All about Buildington's New Development Progress Updates

All about Buildington's New Development Progress Updates

02/04/2024 by Buildington

What is Buildington’s New Development Progress Update?

Buildington’s New Development Progress Update is a service designed to keep you informed about upcoming and ongoing projects. The update includes photos and any publicly available information on the site.

What types of developments do you cover?

We cover all types of residential and commercial projects in London, England, regardless of their phase of development.

See our current list of new developments in London.

How often do you provide updates on the developments?

The frequency of updates depends mostly on the number of subscribers and the requests we receive. We aim to cover all new developments at least once every six months.

Can I request an update?

Yes, all Buildington Pro users can request one progress development update per month (additional updates available upon request). This service is beneficial not only for developers or selling agents seeking more exposure but also for homebuyers abroad who wish to track their investments.

You can request an update here.

How long does it take to get an update?

It will take three full working days from receiving the request.

Can I provide an update myself?

If you're part of the team working on the site, you can provide an update for the development yourself. However, you'll need a Buildington Pro account to do so.

Where can I view the update?

The update is published on the respective development profile.

Can I receive updates via email?

Yes, you can subscribe to a specific development to receive updates via email. Access to the full content requires one of Buildington's paid plans.

Have you got questions? Please email info at

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