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Companies working in the property sector are now welcome to publish important announcements on Buildington.

Whether you are an estate agent looking to establish yourself as a local expert or an architect specialising in a certain type of innovative design, using the buildings to showcase your track record and the stories around them, will easily help you get noticed as an expert.

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Buildington is the only free open database out there with original content and development progress updates, which is why all the developers and consultants are bound to end up here in their search to find partners for their next project. The evergreen building profiles gather content over time from all the parties involved, making them more relevant than any other page created by a single company, which is also why they rank well in Google and other search engines.

Your news story will display on your company profile as well as the front page when it’s published.

Company news on Dexters company profile

Perhaps you would like to introduce a new service for a large Build to Rent development or a product that would be ideal for a small boutique luxury scheme? Feature your story next to the hottest new developments and iconic buildings where people come to find the latest trends.

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