138-142 Queensway

138-142 Queensway

29 September 2012
138-142 Queensway in September 2012

138-142 Queensway in September 2012

29 September 2012
138-142 Queensway - Tesco Metro store is closed from 8 July 2012

138-142 Queensway - Tesco Metro store is closed from 8 July 2012

7 July 2012
138-142 Queensway - Tesco Metro store

138-142 Queensway - Tesco Metro store

Match 2012

138-142 Queensway

138-142 Queensway, London W2 6LS

Description of 138-142 Queensway

138-142 Queensway is a commercial building opposite The Whiteley in Bayswater, London W2.

Businesses in the building:
1. Tesco Express opened in 2015
- Tesco Metro store (closed 8 July 2012)

The nearest underground station is Bayswater.

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The nearest tube, train and bus stations.
Bayswater Underground Station
Circle, District

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The shop will be refurbished by Summer 2014. The new development site http://www.buildington.co.uk/new_developments/london_w2/inverness_terrace/id/3556

09/02/2013 20:17 by Buildington

Tesco Metro store at 138-142 Queensway will close tomorrow 8 July 2012 as the site is being re-developed. We were told the store will not reopen here.

07/07/2012 23:23 by Buildington

New planning application submitted for -

Amendments to planning permission dated 29 October 2009 (RN: 09/05653) for part demolition of retail (Class A1) unit (leading to Inverness Terrace), demolition of warehouse structure parallel to Inverness Terrace and erection of four storey mixed use building comprising 20 residential units, retail (Class A1) and basement parking. (Site includes rear of 138-150 Queensway) namely, omission of glaze walkway at third floor level, alterations to the North elevation, internal alterations at basement and ground floor level to incorporate internal substation, minor revisions to Western elevation at ground floor and updating of sliding doors to East elevation.

Source: Westminster City Council weekly planning lists 18.03.2012. Date received: 12.03.2012, ref. no. 12/02744/NMA. For more information go to www.westminster.gov.uk.

28/03/2012 10:43 by Buildington

New in Buildington!

09/03/2012 23:38 by Buildington

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