London W1 - Fitzrovia, Marylebone, Mayfair, Soho

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Dominion TheatreDominion Theatre268-269 Tottenham Court Road
Twenty Rathbone PlaceTwenty Rathbone Place19-22 Rathbone Place 2012
Ten Rathbone PlaceTen Rathbone Place10 Rathbone Place
Nine Rathbone PlaceNine Rathbone Place9 Rathbone Place
Seven Rathbone PlaceSeven Rathbone Place7 Rathbone Place
55-59 Oxford Street55-59 Oxford Street55-59 Oxford Street
73-89 Oxford Street73-89 Oxford Street73-89 Oxford StreetApril 2017
The PlazaThe Plaza120 Oxford Street
499-517 Oxford Street499-517 Oxford Street499-517 Oxford Street
527 Oxford Street527 Oxford Street527-533 Oxford Street 2012
Duke Street ApartmentsDuke Street Apartments55-73 Duke Street 2012
175-179 Oxford Street175-179 Oxford Street175-179 Oxford Street
431-451 Oxford Street431-451 Oxford Street431-451 Oxford Street
Berkertex HouseBerkertex House309 Oxford Street
266-270 Oxford Street266-270 Oxford Street266-270 Oxford Street
123 Oxford Street123 Oxford Street123 Oxford Street
415-419 Oxford Street415-419 Oxford Street415-419 Oxford Street
Dolcis HouseDolcis House333 Oxford Street
215-219 Oxford Street215-219 Oxford Street215-219 Oxford Street
The VergeThe Verge315-319 Oxford Street 2012
411 Oxford Street411 Oxford Street411 Oxford Street
353 Oxford Street353 Oxford Street353 Oxford Street
95-96 New Bond Street95-96 New Bond Street95-96 New Bond Street
100 New Bond Street100 New Bond Street100 New Bond Street
147 New Bond Street147 New Bond Street147 New Bond Street
108 New Bond Street108 New Bond Street108 New Bond Street
Time & Life BuildingTime & Life Building1 Bruton Street 1952
122 New Bond Street122 New Bond Street122 New Bond Street
158-159 New Bond Street158-159 New Bond Street158-159 New Bond Street
15a Grafton Street15a Grafton Street15a Grafton Street
180 New Bond Street180 New Bond Street180 New Bond Street 1908
25 Old Bond Street25 Old Bond Street25 Old Bond Street18th century
8 King Street8 King Street8 King Street
The Dorchester HotelThe Dorchester HotelPark Lane 1930
98 Park Lane98 Park Lane98 Park Lane
95 Park Lane95 Park Lane95 Park Lane
53 Warren Street53 Warren Street53 Warren Street
96 Park Lane96 Park Lane96 Park Lane
Stanhope HouseStanhope House46-47 Park Lane 1901
Burlington ArcadeBurlington Arcade51 Piccadilly 1819
St. James's GatewaySt. James's Gateway210-211 PiccadillySummer 2013
The Punch BowlThe Punch Bowl41 Farm Street18th century
Farm HouseFarm House22 Farm Street
One Grafton StreetOne Grafton Street1 Grafton Street 2010
47 Berkeley Square47 Berkeley Square47 Berkeley Square
48 Berkeley Square48 Berkeley Square48 Berkeley Square
46 Berkeley Square46 Berkeley Square46 Berkeley Square18th century
21 South Street21 South Street21 South Street
15 South Street15 South Street15 South Street
25 South Street25 South Street25 South Street
35 Dover Street35 Dover Street35 Dover Street
10 South Street10 South Street10 South Street
27 South Street27 South Street27 South Street
34 South Street34 South Street34 South Street
39 South Street39 South Street39 South Street 1898
50 Berkeley Square50 Berkeley Square50 Berkeley Square 1750
51 Berkeley Square51 Berkeley Square51 Berkeley Square
41 Berkeley Square41 Berkeley Square41 Berkeley Square
20 Berkeley Street20 Berkeley Street20 Berkeley Street
24 Grafton Street24 Grafton Street24 Grafton Street
Hereditable HouseHereditable House28-29 Dover Street
23 Grafton Street23 Grafton Street23 Grafton Street
7 Grafton Street7 Grafton Street7 Grafton Street
32 Dover Street32 Dover Street32 Dover Street
St George's Hanover Square Primary SchoolSt George's Hanover Square Primary SchoolSouth Street 1898
W London Leicester SquareW London Leicester Square10 Wardour Street 2011
36 Dover Street36 Dover Street36 Dover Street
7 Albemarle Street7 Albemarle Street7 Albemarle Street 1732
54 Warren Street54 Warren Street54 Warren Street
39 Great Portland Street39 Great Portland Street39 Great Portland Street
Bryanston MansionsBryanston MansionsYork Street
St Mary's ChurchSt Mary's ChurchWyndham Place19th century
21 Bryanston Square21 Bryanston Square21 Bryanston Square19th century
Wyndham HouseWyndham House24 Bryanston Square
45 Park Lane45 Park Lane45 Park Lane 2011
Brymon CourtBrymon Court31-32 Montagu Square
24 Montagu Square24 Montagu Square24 Montagu Square
1 Bryanston Square1 Bryanston Square1 Bryanston Square
Macready HouseMacready House75 Crawford Street
49 South Street49 South Street49 South Street
20 Farm Street20 Farm Street20 Farm Street
18 Farm Street18 Farm Street18 Farm Street
18A Farm Street18A Farm Street18A Farm Street
The Church Of The Immaculate ConceptionThe Church Of The Immaculate ConceptionFarm Street 1849
10 Farm Street10 Farm Street10 Farm Street
Courtyard HouseCourtyard House27A Courtyard House
27 Farm Street27 Farm Street27 Farm Street
25 Farm Street25 Farm Street25 Farm Street
7 Farm Street7 Farm Street7 Farm Street
4 Farm Street4 Farm Street4 Farm Street
2 Farm Street2 Farm Street2 Farm Street
1 Farm Street1 Farm Street1 Farm Street
5 Hill Street5 Hill Street5 Hill Street 1744
33 Dover Street33 Dover Street33 Dover Street
Ely HouseEly House37 Dover Street 1772
38 Dover Street38 Dover Street38 Dover Street
40 Dover Street40 Dover Street40 Dover Street19th century
Nine Albemarle StreetNine Albemarle Street9 Albemarle Street
3 Albemarle Street3 Albemarle Street3 Albemarle Street
2 Albemarle Street2 Albemarle Street2 Albemarle Street