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 DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Heaton HouseHeaton House216-224 Fulham Road
214 Fulham Road214 Fulham Road214 Fulham Road
212 Fulham Road212 Fulham Road212 Fulham Road
174-176 Fulham Road174-176 Fulham Road174-176 Fulham Road
182-184 Fulham Road182-184 Fulham Road182-184 Fulham Road
158-164 Fulham Road158-164 Fulham Road158-164 Fulham Road
156 Fulham Road156 Fulham Road156 Fulham Road
142-150 Fulham Road142-150 Fulham Road142-150 Fulham Road 1930
140 Fulham Road140 Fulham Road140 Fulham Road
134-136 Fulham Road134-136 Fulham Road134-136 Fulham Road
110-126 Fulham Road110-126 Fulham Road110-126 Fulham Road
92 Fulham Road92 Fulham Road92 Fulham Road
Pelham Court145 Fulham Road
Brockhurst HouseBrockhurst House421 Fulham Road
Chelsea and Westminster HospitalChelsea and Westminster Hospital369 Fulham Road
490-492 Fulham Road490-492 Fulham Road490-492 Fulham Road
25 Furnival Street25 Furnival Street25 Furnival Street
ParksideParksideFurze StreetAutumn 2015
AxioAxioFurze Street 2013
4-6 Ganton Street4-6 Ganton Street4-6 Ganton Street
St James GarlickhytheSt James GarlickhytheGarlick Hill 1717
College Park SchoolCollege Park SchoolGarway Road 2011
4 Garway Road4 Garway Road4 Garway Road
14 Garway Road14 Garway Road14 Garway Road
17-19 Garway Road17-19 Garway Road17-19 Garway Road
12 Garway Road12 Garway Road
18 Garway Road18 Garway Road18 Garway Road
Bramah HouseBramah House9 Gatliff RoadJanuary 2009
Caro PointCaro Point8 Gatliff Road 2011
Hirst CourtHirst Court20 Gatliff Road
Cubitt BuildingCubitt Building10 Gatliff Road
PavilionPavilion15 Gatliff Road
Moore HouseMoore HouseGatliff Road 2011
Gayfere HouseGayfere House22-23 Gayfere Street
The Red HouseThe Red House9 Gaynesford Road 2016
George Lane ApartmentsGeorge Lane Apartments18 George LaneDecember 2017
St James's Roman Catholic ChurchSt James's Roman Catholic Church22 George Street
134 George Street134 George Street134 George Street
Cumberland MansionsCumberland MansionsGeorge Street
Bernard HouseBernard House169 George Street
FursecroftFursecroftGeorge Street
Bryanston CourtBryanston Court133 George Street
117 George Street117 George Street117 George Street
Portman TowersPortman Towers91-113 George StreetJanuary 1967
34 George Street34 George Street34 George Street
Fellows SquareFellows SquareGeron WaySeptember 2018
19 Gerrard Street19 Gerrard Street19 Gerrard Street
42-44 Gerrard Street42-44 Gerrard Street42-44 Gerrard Street
41 Gerrard Street41 Gerrard Street41 Gerrard Street
40 Gerrard Street40 Gerrard Street40 Gerrard Street
39 Gerrard Street39 Gerrard Street39 Gerrard Street
37-38 Gerrard Street37-38 Gerrard Street37-39 Gerrard Street
14 Gerrard Street14 Gerrard Street14 Gerrard Street
23 Gerrard Street23 Gerrard Street23 Gerrard Street
Gerrard MansionsGerrard Mansions21-22 Gerrard Street
Tang HouseTang House3 Gerrard Street
Lock KeepersLock KeepersGillender Street 2014
Wilton PlazaWilton Plaza20 Gillingham Street 2008
Bolton StudiosBolton Studios17 Gilston Road 2016
The TriangleThe Triangle207-209 Gipsy Road 2017
Gordon HouseGordon HouseGlamis Road 1965
Venture HouseVenture House27-29 Glasshouse Street
Quadrant 3Quadrant 3Glasshouse StreetNovember 2011
4-6 Glasshouse Street4-6 Glasshouse Street4-6 Glasshouse Street 1910
36-38 Glasshouse Street36-38 Glasshouse Street36-38 Glasshouse Street
Mazarin HouseMazarin House79 Glengall RoadOctober 2013
GlenbrookGlenbrook85 Glenthorne Road 2016
118-120 Glenthorne Road118-120 Glenthorne Road118-120 Glenthorne Road
Globe2Globe2Globe RoadSummer 2017
36 Gloucester Mews36 Gloucester Mews36 Gloucester Mews
38 Gloucester Mews38 Gloucester Mews38 Gloucester Mews
40 Gloucester Mews40 Gloucester Mews40 Gloucester Mews
42 Gloucester Mews42 Gloucester Mews42 Gloucester Mews
46 Gloucester Mews46 Gloucester Mews46 Gloucester Mews
48 Gloucester Mews48 Gloucester Mews48 Gloucester Mews
50 Gloucester Mews50 Gloucester Mews50 Gloucester Mews
68 Gloucester Mews68 Gloucester Mews68 Gloucester Mews
66 Gloucester Mews66 Gloucester Mews66 Gloucester Mews
13 Gloucester Mews West13 Gloucester Mews West13 Gloucester Mews West
83 Gloucester Mews West83 Gloucester Mews West83 Gloucester Mews West
15 Gloucester Mews West15 Gloucester Mews West15 Gloucester Mews West
95 Gloucester Place95 Gloucester Place
172 Gloucester Place172 Gloucester Place172 Gloucester Place
178 Gloucester Place178 Gloucester Place178 Gloucester Place
176 Gloucester Place176 Gloucester Place176 Gloucester Place
173 Gloucester Place173 Gloucester Place173 Gloucester Place19th century
Dorset HouseDorset HouseGloucester Place 1935
Poland HousePoland House90 Gloucester Place
88 Gloucester Place88 Gloucester Place88 Gloucester Place
84 Gloucester Place84 Gloucester Place84 Gloucester Place
82 Gloucester Place82 Gloucester Place82 Gloucester Place
80 Gloucester Place80 Gloucester Place80 Gloucester Place
Catherine HouseCatherine House76 Gloucester Place
134 Gloucester Place134 Gloucester Place134 Gloucester Place
132 Gloucester Place132 Gloucester Place132 Gloucester Place
Radley HouseRadley HouseGloucester Place
Ivor CourtIvor CourtGloucester Place
67-69 Gloucester Road67-69 Gloucester Road67-69 Gloucester Road
Gloucester Road StationGloucester Road StationGloucester Road
101 Gloucester Road101 Gloucester Road101 Gloucester Road

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