Norfolk House
10/09/2020 by Buildington
New appointment

Skanska has won a contract for the redevelopment of Norfolk House.

The work is set to start in October 2020 and is scheduled to complete by September 2022.

Skanska’s multidisciplinary team will draw on its expertise to install the mechanical, electrical and plumbing fit out services and install a bespoke entrance veil.

Steve Holbrook, Managing Director, Skanska, said: “We are thrilled to be undertaking this project on behalf of our customer. I believe we won this job because of the vast knowledge and experience from our in-house experts that will enable us to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

“Our innovative approach enables us to deliver better and more effective projects for customers and our work on Norfolk House will have this at its heart.

“When finished, this building will provide high-quality, sustainable office space in a prestigious London location.”

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