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 London SW1 - Belgravia, Buckingham Palace, Pimlico, St James's, Victoria, Westminster, Whitehall

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
The Pall Mall CollectionThe Pall Mall Collection42-43 Pall Mall 2015
18 Pont Street18 Pont Street18 Pont Street
64 Sloane Street64 Sloane Street64 Sloane Street
50 Sloane Street50 Sloane Street50 Sloane Street
Sloane Square HouseSloane Square House1 Holbein Place
26 Chapter Street26 Chapter Street26 Chapter StreetWinter 2016
55 - 56 Buckingham Gate55 - 56 Buckingham Gate55-56 Buckingham Gate
88 Gloucester Street88 Gloucester Street88 Gloucester Street
37-38 St James's Street37-38 St James's Street37-38 St James's Street17th century
Regency WalkRegency WalkRegency StreetSpring 2017
106 Jermyn Street106 Jermyn Street 2016
Bank ChambersBank Chambers25 Jermyn Street
14 Belgrave Road14 Belgrave Road14 Belgrave Road
Belgravia GateBelgravia Gate11-15 Grosvenor Crescent 2019
St James's MarketSt James's MarketRegent Street 2016
Rex HouseRex House4-12 Regent Street 1938
Maclise HouseMaclise HouseMarsham Street
Millais HouseMillais HouseMarsham Street
Mulready HouseMulready HouseMarsham Street
116 Horseferry Road116 Horseferry Road116 Horseferry Road
Greycoat GardensGreycoat GardensGreycoat Gardens
Stuart HouseStuart House84 Cadogan Square19th century
Colette CourtColette Court125-126 Sloane Street
3 Eaton Gate3 Eaton Gate3 Eaton Gate19th century
73 Eaton Square73 Eaton Square73 Eaton Square
70 Eaton Square70 Eaton Square70 Eaton Square
77 Eaton Square77 Eaton Square77 Eaton Square19th century
80 Eaton Square80 Eaton Square80 Eaton Square19th century
84 Eaton Square84 Eaton Square84 Eaton Square19th century
48 Eaton Square48 Eaton Square48 Eaton Square
49 Eaton Square49 Eaton Square49 Eaton Square
Kilmuir HouseKilmuir HouseEbury Street
Laxford HouseLaxford HouseCundy Street
Kylestrome HouseKylestrome HouseCundy Street
22 Bourne Street22 Bourne Street22 Bourne Street
87 Chester Row87 Chester Row87 Chester Row
81 Cadogan Square81 Cadogan Square81 Cadogan Square
19 Cadogan Square19 Cadogan Square19 Cadogan Square
13 Cadogan Square13 Cadogan Square13 Cadogan Square
7-9 Cadogan Square7-9 Cadogan Square7-9 Cadogan Square
3 Cadogan Square3 Cadogan Square3 Cadogan Square
1 Cadogan Square1 Cadogan Square1 Cadogan Square
23-27 Hans Place23-27 Hans Place23-27 Hans Place19th century
21-22 Hans Place21-22 Hans Place21-22 Hans Place
34 Hans Place34 Hans Place34 Hans Place
48 Hans Place48 Hans Place48 Hans Place
47 Hans Place47 Hans Place47 Hans Place
65 Pont Street65 Pont Street65 Pont Street
63 Pont Street63 Pont Street63 Pont Street
66 Pont Street66 Pont Street66 Pont Street
64 Pont Street64 Pont Street64 Pont Street
3 Lennox Gardens3 Lennox Gardens3 Lennox Gardens
71 St James's Street71 St James's Street71 St James's Street
18 Sloane Street18 Sloane Street18 Sloane Street
55 Sloane Street55 Sloane Street55 Sloane Street
65 Sloane Street65 Sloane Street65 Sloane Street
Dorchester CourtDorchester CourtSloane Street
8-10 Grosvenor Gardens8-10 Grosvenor Gardens
Ergon HouseErgon HouseHorseferry Road
Clarence HouseStable Yard Road 1827
The Household Cavalry MuseumThe Household Cavalry MuseumHorse Guards Parade
Ashburnham MewsAshburnham MewsAshburnham Mews 2016
20-22 Eaton Place20-22 Eaton Place20-22 Eaton Place
48 Haymarket48 Haymarket48 Haymarket
Oceanic HouseOceanic House1 Cockspur Street 2017
Park Place ResidencesPark Place Residences4-5 Park Place 2016
Buckingham GreenBuckingham Green64-65 Buckingham GateNovember 2018
Methodist Central HallMethodist Central HallStorey's Gate 1911
4 Hobart Place4 Hobart Place4 Hobart Place
1 Eaton Square1 Eaton Square1 Eaton Square
Ashcombe HouseAshcombe House23a Eaton Square 1825
12 Chester Square12 Chester Square12 Chester Square
28 St James's Street28 St James's Street28 St James's Street 1775
1-2 Grosvenor Crescent1-2 Grosvenor Crescent
16 St James's Street16 St James's Street16 St James's Street 1912
1-2 St James's Street1-2 St James's Street1-2 St James's Street
45 Pall Mall45 Pall Mall45 Pall Mall
15 Waterloo Place15 Waterloo Place15 Waterloo Place
Sanctuary Buildings16-20 Great Smith Street
Emmanuel Evangelical Church9-23 Marsham Street
26-27 Medway Street26-27 Medway Street26-27 Medway Street
Luke House3 Abbey Orchard Street
Royal Opera ArcadeRoyal Opera ArcadePall Mall
33 St James's Square33 St James's Square33 St James's Square
2-4 King Street2-4 King Street2-4 King Street
2-3 Duke Street2-3 Duke Street2-3 Duke Street
44 Duke Street44 Duke Street44 Duke Street
14 Duke Street14 Duke Street14 Duke Street
St James's ChambersSt James's Chambers2-10 Ryder Street
Ryder CourtRyder Court14 Ryder Street
Bury HouseBury House33 Bury Street
20 St James's Street20 St James's Street
25 Wilton Road25 Wilton Road25 Wilton RoadJuly 2017
62-63 Pall Mall62-63 Pall Mall62-63 Pall Mall
22 Buckingham Gate22 Buckingham Gate22 Buckingham Gate 2016
Lancaster HouseStable Yard 1825
36-39 Pall Mall36-39 Pall Mall36-39 Pall Mall
31a St James's Square31a St James's Square31a St James's Square
11 Pimlico Road11 Pimlico Road11 Pimlico Road 1891
St Barnabas’ ChurchSt Barnabas’ ChurchSt Barnabas Street 1850

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