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Catalyst Housing is one of the leading housing associations in London and the South East. Catalyst is a leading developer of new homes.

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04/08/2020 17:23

Housing associations Catalyst and Rosebery have announced they are in early talks to enter into a partnership to work across London and the South East. Catalyst owns and manages 32,000 homes and Rosebery has around 2,700 homes in Epsom and surrounding areas. Discussions are ongoing and yet to be fully approved by either board.

Rosebery’s objectives in seeking a partner were to continue to create more homes in well-designed neighbourhoods in its expanded geography in partnership with local communities, and to work with a partner with a proven track record in estate regeneration which Catalyst has a long and successful history of delivering. Catalyst recently retained its G1/V1 rating for governance and financial viability, following an in-depth assessment by the Regulator of Social Housing, and Rosebery was also graded G1/V1 in 2019.

Ian McDermott, Chief Executive of Catalyst, commented: “Rosebery’s strong reputation, clear values and local expertise make them a very attractive potential partner. “We now look forward to continue talking and getting to know and understand each other better. “Myself, our board and my executive team are open to thoughtful, gradual growth opportunities. The potential of this partnership would fit that philosophy.”

Deborah Pike, Chief Executive of Rosebery Housing Association, added: “Catalyst and Rosebery are committed to sustainable communities – this partnership offers the opportunity to bring together Catalyst regeneration experience and capacity and Rosebery’s expertise in resident involvement in the provision of good quality local services. “The Board and Team Rosebery are excited about the prospects for this to be a rewarding and enduring partnership.”

Proposals are that Rosebery will join Catalyst as a subsidiary with authority over a defined geography.

04/05/2019 18:54

Catalyst Housing Ltd and Aldwyck Housing Group have officially merged this week, 1 May 2019.

The new, stronger organisation will own and manage 32,000 homes and has an ambitious aim to deliver up to 1,300 homes a year by 2022. Catalyst and Aldwyck will integrate fully over the coming months and become a dual-regional organisation (called Catalyst), spanning London and the south east.