FAQ: All About LIVE Ranking of Property Companies

FAQ: All About LIVE Ranking of Property Companies

23/05/2024 by Buildington

Buildington's LIVE Ranking List showcases the top firms working on new developments, ranked by the combined views of their most popular project and company profile.

The dynamic ranking list changes throughout the day and resets every night at midnight. It reveals which companies are generating the most buzz. It is excellent for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. If both the property and company are listed, just take a look at the New Development Trends and the LIVE Ranking list of Companies to see how well you are doing on Buildington. There is also a Companies Trends, which lists all the most viewed company profiles.

Q: What criteria determine a company's position on this list?

A: A company's position is determined by the views of its most popular project and company profile views.

Q: Is it just the current developments that influence the ranking?

A: No, all your past and present projects can influence the ranking.

Q: When does the ranking list reset?

A: The ranking list resets at midnight every day.

Q: How often are the rankings updated?

A: The rankings are updated throughout the day.

Q: What information is shown for each company on the list?

A: The list shows the rank, company name, website, most popular project, and the number of projects. Click on the company name to open the profile with a full track record on Buildington.

Q: How can a company improve its ranking?

A: A company can improve its ranking by increasing views on its most popular project and its company profile. The company should: a) Make sure all its projects are on Buildington. b) Post an update for the company or project.

Q: What is the significance of the "Most Popular Project" column?

A: The "Most Popular Project" column indicates the project that has received the most views for each company.

Q: Does the list show all projects for each company?

A: No, the list only shows the most popular project and the total number of projects for each company. To see all the company projects, click on the name.

Q: Are the rankings influenced by the number of projects a company has?

A: The rankings are influenced by the views on the most popular project and the company profile, not necessarily the total number of projects but if the popular project is not on Buildington, it will not impact the ranking.

Q: How do I get my company on this list?

A: 1. Subscribe to Buildington Starter Plan here 2. List your company 3. Connect your company to the projects you have worked with. Your company profile and track record will stay on Buildington even if your subscription ends.

Please contact us if you have questions.

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