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Getting started with Buildington – for Buyers and Renters

On Buildington, buildings are the centre of everything.

Buildington is a database that includes detailed information about all types of buildings at all stages of their existence – from the acquisition of the building site by the developer to the initial move-in of residents, and ultimately, to the building’s end of life.

When a developer first acquires a site for a new scheme, it is listed in the New Developments section of the database. There are over 1,100 new projects listed on Buildington in 2024.

Once the development is completed or sold out, it is moved to the Buildings section of the database. This includes all of the buildings that were once new developments, including well-known landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

The database gives a comprehensive overview of buildings at all stages of their lifecycle, from planning and development through to completion and beyond.

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