DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Guild HouseGuild HouseUpper St Martin's Lane
Palace TheatrePalace Theatre109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue 1889
103 Charing Cross Road103 Charing Cross Road103 Charing Cross Road19th century
17 Manette Street17 Manette Street17 Manette Street
10 Soho Street10 Soho Street10 Soho Street
45 Oxford Street45 Oxford Street45 Oxford Street
136 Gloucester Terrace136 Gloucester Terrace136 Gloucester Terrace
4 New Quebec Street4 New Quebec Street4 New Quebec Street
24 New Quebec Street24 New Quebec Street24 New Quebec Street
19 Seymour Street19 Seymour Street19 Seymour Street
12 Portman Street12 Portman Street12 Portman Street
Sphere ApartmentsSphere Apartments23 St Paul's Way 2017
363-365 Clapham Road363-365 Clapham Road363-365 Clapham RoadSummer 2019
Park GrovePark GroveThe Vale 2017
8 Fitzroy Square8 Fitzroy Square8 Fitzroy Square18th century
5 Fitzroy Square5 Fitzroy Square5 Fitzroy Square
7 Fitzroy Square7 Fitzroy Square7 Fitzroy Square18th century
4 Fitzroy Square4 Fitzroy Square4 Fitzroy Square18th century
3 Fitzroy Square3 Fitzroy Square3 Fitzroy Square18th century
25 Queen's Gardens25 Queen's Gardens25 Queen's Gardens
18 Queen's Gardens18 Queen's Gardens18 Queen's Gardens19th century
22 Connaught Square22 Connaught Square22 Connaught Square
155 Gloucester Terrace155 Gloucester Terrace155 Gloucester Terrace
118 Gloucester Terrace118 Gloucester Terrace118 Gloucester Terrace19th century
98 Gloucester Terrace98 Gloucester Terrace98 Gloucester Terrace19th century
116 Gloucester Terrace116 Gloucester Terrace116 Gloucester Terrace
53 Fleet Street53 Fleet Street53 Fleet Street 2017
Ashburnham MewsAshburnham MewsAshburnham Mews 2016
Hoxton PressHoxton PressPenn StreetSummer 2018
172 Haverstock Hill172 Haverstock Hill172 Haverstock Hill
International HouseInternational House223 Regent Street
66-68 Inverness Terrace66-68 Inverness Terrace66-68 Inverness Terrace
Elmington GreenElmington Green12-16 Benhill Road 2018
Dressage CourtDressage Court58-64 Three Colts LaneMay 2017
Washington HouseWashington House40-41 Conduit Street
33 St George Street33 St George Street33 St George Street
31 St George Street31 St George Street31 St George Street
32 St George Street32 St George Street32 St George Street
St George's ChurchSt George's ChurchSt George Street18th century
214-236 Oxford Street214-236 Oxford Street214-236 Oxford Street
121-125 Charing Cross Road121-125 Charing Cross Road121-123 Charing Cross Road
London LaneLondon Lane22-44 London LaneSummer 2018
The FeatherstoneThe Featherstone40 Bunhill RowSummer 2018
7-8 Conduit Street7-8 Conduit Street7-8 Conduit Street
190 Fulham Road190 Fulham Road10 Fulham Road
2 Burwood Place2 Burwood Place2 Burwood Place
4 Duke Street4 Duke Street4 Duke Street
St Martin's WalkSt Martin's WalkVicar's Road 2017
BourneBournePortpool Lane 2017
Long & WatersonLong & Waterson1-11 Long Street 2018
Great Eastern BuildingGreat Eastern BuildingReading Lane 2016
Hoxton NineHoxton Nine99 East Road 2017
Shipwright HouseShipwright House14 Boulcott Street 2016
2 Charles Street2 Charles Street2 Charles Street18th century
1 Charles Street1 Charles Street1 Charles Street
39 Charles Street39 Charles Street39 Charles Street18th century
35 Charles Street35 Charles Street35 Charles Street18th century
39 Hill Street39 Hill Street39 Hill Street
26 Hay's Mews26 Hay's Mews26 Hay's Mews
75 South Audley Street75 South Audley Street75 South Audley Street
2 Audley Square2 Audley Square2 Audley Square 1880
Audley HouseAudley House3 Audley Square 1780
1 South Audley Street1 South Audley Street1 South Audley Street 1879
Chesterfield HouseChesterfield HouseSouth Audley Street
The Household Cavalry MuseumThe Household Cavalry MuseumHorse Guards Parade
Kings HouseKings House81 King William Street
8-9 Queen Street8-9 Queen Street8-9 Queen Street
120 Old Broad Street120 Old Broad Street120 Old Broad Street
55 Old Broad Street55 Old Broad Street55 Old Broad Street
446 Chiswick High Road446 Chiswick High Road446 Chiswick High Road
214 Chiswick High Road214 Chiswick High Road214 Chiswick High Road
192 Chiswick High Road192 Chiswick High Road192 Chiswick High Road
188 Chiswick High Road188 Chiswick High Road188 Chiswick High Road
112 Chiswick High Road112 Chiswick High Road112 Chiswick High Road
118-120 Glenthorne Road118-120 Glenthorne Road118-120 Glenthorne Road
Hammersmith StationHammersmith StationBeadon Road19th century
York HouseYork House12 Berners Street
81 Newman Street81 Newman Street81 Newman Street
77A Charterhouse Street77A Charterhouse Street
68 Heath Street68 Heath Street68 Heath Street
Friends Meeting HouseFriends Meeting House120 Heath StreetJanuary 1907
168 Highgate Road168 Highgate Road168 Highgate Road
Barbican CentreBarbican CentreSilk Street
28 Chancery Lane28 Chancery Lane25-32 Chancery LaneSpring 2017
The RayThe Ray119 Farringdon RoadNovember 2018
Clarence HouseStable Yard Road 1827
Bussey Building133 Rye Lane
13 Kensington Place13 Kensington Place13 Kensington Place
6 Kensington Place6 Kensington Place6 Kensington Place
9 Kensington Place9 Kensington Place9 Kensington Place
23 Kensington Place23 Kensington Place23 Kensington Place 1967
92 Gloucester Terrace92 Gloucester Terrace92 Gloucester Terrace19th century
108 Gloucester Terrace108 Gloucester Terrace108 Gloucester Terrace19th century
106 Gloucester Terrace106 Gloucester Terrace106 Gloucester Terrace19th century
24 Mount Street24 Mount Street
15 Radnor Place15 Radnor Place15 Radnor Place
7-9 Sussex Place7-9 Sussex Place7-9 Sussex Place
10 Sussex Place10 Sussex Place10 Sussex Place
St Mellons HouseSt Mellons House5 Sussex Place
Ergon HouseErgon HouseHorseferry Road