DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Mina House HotelMina House Hotel21-23 Craven Road
Campden HouseCampden House29 Sheffield Terrace
36 Aubrey Walk36 Aubrey Walk36 Aubrey Walk
The Albert PubThe Albert Pub52 Victoria Street19th century
27 Craven Road27 Craven Road27 Craven Road
51 Hornton Street51 Hornton Street51 Hornton Street
Clifton CourtClifton CourtNorthwick Terrace
5 Church Row5 Church Row5 Church Row
Channel 4 HQChannel 4 HQ124 Horseferry Road 1994
36 Gloucester Mews36 Gloucester Mews36 Gloucester Mews
49 Sheffield Terrace49 Sheffield Terrace49 Sheffield Terrace
Cunningham CourtCunningham CourtMaida Vale
12 Church Row12 Church Row12 Church Row18th century
90 Gloucester Terrace90 Gloucester Terrace90 Gloucester Terrace19th century
38 Gloucester Mews38 Gloucester Mews38 Gloucester Mews
12 Observatory Gardens12 Observatory Gardens12 Observatory Gardens
Aberdeen CourtAberdeen CourtMaida Vale
9a Church Row9a Church Row9a Church Row18th century
Horseferry HouseHorseferry HouseHorseferry Road 1930
40 Gloucester Mews40 Gloucester Mews40 Gloucester Mews
10 Observatory Gardens10 Observatory Gardens10 Observatory Gardens
4 Maida Vale4 Maida Vale4 Maida Vale
16 Church Row16 Church Row16 Church Row
45 Green Street45 Green Street45 Green Street
42 Gloucester Mews42 Gloucester Mews42 Gloucester Mews
9 Observatory Gardens9 Observatory Gardens9 Observatory Gardens
Venice LodgeVenice Lodge53-55 Maida Vale
27 Church Row27 Church Row27 Church Row
47 Green Street47 Green Street
46 Gloucester Mews46 Gloucester Mews46 Gloucester Mews
8 Observatory Gardens8 Observatory Gardens8 Observatory Gardens
Rodney CourtRodney Court6-8 Maida Vale 1915
2 Perrins Lane2 Perrins Lane2 Perrins Lane
46 Green Street46 Green Street46 Green Street
48 Gloucester Mews48 Gloucester Mews48 Gloucester Mews
6 Observatory Gardens6 Observatory Gardens6 Observatory Gardens
Mackenzie LodgeMackenzie Lodge57-59 Maida Vale
10 Perrins Lane10 Perrins Lane10 Perrins Lane
106-116 Park Street106-116 Park Street106-116 Park Street
50 Gloucester Mews50 Gloucester Mews50 Gloucester Mews
Campden Hill CourtCampden Hill CourtCampden Hill Road19th century
Alexandra CourtAlexandra Court63 Maida Vale
42 Aubrey Walk42 Aubrey Walk42 Aubrey Walk
13a North Audley Street13a North Audley Street13a South Audley Street
68 Gloucester Mews68 Gloucester Mews68 Gloucester Mews
Plane Tree HousePlane Tree HouseDuchess Of Bedfords Walk
Clive CourtClive CourtMaida Vale
18 Church Row18 Church Row18 Church Row18th century
10 Green Street10 Green Street10 Green Street
66 Gloucester Mews66 Gloucester Mews66 Gloucester Mews
Duchess of Bedford HouseDuchess of Bedford HouseDuchess Of Bedfords Walk
Ada CourtAda Court10-16 Maida Vale
Derwent HouseDerwent House57a Cromwell Road
51 Green Street51 Green Street51 Green Street
90 Chilworth Street90 Chilworth Street90 Chilworth Street
Kensington and Chelsea Town HallKensington and Chelsea Town HallHorton Street 1977
Florence CourtFlorence CourtMaida Vale
3-6 Hyde Park Crescent3-6 Hyde Park Crescent3-6 Hyde Park Crescent
Chilworth CourtChilworth Court125-129 Gloucester Terrace19th century
15 Gordon Place15 Gordon Place15 Gordon%Place
Cropthorne CourtCropthorne Court20-28 Maida ValeJanuary 1937
1 Lowndes Square1 Lowndes Square1 Lowndes Square
9-10 Hyde Park Crescent9-10 Hyde Park Crescent9-10 Hyde Park Crescent
131 Gloucester Terrace131 Gloucester Terrace131 Gloucester Terrace
8 Gordon Place8 Gordon Place8 Gordon%Place
Sandringham CourtSandringham CourtMaida Vale
11 Lowndes Square11 Lowndes Square11 Lowndes Square
2 Hyde Park Square2 Hyde Park Square2 Hyde Park Square 2012
135 Gloucester Terrace135 Gloucester Terrace135 Gloucester Terrace
12 Gordon Place12 Gordon Place12 Gordon%Place
Vale CourtVale CourtMaida Vale
30 Hyde Park Street30 Hyde Park Street30 Hyde Park Street
137-139 Gloucester Terrace137-139 Gloucester Terrace137-139 Gloucester Terrace19th century
9 Gordon Place9 Gordon Place9 Gordon Place
18 Hall Road18 Hall Road18 Hall Road
16 Egerton Gardens16 Egerton Gardens16 Egerton Gardens
24 Albion Street24 Albion Street24 Albion Street
271 Camden High Street271 Camden High Street271 Camden High Street
Vicarage HouseVicarage House58-60 Kensington Church Street
YooYoo17 Hall Road
23 Cadogan Square23 Cadogan Square23 Cadogan Square
St George's FieldsSt George's FieldsAlbion Street
Camden Lock Market HallCamden Lock Market Hall201 Camden High Street
8 Vicarage Gate8 Vicarage Gate8 Vicarage Gate
70 Hamilton Terrace70 Hamilton Terrace70 Hamilton Terrace
33 Lowndes Square33 Lowndes Square33 Lowndes Square
14 Connaught Square14 Connaught Square14 Connaught Square19th century
210 Camden High Street210 Camden High Street210 Camden High Street
10 Vicarage Gate10 Vicarage Gate10 Vicarage Gate
74 Hamilton Terrace74 Hamilton Terrace74 Hamilton Terrace
41-42 Lowndes Square41-42 Lowndes Square41-42 Lowndes Square
Dudley CourtDudley Court36 Upper Berkeley Street
Prince Edward TheatrePrince Edward Theatre28 Old Compton Street
2 Palace Gardens Terrace2 Palace Gardens Terrace2 Palace Gardens Terrace
73 Hamilton Terrace73 Hamilton Terrace73 Hamilton Terrace
42 Ovington Square42 Ovington Square42 Ovington Square19th century
Connaught CourtConnaught CourtConnaught Street
Burlington HouseBurlington House8-11 Burlington Arcade18th century
10 Palace Gardens Terrace10 Palace Gardens Terrace10 Palace Gardens Terrace
76 Hamilton Terrace76 Hamilton Terrace76 Hamilton Terrace