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 London W11 - Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Lowerwood CourtLowerwood Court351 Westbourne Park Road
346 Westbourne Park Road346 Westbourne Park Road346 Westbourne Park Road
94 Ladbroke Grove94 Ladbroke Grove94 Ladbroke Grove
93 Ladbroke Grove93 Ladbroke Grove93 Ladbroke Grove
86 Ladbroke Grove86 Ladbroke Grove86 Ladbroke Grove
85 Ladbroke Grove85 Ladbroke Grove85 Ladbroke Grove
Arundel CourtArundel Court43-47 Arundel Gardens
Arundel HouseArundel House52 Arundel Gardens
170 Kensington Park Road170 Kensington Park Road170 Kensington Park Road
34 Chepstow Villas34 Chepstow Villas34 Chepstow Villas
13 Chepstow Villas13 Chepstow Villas13 Chepstow Villas
28 Chepstow Villas28 Chepstow Villas28 Chepstow Villas
26 Chepstow Villas26 Chepstow Villas26 Chepstow Villas
51 Ledbury Road51 Ledbury Road51 Ledbury Road
53 Ledbury Road53 Ledbury Road53 Ledbury Road
57 Ledbury Road57 Ledbury Road57 Ledbury Road
1 Pembridge Crescent1 Pembridge Crescent1 Pembridge Crescent
9 Pembridge Crescent9 Pembridge Crescent9 Pembridge Crescent
115 Portobello Road115 Portobello Road115 Portobello Road
54 Holland Park Avenue54 Holland Park Avenue54 Holland Park Avenue
52 Lancaster Road52 Lancaster Road52 Lancaster Road
30 Notting Hill Gate30 Notting Hill Gate30 Notting Hill Gate
179-199 Holland Park Avenue179-199 Holland Park Avenue179-199 Holland Park Avenue
140-142 Holland Park Avenue140-142 Holland Park Avenue140-142 Holland Park Avenue
116 Holland Park Avenue116 Holland Park Avenue116 Holland Park Avenue
169 Westbourne Grove169 Westbourne Grove169 Westbourne Grove
231 Westbourne Grove231 Westbourne Grove231 Westbourne Grove
216 Westbourne Grove216 Westbourne Grove216 Westbourne Grove
Portobello CourtPortobello CourtLonsdale Road
55 Lonsdale Road55 Lonsdale Road55 Lonsdale Road
32 Lonsdale Road32 Lonsdale Road32 Lonsdale Road
101 Westbourne Grove101 Westbourne Grove101 Westbourne Grove

 London W12 - Shepherds Bush, White City

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Westfield LondonWestfield LondonAriel Way 2008
West12West12Shepherd's Bush Green 2012
114 Uxbridge Road114 Uxbridge Road114 Uxbridge Road
Network HouseNetwork House1 Ariel Way
56 Wood Lane56 Wood Lane56 Wood Lane
The BloomThe Bloom56 Bloemfontein Road 201484137
The Sun Quarter120 Askew Road 2014
Ashchurch VillasAshchurch VillasAshchurch Park Villas 2017
Parkside PlaceParkside PlaceGoldhawk Road 2016
Brackenbury SquareBrackenbury Square82 Goldhawk Road
White City PlaceWhite City PlaceWood Lane 2017
112 Uxbridge Road112 Uxbridge Road112 Uxbridge Road
The Old LaundryThe Old Laundry67-69 Jeddo Road 2016
Westwood HouseWestwood HouseWood Lane
31 Wood Lane31 Wood Lane31 Wood Lane
29 Wood Lane29 Wood Lane29 Wood Lane
Charecroft Estate Community CentreCharecroft Estate Community CentreRockley Road
Bush CourtBush CourtShepherds Bush Green
84 Uxbridge Road84 Uxbridge Road84 Uxbridge Road
154 Uxbridge Road154 Uxbridge Road154 Uxbridge Road
39 Bulwer Street39 Bulwer Street39 Bulwer Street
170 Uxbridge Road170 Uxbridge Road170 Uxbridge Road
158 Uxbridge Road158 Uxbridge Road158 Uxbridge Road
160 Uxbridge Road160 Uxbridge Road160 Uxbridge Road
150 Uxbridge Road150 Uxbridge Road150 Uxbridge Road
Kerrington CourtKerrington Court144-148 Uxbridge Road
142 Uxbridge Road142 Uxbridge Road142 Uxbridge Road
140 Uxbridge Road140 Uxbridge Road140 Uxbridge Road
Shepherd's Bush StationShepherd's Bush StationUxbridge Road
138 Uxbridge Road138 Uxbridge Road138 Uxbridge Road
96-108 Uxbridge Road96-108 Uxbridge Road96-108 Uxbridge Road 1905
88-90 Uxbridge Road88-90 Uxbridge Road88-90 Uxbridge Road
Norland HouseNorland HouseQueensdale Crescent
Imperial WestImperial West80 Wood Lane 2018

 London W13 - West Ealing

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Drayton PlaceDrayton PlaceManor Road 2016

 London W14 - Holland Park, West Kensington

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
2b Melbury Road2b Melbury Road2b Melbury Road
Farley CourtFarley CourtMelbury Road
57 Melbury Road57 Melbury Road57 Melbury Road
47 Melbury Road47 Melbury Road47 Melbury Road19th century
23 Ilchester Place23 Ilchester Place23 Ilchester Place
6a Beaconsfield Terrace6a Beaconsfield Terrace6a Beaconsfield Terrace
5 Beaconsfield Terrace5 Beaconsfield Terrace5 Beaconsfield Terrace
St. Mary Abbot's CourtSt. Mary Abbot's CourtWarwick Gardens
364-366 Kensington High Street364-366 Kensington High Street364-366 Kensington High Street
Kenton CourtKenton Court348 Kensington High Street
375 Kensington High Street375 Kensington High Street375 Kensington High Street 2016
Olympia LondonOlympia LondonHammersmith Road 1930
Kensington CentreKensington Centre66 Hammersmith Road
Kensington WestKensington WestBlythe Road
Elms HouseElms House43 Brook Green
184 Holland Road184 Holland Road184 Holland Road
St John the Baptist ChurchSt John the Baptist ChurchHolland Road 1910
176 Holland Road176 Holland Road176 Holland Road
12 Russell Road12 Russell Road12 Russell Road
Stavordale LodgeStavordale Lodge10-12 Melbury RoadJanuary 1964
Monckton CourtMonckton CourtStrangways Terrace
1a Ilchester Place1a Ilchester Place1a Ilchester Place
Abbotsbury HouseAbbotsbury HouseAbbotsbury Road
Tollard HouseTollard House388 Kensington High Street 2007
Leighton HouseLeighton House12 Holland Park Road
Seven StarsSeven Stars14 North End Road
240 Blythe Road240 Blythe Road240 Blythe Road
North End Medical CentreNorth End Medical Centre160 North End Road
Lourdes CollectionLourdes Collection179-181 North End Road 2015
Marzell HouseMarzell House116-128 North End Road 2015
380 Kensington High Street380 Kensington High Street380 Kensington High Street
Charcroft CourtCharcroft CourtMinford Gardens
Blythe TerraceBlythe Terrace120 Blythe RoadSpring 2018

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