Twentieth Century House

Soho W1V
Commercial development

Key Details

31-32 Soho Square, London W1V 3AP


Twentieth Century House is a building at 31-32 Soho Square, London W1.

Redevelopment of 31-32 Soho Square, 65-66 Frith Street, 22-25 Dean Street and 10 Chapone Place.

Planning History

2019 May - Planning application submitted for: Comprehensive development proposals including the demolition and redevelopment of 31- 32 Soho Square (part retained facade) and 65-66 Frith Street (replacement building comprising of two basement levels, ground and six upper levels of accommodation), alterations and works to 22-25 Dean Street including the erection of a rear extension at 1st and 2nd floors, alterations and works to 10 Chapone Place including the erection of an extension at 3rd floor level. Proposals include the enlargement and improvement to Chapone Place to provide a new public realm and route through the site linking Soho Square and Dean Street. Proposals will provide new, reconfigured and additional B1 (office) accommodation, flexible A1/A3 (retail/restaurant) units, A1 (retail) units, enlarged A3 (restaurant) unit and a flexible D1/D2 (non- residential institutions/assembly and leisure) unit' (Revision to original scheme including reduction of the overall height of the proposed building encompassing 31-32 Soho Square and 65-66 Firth Street by one upper storey; and change in roof extension profile from a tiered approach to a slate clad mansard type roof, retention of part of the brick existing facade of 31-32 Soho Square). Developer: Royal London UK Real Estate Fund; Architect: Emrys. Westminster Council ref. no. 19/04164/FULL.

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