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 DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
59 Endell Street59 Endell Street NEW!59 Endell Street
Nottingham CourtNottingham Court NEW!Shorts Gardens
47 Endell Street47 Endell Street NEW!45-49 Endell Street
39 Endell Street39 Endell Street NEW!39 Endell Street
33-35 Endell Street33-35 Endell Street NEW!33-35 Endell Street
Betterton HouseBetterton House NEW!Betterton Street
12-20 Osborn Street12-20 Osborn Street NEW!12-20 Osborn Street 2019
Brewer Street Car ParkBrewer Street Car Park NEW!32 Brewer Street
84-86 Duke Street84-86 Duke Street NEW!84-86 Duke Street
39-44 Grosvenor Square39-44 Grosvenor Square NEW!39-44 Grosvenor Square
36-38 Glasshouse Street36-38 Glasshouse Street NEW!36-38 Glasshouse Street
5-6 Sherwood Street5-6 Sherwood Street NEW!5-6 Sherwood Street
4-6 Glasshouse Street4-6 Glasshouse Street NEW!4-6 Glasshouse Street 1910
The Criterion TheatreThe Criterion Theatre NEW!218-223 Piccadilly 1874
21-22 Coventry Street21-22 Coventry Street NEW!21-22 Coventry Street
Criterion BuildingCriterion Building NEW!225-229 Piccadilly London
Clareville HouseClareville House NEW!47 Whitcomb Street
1 Charing Cross Road1 Charing Cross Road NEW!1 Charing Cross Road
29-30 Leicester Square29-30 Leicester Square NEW!29-30 Leicester Square
13 Charing Cross Road13 Charing Cross Road NEW!13 Charing Cross Road
Charing Cross LibraryCharing Cross Library NEW!4-6 Charing Cross Road
17 Charing Cross Road17 Charing Cross Road NEW!17 Charing Cross Road
8-10 Charing Cross Road8-10 Charing Cross Road NEW!8-10 Charing Cross Road 1890
Garrick MansionsGarrick Mansions NEW!12 Charing Cross Road
Alhambra HouseAlhambra House NEW!27-31 Charing Cross Road
Faraday HouseFaraday House NEW!18 Charing Cross Road
Wyndham's TheatreWyndham's Theatre NEW!Charing Cross Road
Meridian HouseMeridian House NEW!3 Upper St Martin's Lane
124 Long Acre124 Long Acre NEW!124 Long Acre
Tonbridge HouseTonbridge House NEW!5 Mercer Street
Maidstone HouseMaidstone House NEW!3 Mercer Street
4 Mercer Street4 Mercer Street NEW!4 Mercer Street
1 Mercer Street1 Mercer Street NEW!1 Mercer Street
North BuildingNorth Building NEW!3-4 Mercer Walk
17-19 Shelton Street17-19 Shelton Street NEW!17-19 Shelton Street
Shaftesbury HouseShaftesbury House NEW!151 Shaftesbury Avenue
167-177 Shaftesbury Avenue167-177 Shaftesbury Avenue NEW!167-177 Shaftesbury Avenue
193-197 Shaftesbury Avenue193-197 Shaftesbury Avenue NEW!193-197 Shaftesbury Avenue
10 Drury Lane10 Drury Lane NEW!10 Drury Lane
Berkshire HouseBerkshire House NEW!168-173 High Holborn
Dudley CourtDudley Court NEW!36 Endell Street
53 Endell Street53 Endell Street NEW!53 Endell Street
22 Endell Street22 Endell Street NEW!22 Endell Street 1859
27-29 Endell Street27-29 Endell Street NEW!27-29 Endell Street
18 Endell Street18 Endell Street NEW!18 Endell Street
16 Endell Street16 Endell Street NEW!16 Endell Street
490 King's Road490 King's Road NEW!490 King's Road
90 Dean Street90 Dean Street NEW!90 Dean Street
26-29 Dean Street26-29 Dean Street NEW!26-29 Dean Street
77 Dean Street77 Dean Street NEW!77 Dean Street
Dean Street TownhouseDean Street Townhouse NEW!69-71 Dean Street
30 Dean Street30 Dean Street NEW!30 Dean Street
New Gallery HouseNew Gallery House NEW!6 Vigo Street
19-20 Cork Street19-20 Cork Street NEW!19-20 Cork Street
21 Cork Street21 Cork Street NEW!21 Cork Street
Pollen HousePollen House NEW!10-12 Cork Street
Chauser HouseChauser House NEW!13-14 Cork Street
8 Cork Street8 Cork Street NEW!8 Cork Street
7 Cork Street7 Cork Street NEW!7 Cork Street 2017
Clarebell HouseClarebell House NEW!5-6 Cork Street
13-14 Mount Street13-14 Mount Street NEW!13-14 Mount Street
Mayfair BuildingMayfair Building NEW!29-31 Farm Street
50 Bank Street50 Bank Street NEW!50 Bank Street
40 Bank Street40 Bank Street NEW!40 Bank Street
Chiswick TowerChiswick Tower NEW!389 Chiswick High Road
25 Bank Street25 Bank Street NEW!25 Bank Street 2003
20 Bank Street20 Bank Street NEW!20 Bank Street 2003
The CabotThe Cabot NEW!25 Cabot Square 1991
20 Cabot Square20 Cabot Square NEW!10 South Colonnade
10 Upper Bank Street10 Upper Bank Street NEW!10 Upper Bank Street 2003
Citigroup Centre33 Canada Square
30 South Colonnade30 South Colonnade30 South Colonnade 1991
Walbrook BuildingsWalbrook Buildings195 Marsh Wall
54 Queensway54 Queensway54 Queensway
280 Bishopsgate280 Bishopsgate280 Bishopsgate
103 Kensington Church Street103 Kensington Church Street103 Kensington Church Street
12 Stephenson Way12 Stephenson Way12 Stephenson Way
Friends HouseFriends House173-177 Euston Road
Mary Ward HouseMary Ward House5-7 Tavistock Place
SelseySelseyTavistock Place
StorringtonStorrington2 Regent Square
RodmellRodmellHarrison Street
Willings HouseWillings House356-364 Grays Inn Road
278 Pentonville Road278 Pentonville Road278 Pentonville Road
Focus PointFocus Point21 Caledonian Road
Wharfdale HouseWharfdale House4 Crinan Street
Lighterman HouseLighterman House26-36 Wharfdale Road
156-170 Regent Street156-170 Regent Street156-170 Regent Street
Chesham House132-154 Regent Street
Brittany PointBrittany Point11 Lollard Street
49-50 Beak Street49-50 Beak Street49-50 Beak Street
2 Marshall Street2 Marshall Street2 Marshall Street
Marshall House Marshall House 49 Marshall Street
39 Broadwick Street39 Broadwick Street39 Broadwick Street
Broadwick HouseBroadwick House13-17 Broadwick Street 2002
26-28 Broadwick Street26-28 Broadwick Street26-28 Broadwick Street
24 Berwick Street24 Berwick Street24 Berwick Street
Namara HouseNamara House45-46 Poland Street
11 Slingsby Place11 Slingsby Place11 Slingsby Place
20 Warwick Square20 Warwick Square20 Warwick Square

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