Barratt set to acquire Redrow in a £2.5bn deal

Barratt set to acquire Redrow in a £2.5bn deal

08/02/2024 by Redrow

Barratt Developments PLC and Redrow PLC have announced an agreement for Barratt to acquire Redrow.

The merged entity named Barratt Redrow plc is expected to become a leading UK housebuilder, capitalising on both companies' strengths, including their reputations for quality, service, and sustainability.

+ See Barratt London's developments on Buildington

+ See Redrow's London developments on Buildington

The combined group expects to be able to increase volumes through a three-brand strategy (Barratt Homes, David Wilson Homes and Redrow), with the potential to accelerate the delivery of homes from the combined and...

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