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Getting started with Buildington

Getting started with Buildington

Buildington is an open database of new property developments.

Who is using Buildington?

Developers and their agents use Buildington to sell property – new or existing buildings and sites, as well as the individual units within them. Exposure here guarantees a maximum number of quality enquiries that help the project sell out at the right time.

Customers require evidence that the developer is capable of producing high-quality properties, and there is no better way to demonstrate this than by displaying a track record or an experienced team. Buildington provides developers with the tools they need to showcase and reach #1 with little effort and cost.

We make it simple for all involved consultants to display their name and logo on the developments because the power of the team is so crucial.

Every project on Buildington gets an evergreen profile that allows the team to collaborate in promoting the property, services, and products. 

It is the only property platform where you can promote your company’s brand, services, and products alongside the existing landmark buildings, such as Buckingham Palace and The Shard.

Buildington provides a convenient way to keep track of what’s happening in the new build property market, see what your competitors are doing, and find partners for future projects.

Click on each option below to find out more about what you can do on Buildington.

What can you do better on Buildington?

1. New development sales with a plan & purpose

The marketing of the new development is made easy with Buildington Milestones. Announcing over 35 important milestones from acquisition to completion assures you have done absolutely everything to keep the development in the picture for over 150,000 Buildington users.

Not only will you maximise the registered interest but you will also be leaving a track record for your company that will attract future business.

2. Post a property for sale in less than a minute

List any type of property for sale or to let in record time!

Buildington’s evergreen building profiles allow everyone in the team to add information over time. This makes it easy to list a single unit for sale or to let without having to describe the amenities and location of the site over and over again.

With Micro Listings, all you have to do is choose the floor number and a property and transaction type to show that something is available in the building. 

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Place your logo on the buildings you work with and instantly create a track record for your building on your company profile. 

Allow consumers to associate you with quality buildings.

Help your future partners find you for a similar project.

4. Introduce new products and services on top developments & landmark buildings

Are you new to the market or ready to work on a larger project? It’s much easier when you have a track record to show but it is not the end of the world if you don’t have it.

Introduce your new service or product on your company profile and on every single new development and building on Buildington to get your message across.

Choose your plan and get started