DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
55 Campden Street55 Campden Street55 Campden Street
60 Holland Park60 Holland Park
58 Holland Park Avenue58 Holland Park Avenue58 Holland Park Avenue
22a Lansdowne Road22a Lansdowne Road22a Lansdowne Road
Laurence CourtLaurence Court36-40 Lansdowne Road
72 Clarendon Road72 Clarendon Road72 Clarendon Road
Crosfield HouseCrosfield HouseMary Place
Garden CourtGarden Court66 Clarendon Road
Grenfell TowerGrenfell TowerGrenfell Road 1974
21-22 Lovat Lane21-22 Lovat Lane 2014
Kensington Leisure CentreKensington Leisure CentreSilchester Road 2015
58 Blenheim Crescent58 Blenheim Crescent58 Blenheim Crescent
96-98 Blenheim Crescent96-98 Blenheim Crescent96-98 Blenheim Crescent
Aldgate PlaceAldgate Place7 Leman Street 2020
Dollar BayDollar BayLawn House Close 2017
All Souls ChurchAll Souls Church2 All Souls Place19th century
William Blake HouseWilliam Blake House8 Marshall Street
67 Westbourne Terrace67 Westbourne Terrace67 Westbourne Terrace19th century
69 Westbourne Terrace69 Westbourne Terrace69 Westbourne Terrace19th century
74 Westbourne Terrace74 Westbourne Terrace74 Westbourne Terrace19th century
25 Hyde Park Place25 Hyde Park Place25 Hyde Park Place
6 Strutton Ground6 Strutton Ground6 Strutton Ground
110 Gloucester Terrace110 Gloucester Terrace110 Gloucester Terrace19th century
The Porter BuildingThe Porter Building126 Spa Road
ValentineValentineLong Lane 2014
Garden HouseGarden House57-59 Long Acre
Ludgate BroadwayLudgate Broadway7 Ludgate Broadway 2013
Vantage PointVantage Point2 Junction Road 2017
St Joseph's GateSt Joseph's GateLawrence Street 2017
Beau HouseBeau House102 Jermyn Street 2016
67 Tufton Street67 Tufton Street67 Tufton Street 2015
146-150 Grosvenor Road146-150 Grosvenor Road146-150 Grosvenor Road 2015
29-30 St James's Street29-30 St James's Street29-30 St James's StreetSpring 2017
Ilan SquareIlan SquareOverlea Road
New Festival QuarterNew Festival Quarter50 Upper North Street 2014
The Bankside CollectionThe Bankside Collection67-69 Southwark RoadAutumn 2018
34-36 Bruton Street34-36 Bruton Street34-36 Bruton Street 2015
Metropolitan WharfMetropolitan Wharf70 Wapping Wharf 2014
Signal BuildingSignal Building89-93 Newington Causeway 2014
Regents GateRegents GateSt Endmund's Terrace 2014
Riverdale HouseRiverdale House68 Molesworth Street 2016
The Sun Quarter120 Askew Road 2014
Southbank CentreSouthbank CentreBelvedere Road
VitaVitaKnapp RoadSeptember 2014
Chelsea Manor CourtChelsea Manor CourtChelsea Manor Street
30 Flood Walk30 Flood WalkChelsea Manor Street
200 King's Road200 King's Road200 King's Road
Swan CourtSwan CourtChelsea Manor Street
1a Chelsea Manor Street1a Chelsea Manor Street1a Chelsea Manor Street
172 King's Road172 King's Road172 King's Road
71 King's Road71 King's Road71 King's Road
Royal Avenue HouseRoyal Avenue House35-47 King's Road
94-96 King's Road94-96 King's Road94-96 King's Road19th century
128 King's Road128 King's Road128 King's Road
44 Old Brompton Road44 Old Brompton Road44 Old Brompton Road
Westwood HouseWestwood HouseMilman's Street 2015
Nine Elms PointNine Elms Point62-64 Wandsworth RoadSummer 2019
129 Queensway129 Queensway129 Queensway
98 Kensington Church Street98 Kensington Church Street98 Kensington Church Street
Great Minster HouseGreat Minster House76 Marsham StreetSummer 2015
Kilburn ParkKilburn ParkCambridge Avenue 2016
42 Westbourne Grove42 Westbourne Grove42 Westbourne Grove
10 Hereford Road10 Hereford Road10 Hereford Road
1 Leinster Square1 Leinster Square1 Leinster Square
Zero LongitudeZero LongitudePrime Meridian Walk 2016
117-119 Houndsditch117-119 Houndsditch117-119 Houndsditch
223 Sussex Gardens223 Sussex Gardens223 Sussex Gardens
Plimsoll BuildingPlimsoll BuildingHandyside StreetAutumn 2015
North West VillageNorth West VillageEngineers Way 2017
45 Millbank45 Millbank45 Millbank 1907
The PanoramicThe Panoramic152 Grosvenor Road 1971
QN7QN7Queensland Road 2014Shared Ownership (part buy part rent)
29-31 Princes Square29-31 Princes Square29-31 Princes Square
46 Langham Street46 Langham Street46 Langham Street
38 Langham Street38 Langham Street38 Langham StreetApril 2019
36 Cleveland Square36 Cleveland Square36 Cleveland Square
Richbourne CourtRichbourne Court9 Harrowby Street
The Halo BuildingThe Halo Building1 Mabledon Place 2016
AmpersandAmpersand180 Wardour Street 2014
50 St Edmund's Terrace50 St Edmund's Terrace50 St Edmund's TerraceApril 2015
Strutton CourtStrutton Court35-45 Strutton Ground
5 St James's Street5 St James's Street5 St James's Street
3 St James's Street3 St James's Street3 St James's Street 1730
7-9 St James's Street7-9 St James's Street7-9 St James's Street
6 St James's Street6 St James's Street6 St James's Street
39 Victoria Street39 Victoria Street39 Victoria Street 2013
Royal WatersideRoyal WatersideCoronation Road 2015
ParksideParksideFurze StreetAutumn 2015
St ClementsSt Clements2a Bow Road 2018
10 St James's Street10 St James's Street10 St James's Street 1832
12 St James's Street12 St James's Street12 St James's Street
3 Savile Row3 Savile Row3 Savile Row
373 Oxford Street373 Oxford Street373 Oxford Street
The ExchangeThe Exchange17 Spa Road
Vicarage Gate HouseVicarage Gate House120 Campden Hill RoadSpring 2015
Kingwood Kingwood 53-56 Hans Place 2017
Heddon HouseHeddon House149-151 Regent Street
55VS55VS55 Victoria Street 2016
Lock KeepersLock KeepersGillender Street 2014
More WestMore WestFreston Road