Landscape Architect


Top Landscape Architects in London today

List of companies working with developers from the early planning stages to create beautiful courtyards,
roof terraces, parks and gardens in and around the new buildings.
Live ranking along with the most popular project on Buildington.
 NameContactPropertiesTOP Property Today
1Farrer Huxley Associates5Maydew House
2Camlins6Wardian London
3Gustafson Porter + Bowman6Chelsea Barracks
4Spacehub12The Residences Mandarin Oriental
5Exterior Architecture11One Waterloo
6Gillespies17Cherry Park
7Robert Myers Associates1The Bailey
8Andy Sturgeon12Berger House
9BBUK5Acton Gardens
10MRG Studio2New City Court
11Murdoch Wickham7Woodberry Down
12Townshend Landscape Architects12The Corniche
13Randle Siddeley2Vista
14West 8122 Bishopsgate
15Grant Associates4North Island
16Bradley-Hole Schoenaich2Eighty Holland Park
17Barton Wilmore3Stratford Mill
18Churchman Thornhill Finch2Canaletto
19J & L Gibbons1Waterhouse Building - Natural History Museum
20Nigel Cowlin1Bagel Factory
21Macfarlane + Assocs2127 West Ealing
22Tom Stuart-Smith2Luma King's Cross
23Todd Longstaffe Gowan2Kensington Palace
25LDA Design7The Robinson
26Turkington Martin2The Villas
27HED2Quick & Tower House
28Lloyd Bore1Venice Court
29Planit IE2Town Quay Wharf
30Henshall Green148 Inglis Road
31Dan Pearson Studio3Arthouse
32Cameron120 Park Street
33Landscape Collective1Cavendish Square
34Robert Bray Associates