Bureau De Change at 122 Bayswater Road in 2011.

Bureau De Change at 122 Bayswater Road in 2011.


122 Bayswater Road

122 Bayswater Road, London W2 3JH

Description of 122 Bayswater Road

122 Bayswater Road was a mixed-use building in Bayswater, London W2.

2018 - The site is being redeveloped - please see 117-125 Bayswater Road.

The nearest tube station is Queensway.

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122 Bayswater Road building will soon be demolished once the planning permission for 117-125 Bayswater Road development is granted.

For more information please visit Westminster City Council website at westminster.gov.uk/planning ref no 15/10671/FULL.

18/12/2016 19:30 by Buildington

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