London SW1 - Belgravia, Buckingham Palace, Pimlico, St James's, Victoria, Westminster, Whitehall

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
4 St James's Place4 St James's Place4 St James's Place
Whitehall CourtWhitehall Court1-4 Whitehall Court 1844
68 Vincent Square68 Vincent Square68 Vincent Square
35 Great Peter Street35 Great Peter Street35 Great Peter Street 2012
Westminster Coroner's CourtWestminster Coroner's Court65 Horseferry Road 1893
The WillowsThe Willows83 Vincent SquareJanuary 1903
Apollo VictoriaApollo Victoria17 Wilton Road 1930
64-65 Vincent Square64-65 Vincent Square64-65 Vincent SquareJanuary 1960
Rochester HotelRochester Hotel69 Vincent Square 1913
The Wellington HotelThe Wellington Hotel71 Vincent Square 1913
Tate BritainTate BritainMillbank19th century
117 Eaton Square117 Eaton Square117 Eaton Square
14 Lower Belgrave Street14 Lower Belgrave Street14 Lower Belgrave Street
Cardinal Hume CentreCardinal Hume Centre7 Arneway Street
St Paul's ChurchSt Paul's Church32a Wilton Place19th century
22 Wilton Crescent22 Wilton Crescent22 Wilton Crescent
30 Wilton Crescent30 Wilton Crescent30 Wilton Crescent
5 Lower Belgrave Street5 Lower Belgrave Street5 Lower Belgrave Street
1 Lower Belgrave Street1 Lower Belgrave Street1 Lower Belgrave Street
Ebury GateEbury Gate23 Lower Belgrave Street
Minster HouseMinster House272-274 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Astral HouseAstral House8-11 Regency Place 1940
106 Horseferry Road106 Horseferry Road106 Horseferry Road
104 Horseferry Road104 Horseferry Road104 Horseferry Road
Hope HouseHope House45 Great Peter Street 2018
4 Cowley Street4 Cowley Street4 Cowley Street 1905
North CourtNorth Court1 Great Peter Street
Fielden HouseFielden House13 Little College Street
GOGGSGOGGS1 Horse Guards Road 1917
Tarnbrook CourtTarnbrook Court9 Holbein Place
Belgravia MansionsBelgravia MansionsHolbein Place
Lumley FlatsLumley FlatsHolbein Place19th century
95 Pimlico Road95 Pimlico Road95 Pimlico Road
89-91 Pimlico Road89-91 Pimlico Road89-91 Pimlico Road
85 Pimlico Road85 Pimlico Road85 Pimlico Road
60 Pimlico Road60 Pimlico Road60 Pimlico Road
11-12 Pall Mall11-12 Pall Mall11-12 Pall Mall
Iron Trades HouseIron Trades House21-24 Grosvenor Place
Walden HouseWalden HousePimlico Road
Crusader HouseCrusader House13-15 Pall Mall19th century
Royal Automobile ClubRoyal Automobile Club89-91 Pall Mall 1911
5-7 King Street5-7 King Street5-7 King Street
Palace ViewPalace View21-23 Buckingham Palace RoadAutumn 2012
6 Buckingham Gate6 Buckingham Gate6 Buckingham Gate 2013
18-19 Buckingham Gate18-19 Buckingham Gate18-19 Buckingham Gate 2018
Royal Court HouseRoyal Court House162 Sloane Street
Abell HouseAbell HouseJohn Islip Street 2016
Cleland HouseCleland HouseJohn Islip Street 2015
NovaNovaBuckingham Palace RoadApril 2017
Corinthia HotelCorinthia HotelWhitehall Place
Walpole MayfairWalpole Mayfair4-5 Arlington Street 2012
55-56 St James's Street55-56 St James's Street55-56 St James's Street
15 Suffolk Street15 Suffolk Street
7-12 Sloane Square7-12 Sloane Square7-12 Sloane Square
4 Sloane Square4 Sloane Square4 Sloane Square
Blandel Bridge HouseBlandel Bridge House52-56 Sloane Square
George HouseGeorge House127-135 Sloane Street 2015
150-153 Sloane Street150-153 Sloane Street150-153 Sloane Street
124 Sloane Street124 Sloane Street124 Sloane Street
117 Sloane Street117 Sloane Street117 Sloane Street
Cadogan HouseCadogan House93 Sloane Street
Bridgewater HouseBridgewater House14 Cleveland Row 1857
Ebury SquareEbury SquareEbury Square 2014
50 St James's Street50 St James's Street50 St James's Street
The CourthouseThe Courthouse70 Horseferry RoadSummer 2014
60 St James's Street60 St James's Street60 St James's Street
Zig Zag BuildingZig Zag Building70 Victoria StreetJuly 2015
Kings GateKings Gate66-74 Victoria StreetOctober 2015
One Church Square2-6 Moreton Street
48 Pall Mall48 Pall Mall48-49 Pall MallJune 2016
St James's HouseSt James's House88 St James's Street 1805
Her Majesty's TheatreHer Majesty's Theatre8 Haymarket18th century
4 St James's Street4 St James's Street4 St James's Street18th century
5-6 St James's Square5-6 St James's Square5-6 St James's Square 2013
46 St James's Street46 St James's Street46 St James's Street
One Page StreetOne Page Street1 Page StreetSummer 2013
Vandon HouseVandon House1 Vandon Street
Lawrence HallLawrence HallGreycoat Street 1928
Smithson PlazaSmithson Plaza25 St James's Street 1964
66 Lupus Street66 Lupus Street66 Lupus Street
64 Lupus Street64 Lupus Street64 Lupus Street
Neate HouseNeate HouseLupus Street
Cliveden HouseCliveden House26-29 Cliveden Place
Bramah HouseBramah House9 Gatliff RoadJanuary 2009
Sullivan HouseSullivan HouseChurchill Gardens Road
Old Admiralty BuildingsOld Admiralty BuildingsWhitehall18th century
Great Scotland Yard HotelGreat Scotland Yard Hotel3-5 Scotland Yard 2019
Whitley HouseWhitley HouseChurchill Gardens Road
63-65 Haymarket63-65 Haymarket63-65 Haymarket 1927
Kinnaird HouseKinnaird House1 Pall Mall East 1920
Norway HouseNorway House21-24 Cockspur Street19th century
Twelve Palace StreetTwelve Palace Street12 Palace Street 2013
Douglas HouseDouglas House16-18 Douglas Street 2013
73 Great Peter Street73 Great Peter Street73 Great Peter Street 2015
15 Whitehall15 Whitehall15 Whitehall19th century
Whitehall HouseWhitehall House41 Whitehall
The LanesboroughThe LanesboroughHyde Park Corner 1844
36 St James's Street36 St James's Street36 St James's Street
Cording HouseCording House33-35 St James's Street
62 St James's Street62 St James's Street62 St James's Street