DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Twenty Rathbone PlaceTwenty Rathbone Place19-22 Rathbone Place 2012
135-149 Shaftesbury Avenue135-149 Shaftesbury Avenue135-149 Shaftesbury Avenue
Langley HouseLangley House116 Long Acre
London Transport MuseumLondon Transport MuseumCovent Garden Piazza
Russell HouseRussell House43 King Street18th century
Rolls BuildingRolls Building110 Fetter Lane 2010
12 New Fetter Lane12 New Fetter Lane12-14 New Fetter Lane 2015
1 Fetter Lane1 Fetter Lane1 Fetter Lane
90 Notting Hill Gate90 Notting Hill Gate90 Notting Hill Gate
114-120 Notting Hill Gate114-120 Notting Hill Gate114-120 Notting Hill Gate
Campden Hill TowersCampden Hill Towers112 Notting Hill Gate
146-154 Notting Hill Gate146-154 Notting Hill Gate146-154 Notting Hill Gate
Ivy LodgeIvy Lodge122 Notting Hill Gate
140 Campden Hill Road140 Campden Hill Road140 Campden Hill Road
25 Campden Hill Gardens25 Campden Hill Gardens25 Campden Hill Gardens
23 Hyde Park Square23 Hyde Park Square23 Hyde Park Square
4 Phillimore Gardens4 Phillimore Gardens4 Phillimore Gardens19th century
Troy CourtTroy CourtKensington High Street
27-33 Earls Court Road27-33 Earls Court Road27-33 Earls Court Road
176 Holland Road176 Holland Road176 Holland Road
St John the Baptist ChurchSt John the Baptist ChurchHolland Road 1910
184 Holland Road184 Holland Road184 Holland Road
Holland Park SchoolHolland Park SchoolCampden Hill RoadAugust 2013
56 Wood Lane56 Wood Lane56 Wood Lane
Network HouseNetwork House1 Ariel Way
114 Uxbridge Road114 Uxbridge Road114 Uxbridge Road
West12West12Shepherd's Bush Green 2012
28 Palace Court28 Palace Court28 Palace Court
24 Palace Court24 Palace Court24 Palace Court
20 Palace Court20 Palace Court20 Palace Court
18 Palace Court18 Palace Court18 Palace Court
Saxon HallSaxon Hall16 Palace Court
Dominion TheatreDominion Theatre268-269 Tottenham Court Road
OrianaOriana18-24 Oxford Street 2017
Pendrell HousePendrell HouseNew Compton Street
Cambridge TheatreCambridge Theatre32-34 Earlham Street 1930
Jebsen HouseJebsen House8 Mercer Street
New Fetter PlaceNew Fetter Place8-10 New Fetter Lane 2014
48 Chancery Lane48 Chancery Lane48 Chancery Lane 2008
288 Bishopsgate288 Bishopsgate288 Bishopsgate 1999
Fountain HouseFountain House1 Lancaster Terrace
13 Bishops Bridge Road13 Bishops Bridge Road121-141 Westbourne Terrace 1840
Brewer's CourtBrewer's Court20 Bishop's Bridge Road
21-27 Sheldon Square21-27 Sheldon Square21-27 Sheldon Square 2003
Hotel Novotel London PaddingtonHotel Novotel London Paddington3 Kingdom Street 2008
One Kingdom StreetOne Kingdom Street1 Kingdom Street 2008
Red LodgeRed Lodge51 Palace Court 2011
Television CentreTelevision CentreWood Lane 2018
139-140 Park Lane139-140 Park Lane139-140 Park Lane
40 Green Street40 Green Street40 Green Street
43 Green Street43 Green Street43 Green Street
25 Green Street25 Green Street25 Green Street19th century
103a Park Street103a Park Street103a Park Street
57 Green Street57 Green Street57 Green Street
North Audley HouseNorth Audley House40 North Audley Street
3-5 Weighhouse Street3-5 Weighhouse Street3-5 Weighhouse Street
73 Brook Street73 Brook Street73 Brook Street 2020
Veneto VillaVeneto VillaOuter Circle
32 Brook Street32 Brook Street32 Brook Street
33 Brook Street33 Brook Street33 Brook Street
25 Brook Street25 Brook Street25 Brook Street18th century
23 Brook Street23 Brook Street23 Brook Street
21 Hanover Square21 Hanover Square21 Hanover Square
Hanover HouseHanover House14 Hanover Square
7-10 Hanover Square7-10 Hanover Square7-10 Hanover Square 2017
Eleven Hanover SquareEleven Hanover Square11-12 Hanover SquareSpring 2017
Lilly HouseLilly House13 Hanover Square
3 Hanover Square3 Hanover Square3 Hanover Square
18 St George Street18 St George Street18 St George Street
16 St George Street16 St George Street16 St George Street 1720
14 St George Street14 St George Street14 St George Street 2011
LVMH HouseLVMH House15 St George Street
203-221 Regent Street203-221 Regent Street203-221 Regent Street 1924
5-6 Argyll Street5-6 Argyll Street5-6 Argyll Street
19-21 Great Marlborough Street19-21 Great Marlborough Street19-21 Great Marlborough Street
22 Great Marlborough Street22 Great Marlborough Street22 Great Marlborough Street
Ham Yard HotelHam Yard Hotel33 Great Windmill StreetMay 2014
The BorderlineThe Borderline16 Manette Street 2010
130 Shaftesbury Avenue130 Shaftesbury Avenue130 Shaftesbury Avenue 2011
Lanchester CourtLanchester CourtSeymour Street
28-30 Seymour Street28-30 Seymour Street28-30 Seymour Street
26 Seymour Street26 Seymour Street26 Seymour Street 2011
30 Portman Square30 Portman Square30 Portman Square
9-11 Duke Street9-11 Duke Street9-11 Duke Street 2012
95 Wigmore Street95 Wigmore Street95 Wigmore StreetJuly 2013
City of London SchoolCity of London School107 Queen Victoria Street19th century
OXO TowerOXO TowerBarge House Street 1929
Two Temple PlaceTwo Temple Place2 Temple Place19th century
Globe HouseGlobe House4 Temple Place
Australia HouseAustralia HouseStrand 1918
John LewisJohn Lewis300 Oxford Street
8 Queen Anne Street8 Queen Anne Street8 Queen Anne Street 1915
2 Mansfield Street2 Mansfield Street2 Mansfield Street 1927
58 Queen Anne Street58 Queen Anne Street58 Queen Anne Street 1760
Ambika HouseAmbika House9-11 Portland Place
12 Queen Anne Street12 Queen Anne Street12 Queen Anne Street
34 Montagu Square34 Montagu Square34 Montagu Square19th century
Oxford & Cambridge MansionsOxford & Cambridge MansionsOld Marylebone Road19th century
Paddington StationPaddington StationPraed Street19th century
38 Connaught Square38 Connaught Square38 Connaught Square19th century