How to Use Buildings as Lead Generators on Buildington

How to Use Buildings as Lead Generators on Buildington

23/05/2024 by Buildington

Showcasing your track record on Buildington is an easy way to boost your brand and catch the developers' attention.

With over 10,000 past and present London developments, Buildington's extensive database attracts over 25,000 weekly visitors, including top developers and consultants active in the London market.

Developers Seeking Comparable Projects

Developers visit Buildington to find comparable projects that help them make informed decisions for the success of their own projects. The development profiles on Buildington contain a lot of unique and valuable information not available anywhere else, such as original photos and progress updates.

We recommend showcasing as many projects as possible to attract attention and interest. See Conran + Partners profile as a good example.

It takes just moments to link your company to a building, which will then also be displayed on your track record. See Knight Frank's company profile & track record.

High Visibility on Search Engines

Buildington’s projects rank highly on search engines like Google. This visibility allows developers to search for projects similar to yours to find your profile.

Let your buildings and project successes speak for themselves, and watch as developers come to you.

Subscribe for one year in May 2024 and we'll help you add up to 50 projects from a spreadsheet with your logo on each profile. The Starter plan will create a company profile and track record. Sign up here.

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