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KIUTO Home, Office & Building Automation

Introducing the fully integrated home automation system for new-build and existing property by KIUTO. The hardwired solution can decrease utility costs up to 30-40%. In this video you will see a burglar entering a villa in Swiss alps. The homeowner has just left the building, closing all windows and setting an alarm on the house through KIUTO app on his mobile device. As the burglar enters the house, KIUTO sends a trespass alert to the homeowner, who opens the app to look at the video stream sent by survillance cameras at the property. The homeowner switches lights on and off to scare the burglar, who finally reaches the wine cellar, where she finds a Monet painting in the vault. As the burglar is checking the masterpiece, the homeowner locks her in the room through the KIUTO app. Contact KIUTO to find out more: KIUTO