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 London SW3 - Chelsea, Brompton

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
31 King's Road31 King's Road31 King's Road
61-65 King's Road61-65 King's Road61-65 King'sRoad
131-141 King's Road131-141 King's Road131-141 King's Road
19 Chelsea Square19 Chelsea Square19 Chelsea Square
8 Chelsea Square8 Chelsea Square8 Chelsea Square
The Royal Marsden HospitalThe Royal Marsden HospitalFulham Road
128 King's Road128 King's Road128 King's Road
94-96 King's Road94-96 King's Road94-96 King's Road19th century
Royal Avenue HouseRoyal Avenue House35-47 King's Road
71 King's Road71 King's Road71 King's Road
172 King's Road172 King's Road172 King's Road
1a Chelsea Manor Street1a Chelsea Manor Street1a Chelsea Manor Street
Swan CourtSwan CourtChelsea Manor Street
200 King's Road200 King's Road200 King's Road
30 Flood Walk30 Flood WalkChelsea Manor Street
Chelsea Manor CourtChelsea Manor CourtChelsea Manor Street
Hereford HouseHereford House11 Ovington Gardens
16 Cheyne Walk16 Cheyne Walk16 Cheyne Walk
17 Cheyne Walk17 Cheyne Walk17 Cheyne Walk18th century
18 Cheyne Walk18 Cheyne Walk18 Cheyne Walk18th century
Ovington CourtOvington Court197-205 Brompton Road
100 Fulham Road100 Fulham Road100 Fulham Road
60-61 Cheyne Walk60-61 Cheyne Walk60-61 Cheyne Walk
Lawrence MansionsLawrence MansionsLordship Place
80 Fulham Road80 Fulham Road80 Fulham Road
82 Fulham Road82 Fulham Road82 Fulham Road
90 Fulham Road90 Fulham Road90 Fulham Road
88 Fulham Road88 Fulham Road88 Fulham Road
103 Cadogan Gardens103 Cadogan Gardens103 Cadogan Gardens
105 Cadogan Gardens105 Cadogan Gardens105 Cadogan Gardens
113 Cadogan Gardens113 Cadogan Gardens113 Cadogan Gardens
111 Cadogan Gardens111 Cadogan Gardens111 Cadogan Gardens
59 Hans Road59 Hans Road59 Hans Road
16 Beauchamp Place16 Beauchamp Place16 Beauchamp Place
28 Beauchamp Place28 Beauchamp Place28 Beauchamp Place
32 Walton Street32 Walton Street32 Walton Street19th century
17 Egerton Gardens17 Egerton Gardens17 Egerton Gardens
7 Egerton Place7 Egerton Place7 Egerton Place
12 Cheyne Gardens12 Cheyne Gardens12 Cheyne Gardens
Pelham Court145 Fulham Road
One Marlborough WalkSloane Avenue 2017
Knighton PlaceKnighton Place38-62 Yeoman's Row 2017
37 Beaufort Gardens37 Beaufort Gardens37 Beaufort Gardens 2017
San Domenico HouseSan Domenico House29-31 Draycott Place
43 Draycott Place43 Draycott Place43 Draycott Place
Flamstead HouseFlamstead HouseCale Street
125 Sydney Street125 Sydney Street125 Sydney Street
70 Brompton Road70 Brompton Road70 Brompton Road
155 King's Road155 King's Road155 King's Road
87 Oakley Street87 Oakley Street87 Oakley Street
12 Oakley Street12 Oakley Street12 Oakley Street
110-126 Fulham Road110-126 Fulham Road110-126 Fulham Road
92 Fulham Road92 Fulham Road92 Fulham Road
245-249 Brompton Road245-249 Brompton Road245-249 Brompton Road
2 Brompton Square2 Brompton Square2 Brompton Square
45 Brompton Road45 Brompton Road45 Brompton Road
80 Sydney Street80 Sydney Street80 Sydney Street
78 Sydney Street78 Sydney Street78 Sydney Street
35 Ixworth Place35 Ixworth Place35 Ixworth Place
Samuel Lewis Trust DwellingsSamuel Lewis Trust DwellingsIxworth Place 1915
Byron CourtByron Court10 Elystan Street
Windsor CourtWindsor CourtJubilee Place
109 King's Road109 King's Road109 King's Road
33 King's Road33 King's Road33 King's Road
89 Cadogan Gardens89 Cadogan Gardens89 Cadogan Gardens
81 Cadogan Gardens81 Cadogan Gardens81 Cadogan Gardens
32 Milner Street32 Milner Street32 Milner Street
Hereford BuildingsHereford BuildingsOld Church Street 1878
46 Old Church Street46 Old Church Street46 Old Church Street
52-68 King's Road52-68 King's Road52-68 King's Road
34 King's Road34 King's Road34 King's Road
23-27 King's Road23-27 King's Road23-27 King's Road
10 Burnsall Street10 Burnsall Street10 Burnsall Street
112 Old Church Street112 Old Church Street112 Old Church Street
1 Queen's Elm Square1 Queen's Elm Square1 Queen's Elm Square
104 Old Church Street104 Old Church Street104 Old Church Street
102 Old Church Street102 Old Church Street102 Old Church Street
155 Old Church Street155 Old Church Street155 Old Church Street
100 Old Church Street100 Old Church Street100 Old Church Street
66 Old Church Street66 Old Church Street66 Old Church Street 1936
2 Carlyle Square2 Carlyle Square2 Carlyle Square
99 Oakley Street99 Oakley Street99 Oakley Street
13 Oakley Street13 Oakley Street13 Oakley Street
15 Oakley Street15 Oakley Street15 Oakley Street 1860
18 Oakley Street18 Oakley Street18 Oakley Street
19 Oakley Street19 Oakley Street19 Oakley Street 1860
38 Ovington Square38 Ovington Square38 Ovington Square
37 Ovington Square37 Ovington Square37 Ovington Square
22-26 Ovington Square22-26 Ovington Square22-26 Ovington Square 1957
32 Chelsea Square32 Chelsea Square32 Chelsea Square
2 Astell Street2 Astell Street2 Astell Street
20 Burnsall Street20 Burnsall Street20 Burnsall Street
23 Godfrey Street23 Godfrey Street23 Godfrey Street
113-115 King's Road113-115 King's Road113-115 King's Road
105 King's Road105 King's Road105 King's Road
55-59 King's Road55-59 King's Road55-59 King's Road
10 Anderson Street10 Anderson Street10 Anderson Street
Queen's HeadQueen's Head25-27 Tyron Street
59 Draycott Place59 Draycott Place59 Draycott Place
10 Sloane Avenue10 Sloane Avenue10 Sloane Avenue

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