How to track property developments like a pro with Buildington

How to track property developments like a pro with Buildington

09/01/2024 by Buildington

Finding a new build home in London that ticks all the boxes is like trying to find a perfect blend of English breakfast tea in a town of coffee drinkers. The more you look, the more you realise it's a right old needle in a haystack situation.

By being informed early in the development process, you can make sure you have more options and are aware of an opportunity that suits you best well before it reaches the publicised sales launch stage. Those first on the list have far more options, as not every apartment in the building can offer the best view or a south-facing balcony.

The key is to learn about the development at the earliest opportunity. But what's the best way to achieve this?

Buildington has been campaigning for more communication from the developments for years and has even created a development timeline with milestone/progress update posts to help the community and potential customers be in the know. We now see more developers and, everyone in the team, picking this up as a great way to market their services. The key milestones should be celebrated loud as well and important information should be shared as widely as possible.

Buildington has recently formed key partnerships with a broader range of developers, selling agents, and other team members to report Milestones and post photos of the progress on the site. Many buyers and investors have thanked us for the ability to closely track the progress of their well-invested funds.

A prime example of excellent communication is Park Modern, a recently completed luxury development overlooking Kensington Gardens. This £500mln development in a key area (Bayswater W2) has been closely monitored by Buildington from its early stages, even amid substantial local opposition and before the demolition of the old structures. The project has now reached completion, and through Buildington, we've all virtually experienced pivotal moments like the Topping Out ceremony, the appointment of the Main Contractor, and the Sales Launch - all meticulously documented in the Park Modern timeline.

Step 1. Pinpoint Your Desired Development

Start by identifying the development that sparks your interest. Find your future investment or dream home from Buildington's New Developments section.

Step 2. Subscribe to Progress Updates

On the development’s profile, below the main image, you'll find a straightforward form. Fill it out, and you're set to receive all the updates you need, delivered directly to your email inbox.

From the moment you subscribe, you're in the loop. You’ll receive notifications about essential milestones and progress updates as they happen.

Step 3. Stay Informed About Nearby Developments

But that’s not all. Each email also brings you headlines from six nearby developments, giving you a broader view of the area's evolution, which is invaluable for understanding the local market dynamics.


Sign up, stay informed, and be ready to make your move when it counts. Start your search here...

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