Introducing the Buildington 100: Most Popular London’s New Developments 2024

Introducing the Buildington 100: Most Popular London’s New Developments 2024

17/04/2024 by Buildington

Mark your calendars for December 2nd, 2024, as we unveil the inaugural edition of The Buildington 100, showcasing the most sought-after developments across London.

The list will be based on popularity and will include all types of developments across the capital, covering various phases from the initial site acquisition to when the first residents move in.

It is certainly easier for the large sites to gather more profile views but as you already know, even a small site with five apartments can attract as much attention on Buildington as the 1M sq ft Google's new HQ.

We'll have to wait and see the results in December but do bookmark the Trends page to see the ranking of the top 100 developments in real-time.

What types of new developments are included in the list?

Projects listed on Buildington that are planned, under construction, or completed in 2024, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties of all sizes.

How can you influence the ranking of a development?

1. List the new development

The first step is ensuring the development is featured on Buildington. Search the address in our New Developments and Buildings database to confirm its presence. If it is not there, add a new development through the link in My Buildings.

2. Add all your team members

Any team member can add other companies to the development if they are listed on Buildington. This adds the project to their track record and increases the number of incoming links to the development profile. Developer Landsec can add Fletcher Priest as an architect on the team and vice versa. The track record on Landsec’s and Fletcher Priest’s profiles will include the development and link back to it. 

Seeing the team on the development helps homebuyers better understand the expertise and quality behind each project. 

Developers and consultants rely on Buildington to discover comparable projects and suitable partners for their upcoming developments. 

3. List all the neighbouring buildings

Add all the neighbouring buildings as they all link back to the six closest developments. Landmark structures, listed buildings, transportation hubs, and educational institutions will get more views, so prioritise these first.

4. Post a milestone on the timeline

Share project milestones regularly on the timeline to boost its visibility on Buildington. Each update contributes to the development's prominence on the platform and enhances the track records of associated team members.

5. Post a progress update

Keep people engaged by sharing progress updates from the site. Build anticipation by providing insights into the development, which can even be just one photo of the site.

Even a small contribution from you could have a significant impact on both sales and the appreciative, well-informed audience.

Join Buildington with our Starter Plan for one year this April with a 20% discount. As a bonus, you'll receive:

- One free progress update for a chosen development

- Bulk listing of up to 30 developments or buildings

- Addition of a Pricelist for one development

Find out more about our plans here and Sign up or email if you have any questions.

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