RSA House on 8 John Adams Street

RSA House on 8 John Adams Street

June 2010

RSA House

8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ
18th century
Robert Adam

Description of RSA House

The House, designed by Robert Adam in the early 1770s, is the historic home of the RSA. A famous centre for Enlightenment thinking, the building has been the intellectual and social home of some of the greatest thinkers and social activists of the past 200 years. Today it is also recognised as one of the most exclusive and sought after locations in London for a wide range of commercial and social events.

The unique, listed building combines Georgian grandeur with high quality contemporary design to provide a flexible space that can cater for a variety of different functions.

Find out more and explore our rooms with our virtual tour of the House. You can use this to search by room capacity for the ideal location for your event.


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Proposal: Refurbishment and restoration of the Great Room, Grand staircase and ground floor rooms of 18 Adam Street, 2 John Adam Street, 4-6 John Adam Street and 8 John Adam Street (RSA House).

Planning Application received by Westminster City Council during week ending 7.08.2011.
Ref. No. : 11/07191/LBC.

If you want to make comments that will be taken into account in determining an application they must be submitted either via the online planning applications database or in writing.

20/08/2011 13:09 by Buildington

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