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 London EC1 - Clerkenwell, Farringdon, Finsbury, Hatton Garden

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
127 Clerkenwell Road127 Clerkenwell Road127 Clerkenwell Road
20 Little Britain20 Little Britain20 Little Britain
65 Holborn Viaduct65 Holborn Viaduct65 Holborn Viaduct
Angel BuildingAngel Building407 St John StreetOctober 2010
Ermin ApartmentsErmin Apartments251 Goswell RoadAutumn 2012
Sixty LondonSixty London60 Holborn ViaductSummer 2013
Fitz Eylwin HouseFitz Eylwin House25 Holborn Viaduct
33 Holborn33 Holborn33 Holborn
Central SquareCentral Square43 Pear Tree Street
28-30 Kirby Street28-30 Kirby Street28-30 Kirby Street
The Buckley BuildingThe Buckley Building30 Clerkenwell GreenAutumn 2012
TurnmillTurnmill63 Clerkenwell RoadAutumn 2014
200 Aldersgate200 Aldersgate200 Aldersgate 2011
CanalettoCanaletto257 City RoadAutumn 2015
The LinkThe Link227 City RoadMarch 2013
The OrchardThe Orchard19 Pear Tree StreetSummer 2013
Clerkenwell QuarterClerkenwell Quarter35-39 Seward Street 2013
LexiconLexicon261 City Road 2016
Dalby HouseDalby House398 City Road 2014
38 Northampton Road38 Northampton Road38 Northampton Road 2014
The YardThe Yard24-28 Warner Street 2014
Priory HousePriory House18-25 St John's Lane
White Collar FactoryWhite Collar Factory70-100 City Road 2017
Janet Street-Porter HouseJanet Street-Porter House44 Britton Street 1987
St LukesSt Lukes90 Central Street 2015
East CentralEast Central90 Central StreetSpring 2016
42 Britton Street42 Britton Street42 Britton Street
Crescent HouseCrescent HouseGoswell Road
Cathedral LodgeCathedral Lodge110-115 Aldersgate StreetJanuary 1995
Gooch HouseGooch HousePortpool Lane
Sutton YardSutton Yard65 Goswell Road 2016
2-5 Holborn Viaduct2-5 Holborn Viaduct2-5 Holborn Viaduct
St. Sepulchre Without Newgate ChurchSt. Sepulchre Without Newgate ChurchHolborn Viaduct
160 Aldersgate Street160 Aldersgate Street160 Aldersgate Street 2017
8 over 58 over 55 Rosebery Avenue 2016
30 Old Street30 Old Street24-36 Old Street 2016
Herbal HouseHerbal HouseBack Hill 2016
77A Charterhouse Street77A Charterhouse Street
Langdon CourtLangdon CourtCity Road
Layden House76-86 Turnmill Street
Allied HouseAllied House45 Hatton Garden
Sienna BuildingsSienna Buildings47 Hatton Garden
New HouseNew HouseHatton Garden
Theba HouseTheba House49-50 Hatton Garden
Florin Court6-9 Charterhouse Square 1936
Alleyn HouseAlleyn HouseChequer Street
St Mary's TowerSt Mary's TowerFortune Street
Fortune HouseFortune HouseFortune Street
Two Waterhouse SquareTwo Waterhouse Square138-142 Holborn 1897
275 Old Street275 Old Street275 Old Street
235 Old Street235 Old Street235 Old Street
339 City Road339 City Road339 City Road
263-269 City Road263-269 City Road263-269 City Road
Twenty Hatton WallTwenty Hatton Wall20 Hatton Wall 2017
Black Bull YardBlack Bull Yard20-28 Hatton Wall 2017
One TwentyOne Twenty120 Holborn
Rosebery Square WestRosebery Square WestRosebery Avenue
19-21 Rosebery Avenue19-21 Rosebery Avenue19-21 Rosebery Avenue
7-15 Rosebery Avenue7-15 Rosebery Avenue7-15 Rosebery Avenue
42 Northampton Road42 Northampton Road42 Northampton Road
Joseph Trotter CloseJoseph Trotter CloseMyddelton Street
1 Myddelton Street1 Myddelton Street1 Myddelton Street
The Old Finsbury Town HallThe Old Finsbury Town HallRosebery Avenue 1895
Gloucester BuildingGloucester BuildingWhiskin Street
College BuildingCollege Building280 St John Street
17 Meredith Street17 Meredith Street17 Meredith Street
Rhind BuildingRhind BuildingSt John Street
Liberty HouseLiberty House218 St John Street
1 St Martin's le Grand1 St Martin's le Grand1 St Martin's-le-Grand 1895
Jeygrove CourtJeygrove Court101 Hatton Garden
88-90 Hatton Garden88-90 Hatton Garden88-90 Hatton Garden
87 Hatton Garden87 Hatton Garden87 Hatton Garden
34-35 Hatton Garden34-35 Hatton Garden34-35 Hatton Garden
36 Hatton Garden36 Hatton Garden36 Hatton Garden
Kinetic HouseKinetic House44 Hatton Garden
Petersham HousePetersham House57a Hatton Garden
23-27 Hatton Wall23-27 Hatton Wall23-27 Hatton Wall
82 Leather Lane82 Leather Lane82 Leather Lane
29 Hatton Wall29 Hatton Wall29 Hatton Wall
75 Leather Lane75 Leather Lane75 Leather Lane
Laney BuildingsLaney BuildingsPortpool Lane
Redman BuildingsRedman BuildingsPortpool Lane
Nigel BuildingsNigel BuildingsPortpool Lane
25 Charterhouse Square25 Charterhouse Square25 Charterhouse Square
37-45 City Road37-45 City Road37-45 City Road
213 City Road213 City Road213 City Road
Eagle HouseEagle House179-189 City Road
Lindsey HouseLindsey House40-42 Charterhouse Street
Saint Bartholomew the GreatSaint Bartholomew the GreatCloth Fair
120 St John Street120 St John Street120 St John Street
82-84 Clerkenwell Road82-84 Clerkenwell Road82-84 Clerkenwell Road
122-124 St John Street122-124 St John Street122-124 St John Street
116-118 St John Street116-118 St John Street116-118 St John Street
Paramount HouseParamount House206-212 St John Street
188-192 St John Street188-192 St John Street188-192 St John Street
182 St John Street182 St John Street182 St John Street
20 Farringdon Road20 Farringdon Road20 Farringdon Road
Zinc HouseZinc House19-25 Cowcross Street
The Farmiloe BuildingThe Farmiloe Building34-36 St John Street
37-41 St John Street37-41 St John Street37-41 St John Street

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