DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
1 Puddle Dock1 Puddle Dock1 Puddle Dock 2016
Cannon GreenCannon Green27 Bush Lane 2016
Totteridge PlaceTotteridge Place1201 Whetstone High Road 2018
Wells Park PlaceWells Park PlaceExeter PlaceAutumn 2017
107-115 Long Acre107-115 Long Acre107-115 Long Acre
132 Long Acre132 Long Acre132 Long Acre
13 Moor Street13 Moor Street13 Moor Street 1738
14-16 Great Pulteney Street14-16 Great Pulteney Street14-16 Great Pulteney Street
17-18 Great Pulteney Street17-18 Great Pulteney Street17-18 Great Pulteney Street
The Green BuildingThe Green Building19-20 Great Pulteney Street
73 Beak Street73 Beak Street73 Beak Street
City of Westminster DwellingsCity of Westminster Dwellings20 Marshall Street 1904
6 Conduit Street6 Conduit Street6 Conduit Street
9 Conduit Street9 Conduit Street9 Conduit Street
10 Conduit Street10 Conduit Street10-11 Conduit StreetApril 2019
11 Conduit Street11 Conduit Street11 Conduit Street
52 Conduit Street52 Conduit Street52 Conduit Street
47 Conduit Street47 Conduit Street47 Conduit Street
46 Conduit Street46 Conduit Street46 Conduit Street
45 Conduit Street45 Conduit Street45 Conduit Street
43 Conduit Street43 Conduit Street43 Conduit Street
42 Conduit Street42 Conduit Street42 Conduit Street
5 Bruton Street5 Bruton Street5 Bruton Street
23 Bruton Street23 Bruton Street23 Bruton Street 1739
128 Mount Street128 Mount Street128 Mount Street 1887
9 Mount Street9 Mount Street9 Mount Street 1893
Lupus HouseLupus House120 Mount Street 1887
127 Mount Street127 Mount Street127 Mount Street 1887
Mayfair HouseMayfair House15 Carlos Place 2017
Hanover FlatsHanover FlatsBinney Street 1892
68 King William Street68 King William Street68 King William Street
St Mary Abchurch HouseSt Mary Abchurch House123-127 Cannon Street
111 Cannon Street111 Cannon Street111 Cannon Street 2018
107 Cannon Street107 Cannon Street107 Cannon Street
14 Gloucester Terrace14 Gloucester Terrace14 Gloucester Terrace
Burleigh HouseBurleigh House356-359 Strand 1832
Strand Palace HotelStrand Palace Hotel372 Strand 1909
161 Gloucester Terrace161 Gloucester Terrace161 Gloucester Terrace
54-58 Wardour Street54-58 Wardour Street 2016
Cumberland HouseCumberland HouseKensington Road
Bickenhall MansionsBickenhall Street
Chatsworth CourtPembroke Road
Walkers CourtWalkers CourtPeter Street 2019
26-27 Medway Street26-27 Medway Street26-27 Medway Street
25 Gordon Street25 Gordon Street25 Gordon Street 1895
Cree HouseCree House18-20 Creechurch Lane
2 Brook Street2 Brook Street2 Brook Street
63 Poland Street63 Poland Street63 Poland Street
56 Queen Anne Street56 Queen Anne Street56 Queen Anne Street
200 York Way200 York Way
117 Mount Street117 Mount Street117 Mount Street 1887
21 Maddox Street21 Maddox Street21 Maddox Street
9 Maddox Street9 Maddox Street9 Maddox Street
10 Foubert's Place10 Foubert's Place10 Foubert's Place
30-31 Great Marlborough Street30-31 Great Marlborough Street30-31 Great Marlborough Street
Emmanuel Evangelical Church9-23 Marsham Street
Sanctuary Buildings16-20 Great Smith Street
32-34 Carnaby Street32-34 Carnaby Street32-34 Carnaby Street
29 Great Marlborough Street29 Great Marlborough Street29 Great Marlborough Street
30-32 Foubert's Place30-32 Foubert's Place30-32 Foubert's Place
10 Newburgh Street10 Newburgh Street10 Newburgh Street
14 Newburgh Street14 Newburgh Street14 Newburgh Street
Newburgh HouseNewburgh House1 Newburgh Street
4-6 Ganton Street4-6 Ganton Street4-6 Ganton Street
Marshall Street Leisure CentreMarshall Street Leisure Centre15 Marshall Street
49 Broadwick Street49 Broadwick Street49 Broadwick Street
41 Broadwick Street41 Broadwick Street41 Broadwick Street
The Watch HouseThe Watch House90-104 Berwick Street 2017
15 Waterloo Place15 Waterloo Place15 Waterloo Place
45 Pall Mall45 Pall Mall45 Pall Mall
1-2 St James's Street1-2 St James's Street1-2 St James's Street
ViridiumViridium264-270 Finchley RoadAutumn 2016
City ReachCity Reach55-57 Tower Bridge RoadAutumn 2017
Broca CourtBroca Court437-439 Brockley RoadNovember 2017
Capital HouseCapital House42-46 Bow Common Lane 2018
16 St James's Street16 St James's Street16 St James's Street 1912
The EdgeThe Edge86-88 Gresham Road 2018
Layden House76-86 Turnmill Street
12 Garway Road12 Garway Road
1-2 Grosvenor Crescent1-2 Grosvenor Crescent
28 St James's Street28 St James's Street28 St James's Street 1775
12 Chester Square12 Chester Square12 Chester Square
Ashcombe HouseAshcombe House23a Eaton Square 1825
1 Eaton Square1 Eaton Square1 Eaton Square
4 Hobart Place4 Hobart Place4 Hobart Place
85 York Road85 York Road85 York Road 1928
Methodist Central HallMethodist Central HallStorey's Gate 1911
4 Cannon Street4 Cannon Street2-4 Cannon Street 2019
Sylvan GroveSylvan Grove8-24 Sylvan GroveMay 2018
12 Cheyne Gardens12 Cheyne Gardens12 Cheyne Gardens
The King’s LibraryThe King’s LibraryHortensia Road 2018
WingWing240-252 Camberwell RoadFebruary 2019
The CharlesThe Charles406-408 Strand 2017
Trinity WalkTrinity WalkWoolwich New Road 2017
49 The Bishops Avenue49 The Bishops Avenue49 The Bishops Avenue
Cherry Tree HillCherry Tree Hill99A Great North Road
Four5TwoFour5Two452 Finchley Road 2017
HydroHydroYeoman Street 2019Help to Buy registered site
EndeavourEndeavourHickman AvenueSeptember 2018
MaritimeMaritimeGreenwich High RoadApril 2019Help to Buy registered site