern, Victoria
Warren Street Station
134, 24, 29, 390, 73, N20, N253, N279, N29, N5, N73, 18, 205, 27, 30, N205, N27

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