DevelopmentHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Wheelers LoftsWheelers Lofts64 Squirries Street 2019
98 Fetter Lane98 Fetter Lane98 Fetter Lane 2016
Academy CourtAcademy Court93-94 Chancery Lane
95 Chancery Lane95 Chancery Lane95 Chancery Lane 1865
57 Carey Street57 Carey Street57 Carey Street
Design HouseDesign House142-152 Long LaneAutumn 2018
Nuffield BuildingNuffield Building35-37 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Ministry of Defence Main Building MODMinistry of Defence Main Building MODHorse Guards Avenue
Norman Shaw BuildingsNorman Shaw BuildingsVictoria Embankment 1890
20 Brook Street20 Brook Street20 Brook Street
170 Sumner Road170 Sumner Road170 Sumner Road 2019
211 Brompton Road211 Brompton Road211 Brompton Road
207 Brompton Road207 Brompton Road207 Brompton Road
180 Brompton Road180 Brompton Road180-186 Brompton Road
The May Fair HotelThe May Fair HotelStratton Street£437
174 Brompton Road174 Brompton Road174 Brompton Road
193-195 Brompton Road193-195 Brompton Road193-195 Brompton Road
187 Brompton Road187 Brompton Road187 Brompton Road
185 Brompton Road185 Brompton Road185 Brompton Road
179-181 Brompton Road179-181 Brompton Road179-181 Brompton Road
177 Brompton Road177 Brompton Road177 Brompton Road
Collier HouseCollier House163-169 Brompton Road
6 Montpelier Street 6 Montpelier Street 6 Montpelier Street
Montpelier GalleriesMontpelier GalleriesMontpelier Street
22 Montpelier Square22 Montpelier Square
17 Montpelier Street17 Montpelier Street17 Montpelier Street
40 Montpelier Street40 Montpelier Street40 Montpelier Street 1840
42 Montpelier Street42 Montpelier Street42 Montpelier Street
25 Montpelier Street25 Montpelier Street25 Montpelier Street
27 Montpelier Street 27 Montpelier Street 27 Montpelier Street
8 Montpelier Square8 Montpelier Square8 Montpelier Square
2 Montpelier Square2 Montpelier Square2 Montpelier Square
42 Montpelier Square42 Montpelier Square42 Montpelier Square
41 Montpelier Square41 Montpelier Square41 Montpelier Square
39 Montpelier Square39 Montpelier Square39 Montpelier Square
43 Montpelier Square43 Montpelier Square43 Montpelier Square
44 Montpelier Square44 Montpelier Square44-44a Montpelier Square
Maxclif HouseMaxclif House5-7 Tottenham Street
13 Tottenham Street13 Tottenham Street13 Tottenham Street
29 Tottenham Street29 Tottenham Street29 Tottenham Street
47 Tottenham Street47 Tottenham Street47 Tottenham Street
45 Tottenham Street45 Tottenham Street45 Tottenham Street
All Souls Ce Primary SchoolAll Souls Ce Primary School49-54 Foley Street
43-45 Foley Street43-45 Foley Street43-45 Foley Street
Tower HouseTower House2 Candover Street
4 Candover Street4 Candover Street4 Candover Street
Small HouseSmall House21 Foley Street
71 Great Titchfield Street71 Great Titchfield Street71 Great Titchfield Street
84 Great Titchfield Street84 Great Titchfield Street84 Great Titchfield Street
86 Great Titchfield Street86 Great Titchfield Street86 Great Titchfield Street
Van Dyck MansionVan Dyck Mansion27 Langham Street
52 Langham Street52 Langham Street52 Langham Street
48 Langham Street48 Langham Street48 Langham Street
Hogarth MansionHogarth Mansion29 Langham Street
Wogan HouseWogan House99 Great Portland Street
Rembrandt HouseRembrandt House96-100 Great Portland Street
106 Great Portland Street106 Great Portland Street106 Great Portland Street
108 Great Portland Street108 Great Portland Street108 Great Portland Street
110 Great Portland Street110 Great Portland Street110 Great Portland Street
James Boswell HouseJames Boswell House118-122 Great Portland Street
116 Great Portland Street116 Great Portland Street116 Great Portland Street
112-114 Great Portland Street112-114 Great Portland Street112-114 Great Portland Street
46 Blomfield Road46 Blomfield Road46 Blomfield Road
11 Clifton Gardens11 Clifton Gardens11 Clifton Gardens
9 Clifton Gardens9 Clifton Gardens9 Clifton Gardens
The White LodgeThe White Lodge19a Clifton Gardens
Pond Field HousePond Field HouseClifton Gardens
Harrow LodgeHarrow LodgeNorthwick Terrace
Goldleaf ApartmentsGoldleaf Apartments122-124 Goldhawk Road 2018
364 Edgware Road364 Edgware Road364 Edgware Road
338-340 Edgware Road338-340 Edgware Road338-340 Edgware Road
Aria HouseAria House5-15 Newton Street
25 Craven Street25 Craven Street25 Craven Street
22 Gloucester Terrace22 Gloucester Terrace22 Gloucester Terrace
15 Warwick Avenue15 Warwick Avenue15 Warwick Avenue
17 Warwick Avenue17 Warwick Avenue17 Warwick Avenue
25 Warwick Avenue25 Warwick Avenue25 Warwick Avenue
Warwick Avenue StationWarwick Avenue StationWarwick Avenue 1915
Friends Meeting HouseFriends Meeting House52 St Martin's Lane
54 St Martin's Lane54 St Martin's Lane54 St Martin's Lane
59 St Martin's Lane59 St Martin's Lane59 St Martin's Lane 1894
Belmont ApartmentsBelmont ApartmentsAshmount Road 2019
21 Farringdon Road21 Farringdon Road21 Farringdon Road
12 Cock Lane12 Cock Lane12 Cock Lane
65 Leadenhall Street65 Leadenhall Street65 Leadenhall Street
21 Lombard Street21 Lombard Street21 Lombard Street
New London HouseNew London House6 London Street
8 Lloyd's Avenue8 Lloyd's Avenue8 Lloyd's Avenue 1908
Writers HouseWriters House13 Haydon Street
Portsoken HousePortsoken House155-157 Minories 1928
Aldgate HouseAldgate House33 Aldgate High Street
21-23 Chilworth Street21-23 Chilworth Street21-23 Chilworth Street
101 Westbourne Grove101 Westbourne Grove101 Westbourne Grove
32 Lonsdale Road32 Lonsdale Road32 Lonsdale Road
55 Lonsdale Road55 Lonsdale Road55 Lonsdale Road
Portobello CourtPortobello CourtLonsdale Road
216 Westbourne Grove216 Westbourne Grove216 Westbourne Grove
231 Westbourne Grove231 Westbourne Grove231 Westbourne Grove
169 Westbourne Grove169 Westbourne Grove169 Westbourne Grove
171 Westbourne Grove171 Westbourne Grove171 Westbourne Grove