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 London WC2 - Aldwych, Charing Cross, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, St. Giles

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
30-31 Long Acre30-31 Long Acre30-31 Long Acre 1880
32-33 Long Acre32-33 Long Acre32-33 Long Acre
34 Long Acre34 Long Acre34 Long Acre
St Clement DanesSt Clement DanesStrand 1688
Sandringham BuildingsSandringham BuildingsCharing Cross Road 1884
Lexicon HouseLexicon House82 Charing Cross Road
Basset ChambersBasset ChambersBedfordbury 1882
10-11 King Street10-11 King Street10-11 King Street
12-13 King Street12-13 King Street12-13 King Street
37 King Street37 King Street37 King Street
38 King Street38 King Street38 King Street
4 Henrietta Street4 Henrietta Street4 Henrietta Street
The PiazzaThe PiazzaCovent Garden
11-12 Russell Street11-12 Russell Street11-12 Russell Street
27 James Street27 James Street27 James Street
1 Cambridge Circus1 Cambridge Circus1 Cambridge Circus 1889
Charing Cross Underground StationCharing Cross Underground StationThe Strand 1864
59 St Martin's Lane59 St Martin's Lane59 St Martin's Lane 1894
54 St Martin's Lane54 St Martin's Lane54 St Martin's Lane
Friends Meeting HouseFriends Meeting House52 St Martin's Lane
25 Craven Street25 Craven Street25 Craven Street
Aria HouseAria House5-15 Newton Street
Nuffield BuildingNuffield Building35-37 Lincoln's Inn Fields
57 Carey Street57 Carey Street57 Carey Street
95 Chancery Lane95 Chancery Lane95 Chancery Lane 1865
Academy CourtAcademy Court93-94 Chancery Lane
Shell Mex HouseShell Mex House80 Strand
Agar HouseAgar House12 Agar Street
10 Northumberland Street10 Northumberland Street10 Northumberland Street
65 Chandos Place65 Chandos Place65 Chandos Place
39-40 Bedford Street39-40 Bedford Street39-40 Bedford Street
26 Wellington Street26 Wellington Street26 Wellington Street
6 Catherine Street6 Catherine Street6 Catherine Street 1905
Theatre Royal Drury LaneTheatre Royal Drury LaneCatherine Street
One AldwychOne Aldwych1 Aldwych
150 Strand150 Strand150 Strand
The Stables40 Earlham Street
30 Monmouth Street30 Monmouth Street30 Monmouth Street
20 Mercer Street20 Mercer Street20 Mercer Street
Uganda HouseUganda House58-59 Spring Gardens
Trafalgar Buildings1 Northumberland Avenue
Grand Buildings Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand
77 Endell Street77 Endell Street77 Endell Street
Endeavour HouseEndeavour House189 Shaftesbury Avenue
Soho Baptist ChapelSoho Baptist Chapel166 Shaftesbury Avenue 1887
Earlham HouseEarlham House35 Mercer Street
National Portrait GalleryNational Portrait GallerySt. Martin's Place 1895
16 Endell Street16 Endell Street16 Endell Street
18 Endell Street18 Endell Street18 Endell Street
27-29 Endell Street27-29 Endell Street27-29 Endell Street
22 Endell Street22 Endell Street22 Endell Street 1859
53 Endell Street53 Endell Street53 Endell Street
Dudley CourtDudley Court36 Endell Street
193-197 Shaftesbury Avenue193-197 Shaftesbury Avenue193-197 Shaftesbury Avenue
167-177 Shaftesbury Avenue167-177 Shaftesbury Avenue167-177 Shaftesbury Avenue
Shaftesbury HouseShaftesbury House151 Shaftesbury Avenue
17-19 Shelton Street17-19 Shelton Street17-19 Shelton Street
North BuildingNorth Building3-4 Mercer Walk
1 Mercer Street1 Mercer Street1 Mercer Street
4 Mercer Street4 Mercer Street4 Mercer Street
Maidstone HouseMaidstone House3 Mercer Street
Tonbridge HouseTonbridge House5 Mercer Street
124 Long Acre124 Long Acre124 Long Acre
Meridian HouseMeridian House3 Upper St Martin's Lane
Wyndham's TheatreWyndham's TheatreCharing Cross Road
Faraday HouseFaraday House18 Charing Cross Road
Alhambra HouseAlhambra House27-31 Charing Cross Road
Garrick MansionsGarrick Mansions12 Charing Cross Road
8-10 Charing Cross Road8-10 Charing Cross Road8-10 Charing Cross Road 1890
17 Charing Cross Road17 Charing Cross Road17 Charing Cross Road
Charing Cross LibraryCharing Cross Library4-6 Charing Cross Road
13 Charing Cross Road13 Charing Cross Road13 Charing Cross Road
29-30 Leicester Square29-30 Leicester Square29-30 Leicester Square
1 Charing Cross Road1 Charing Cross Road1 Charing Cross Road
Clareville HouseClareville House47 Whitcomb Street
Betterton HouseBetterton HouseBetterton Street
33-35 Endell Street33-35 Endell Street33-35 Endell Street
39 Endell Street39 Endell Street39 Endell Street
47 Endell Street47 Endell Street45-49 Endell Street
Nottingham CourtNottingham CourtShorts Gardens
59 Endell Street59 Endell Street59 Endell Street
Latchfords YardLatchfords Yard61 Endell Street
Gillian Lynne TheatreGillian Lynne Theatre166 Drury Lane
26-29 Drury Lane26-29 Drury Lane26-29 Drury Lane
65 Kingsway65 Kingsway65 Kingsway
22 Chancery Lane22 Chancery Lane22 Chancery Lane
Arundel HouseArundel HouseArundel Street
7 Upper St Martin's Lane7 Upper St Martin's Lane7 Upper St Martin's Lane
219-229 Shaftesbury Avenue219-229 Shaftesbury Avenue219-229 Shaftesbury Avenue
Hend HouseHend House233 Shaftesbury Avenue
1 Chancery Lane1 Chancery Lane1 Chancery Lane
11 Long Acre 11 Long Acre 11 Long Acre
222 Strand222 Strand222 Strand
Aldwych Underground StationAldwych Underground StationSurrey Street 1907
22 Denmark Street22 Denmark Street22 Denmark Street
23 Denmark Street23 Denmark Street23 Denmark Street
4 Denmark Street4 Denmark Street4 Denmark Street
5 Denmark Street5 Denmark Street5 Denmark Street
8 Denmark Street8 Denmark Street8 Denmark Street
10 Denmark Street10 Denmark Street10 Denmark Street

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